Spring 1950 at SHF 
Walter C. Scott, Jess B. Scott

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Jesse Stith Cemetery (at top of hill above house)
Wright Cemetery (across the field on the Gill Wright place)
Hardaway Cemetery (on the old Charley Carroll Hardaway farm in Stith Valley)
Dowell Cemetery (on Stith Valley Road across from property formerly of Wm Allen Stith)
Jones Cemetery (on  a Ross farm about 1/2 mile north of the Bewleyville Methodist Church)
Bethel Cemetery (at the west end of Stith Valley, Bewleyville, Ky)
Meade County in 1898-1899
Soil Survey of Meade and Breckinridge Counties complete
Investments 1951-1968

    Scott Hill Farm about 1929.  Picture of the old house in summer. Hand writing on the back, "Be sure to show Mr. Myers my home."   Enlargement.  Picture of Walter Lee Scott by the back porchEnlargement.

Jack Scott writes about the 1920s and 1930s at Scott Hill Farm.
1 Homelife On The Farm in The 20's and 30's
2. The Fireplace Room
3. Old Meade County
4. Big Spring in the 1920's
5. The Formative Years
6. The Carriage

Map and Letter 1933

   This B&W photo was taken at Scott Hill Farm in the winter of (1938/39?).  This Photo is taken from the road looking South South West with the hill in the background.  This part of the hill is known as the "Hollow".  There has been a pond at the foot of the hill from 1960-1998.  The Maple tree with the swing hanging from a limb is still standing and usually has a swing hanging from the same branch in the summers through 1998. The top of the tree was damaged by the fire.  A fence post of the garden fence is seen in the foreground on the left.  This color photo was taken sixty years later on 27 March 1998 at Scott Hill Farm. The camera location and angle was similiar to the photo above.  The tree is the same with a newer swing hanging from its limb.  The top has grown back after the fire and the trunk is much thicker.  The child is Alan Richard Scott.  The contour of the hill in the background can be used to compare the two pictures, although it is considerably hidden by a house in each case.

The old house burned on a Sunday afternoon in June 1941. The Walter Lee Scott family had moved to Brandenburg in the winter of 1933 so Walter Lee could take the job as Meade County Sheriff in January 1934. The house was occupied by tenants between 1934 and 1941. A 14 year old boy died in an upstairs bedroom during the fire. Newspaper article about the fire. 




1947  Letter from Walter to Jesse Virginia stating hope to move back closer to the farm.

1948  Walter waiting for an opportunity to move back to the farm.  Birth of Jesse.

1949 in detail Walter C. Scott and family moved to the farm in the summer of 1949. 

Jack Scott describes life for his family on their farm in Meade County at this time.
A Year on The Farm 1948-1949

1950 in detail. This black and white photo was taken at SHF in the spring of 1950. Walter C. Scott and Jess B. Scott in front yard looking north with WC Allis Chalmers in background. Date from back of picture says spring 1949 but is in error.


1951 in detail. These pictures show a Picnic at Scott Hill Farm (July 4?) 1951.  A number of people from the Scott family are present.  This photo at SHF July 29, 1951 shows Delean Brown Scott, Anna Ruth Scott, Martha Lou Scott, Jess Brown Scott. The date is from back of a similar picture.

1953 details
1957 details

1959 Suleyman Irtem
         The new addition with 3 bedrooms was finished.  Suleyman stayed in a small room which would be converted to the indoor bathroom after Suleyman moved on.  Jess was in 6th grade 59/60 school year.

1961 Details

Tobacco 1962
4-H summary 1962, Jess Scott

January 1963 farm data

Last section of tool shed was built in early spring 1963.
September 1963 farm data

December 2, 1963 poured concrete floor for the basement under the bedroom section of the house.  ref 4-H record

Farm jobs 1963-1964
Tobacco 1964
Rabbits 1964

August 6 1964 - Last concrete poured for floor in tool shed.  ref 4-H record

1965 details

1964 - 1965 records of Jess Scott
Jess's 4-H project list 1961-1966

Support to camp at Otter Creek Park, summer of 1966.

Scott Hill Farm Letters 1966-1967 from Ann R. Scott, Delean B. Scott and Walter C. Scott to Jess B. Scott.
  Here are some farm statistics from 1966-1967.
Fall scene 1977 Brian and Fall landscapes. 1977?
Photo at SHF July 1994
Jess, Brian, Carol and Alan. Jess had driven the tractor into a sink hole and broken the front casting. This photo was taken as the repair was nearing completion. Casting came from Denlingers Tractor Salvage near Middletown Ohio.
B&W photo of homestead in winter
Photo taken January 1997 by Barbara Foote

Use apples, strawberries, or grapes.  Clean the fruit. Put it in a glass or stone jar.  If juice doesn't come to the top, add water till it does.  Cover so flies don't get in.  Let set 3-5 days till juice separates from pulp.  Strain juice out.  Add enough water to equal the original measurement.  Add 3 lbs sugar to a gallon of juice.  Return to jar, cover and set 2 weeks or more.  Walter Charles Scott


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