Wright Family Cemetery
Stith Valley, Meade County, Kentucky

This cemetery is across a field from Scott Hill Farm on the old Cousin Gill Wright place.
Notes made November 1998.

Henry Stith Oct. 10, 1815 to Sept. 6, 1890 (very old stone)
Mary A. Wife of Henry Stith Jan. 23, 1820 to Oct. 24, 1873 (very old stone, covered with moss, quite a bit of inscription but details hard to read except name and dates)

Child Stith born and died same day (very difficult to read)

Nancy Stith Wright July 29, 1843 to Nov. 10 1910 (stone looks much newer than 1910)

Howard P. Sullivan CMGI US Navy Vietnam Oct. 4, 1948 to Feb. 20, 1997 (Navy bronze slab, face up. Howard Phillip Sullivan (same dates, conventional stone)

Judge O'Rear Sullivan Sept. 3, 1911 to Apr. 11, 1948

Eva Mae Wright Dowell July 9, 1914 to Jan. 3, 1994

Wright: Joseph Henry Dec 4, 1874 to Jul. 11, 1928; Effie Hughes May 13, 1885 to Mar. 17, 1966

That's all there were.

Henry and Mary Ann were parents of Thomas Jefferson Stith, father of Irene Buckner Stith, mother of Ruth Fontaine, mother of Walter Charles Scott, my father.

Jesse Brown Scott