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Other 1948 letters

Summer 1948, letter from Walter C. Scott to Ruth Fontaine Scott
probably late July based on comment about tomatoes

Wed. P.M.
Dear Ma:

    So glad to get your letter last week and meant to write sooner but just not finding time.

My Supervisor met this morning which was the regular monthly meeting (1 st Wed.)   The boss usually comes over and I always have a report for the supervisor .  I usually take it easier after the meeting.

Well, Jesse drew a $5. sack of chicken feed last night at a Southern States annual meeting.  Knox gave me $5. to put in his bank this morning in exchange for the feed.   This makes him $7.55 to add to his $5. bank account.  Am glad to know one of the family is going to be lucky!

Jesse has found his tongue and his feet now and has got so he can squeal pretty loud along with his other "talking."  His eyes are darker than Delean's or mine but of course I don't know what they will be like next.  He does look like he is going to be full of mischief.  In fact he is already full of it. 

We plan to go to Meade County this week end and of course I will vote and if Chuck has about 50 or $75 I will pay the bank off.  Then we will be broke again!

This will be the first time we have been there at the farm for more than a few minutes since last winter.

We hope to see you at the county fair in Meade County but would like to make the trip to Washington in the next 12 months.  Do many people pull trailers that far?   not house trailer!  We now have a nice big trailer made to haul the porch on.   it does not have a bed on it but I could make a bed about the size of a wagon bed to go on it to haul your stuff back here on. I could make a bed for the trailer as big as a truck bed if it did not cost too much.  Anyway, am trying to figure out if spending money for a pickup before they get plentiful and go down.  The Buick rides awfully easy too!

Our garden is trying to make up for its bad beginning.  However the rats are doing a good job of eating up the tomatoes as they get ripe.  This dog I have is not worth the powder to blow him up or he would help keep them out.  How is J.V.'s garden?

Write soon,
Jesse, Delean, Walter