1950 in Detail
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Note on the back says "Spring 1949"  Other pictures with it establish the year as 1950.   Looks like April since there are no leaves.  The tractor is WC Allis Chalmers.  Note the bee hive with a rock on top of it. This is Jess Brown Scott and Walter Charles Scott.  View is looking slightly East of North from the front yard.  The old catalpa tree is in the near background on the left.  It is still standing in 1998. 

Film C39, Image 4901 (5001)

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This picture looks like it was taken on the same date as the above picture.  View is slightly North of East in the front yard.  Rubble from the old house that burned in June 1941 appears in the background to the left just above the bench. 

Film C39, Image 4902 (5002)

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Anna Ruth Scott in a baby swing. Spring 1950 before the leaves. (April?) Note the rock pile from where the old house burned.  The base of the chimney appears to be still holding together.  Also note the bird house that appears on a garden fence post for many years afterword.  Picture taken mid afternoon looking slightly east of north. 

Film C39, Image 4903 (5003)

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Sawmill for the tobacco barn, May 1950.
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