Magazine ad
Letter 4 September 1959
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Clipping from a farm magazine (Farm Journal?) maybe spring of 1958.  This would be the ad which Walter Scott answered and which led to Suleyman Irtem spending approximately a year at Scott Hill Farm.


Has Degree, Will Travel

   I suppose it would be too difficult for me to write down my reasons of writing a letter to you in a few but concise sentences.
   I am a graduate student of the agricultural college of Istanbul.  I am doing my military service in the Turkish army and will finish my service and become a veteran in May, 1958.
   I want to work for some time at a place where I can increase my experience and knowledge to be able to apply modern farming methods in my home country. 
   I will be pleased to have an answer about further information about my plan.   I am sure to prove myself if you can give me a chance.

Suleyman Irtem

Kupluce Cal: No. 31
____beyi, Istanbul, Turkey

Letter from Suleyman Irtem to Walter C. Scott 4 September 1959

Suleyman Irtem
S/S MANISA  Bandirma

Mr. Walter C. Scott
Scott Hill Farm
R.F.D. NO. 2
Guston, Kentucky

4 September 1959

Dear Sir,

It has been a long time since I wrote you my last letter.  Because I was trying to get Government permission to take American currency out of Turkey.  But my efforts were in vain.  My trip over there will be by ship because it is quite expensive by plane, so I am taking Turkish Freighter / passenger line which is about half price of plane.  Our ship will arrive New York around 25 of Septerber.  At the present moment we are in our ship waiting for the loading be finished.  We are just about half way finished, about 4 or 5 more days to go,  estimated sailing date from here to New York is 16 days.  I presume it will be very difficult for you to come to New Yourk, so I made my plans you being absent there in new York.  I have a friend of mine in New Yourk and I think with his financial support I'll be able to make Louisville, Kentucky.  If you ever think on comeing to New York, our ship's name S/S MANISA most probably will dock in Brooklyn as usual, and there should be an agency in New York for our Turkish Cargo Lines.  Before I close now, I hope to see you real soon and wishing you the best of luck and I would like to send my best wishes and regards to your family.

Respectfully yours,
Suleyman Irtem