Scott Hill Farm, July 4, 1951

Picture is taken from the front yard looking back toward the house.  Right from bottom to top: Aunt Alice's knee, Jimmy Foote, Ruth Parks, Jack Scott, Ma.  In the center is Rachel Scott's back.  Uncle Gerard is to the left with Uncle Jimmy behind him.  Aunt Cara D and Uncle Winfiled are to the right of Gerard, then Aunt Rena Lou.  The two children between Uncle Winfiled and Aunt Rena Lou are unidentified (one: Laura Foote?).  The house is recently completed at this stage.  Downstairs are garage doors.  A ladder is seen in the background.

This is a better view of Aunt Alice on the right with Aunt Lou above her.  Aunt Mary is now seen in the background on the left.  Uncle Gerard's feet are on the left in the foreground.  This is a better view of the house showing the two garage doors.  These were later replaced with a wall with a window in it.  A door on the east side of the house is seen in the upper left of the picture.  This was later replaced when an addition was built on the east side of the house.

Aunt Mary is now seen in the center in the back.  Walter Scott is at the top right.  Ma is to the right of Aunt Mary and then Lucile Simmons (?)  On the left from back to front:  Aunt Lou, Uncle Winfiled, Aunt Cara D., Uncle Gerard's ear.  Rachel's back is in the foreground with Jimmy Foote to the right.  Ruth Parks (?) is right in front of the tree.

   This picture is taken from the direction of the house looking toward the picnic (approximately 180 degrees in direction from the above three pictures).  The shiny lard can makes a good reference mark for comparing the scenes.  Ma is to the left.  Uncle Jack is in front of the tree eating.  Aunt Mary's skirt is to the right.  Laura Foote (?) just to the left of Mary's skirt?  Aunt Alice is just past Mary's plate eating.  John Scott (?) just to the left of Alice.  Aunt Lou just to the right of the tree with Ruth Parks between her and the tree.  A new Buick (?) is parked just behind Jack and the tree.  Note the tree in the background just to the right of Aunt Lou.  It has a very characteristic limb.  This tree and limb is seen from the other direction here in 1939.