Jesse Stith Cemetery

The Jesse Stith Cemetery is at the top of the hill above the homestead of the old Stith farm.  Jesse Stith mentions it in his will.  Jesse was son of Richard Stith, Jr. and Elizabeth Jones Stith.  William Stith who is buried here is Richard Stith's brother and William's wife Nancy is Elizabeth Stith's sister.   Apparently Richard Stith, Jr. and Elizabeth are buried here also but their stones have been lost.  (See Jesse Stith's will.)

Notes from a visit to the cemetery in summer of 2000.
Spreading of the ashes, June 2, 2012.

Stones in Jesse Stith Cemetery
     Noted as of 24 May 1998

1.  James L. Hardaway
    Died Sept 24, 1869
    Aged 50 Yrs 7 Mos 12 Ds

2.  William Stith
     May 10, 1854
     Aged 77 YRS
    7 MOS & 2 DS

3.  Nancy Stith
     Jan ____1849          ___ = missing data
    1 MO & 21 DS

4. Alonzo R.
    Son of
    E. J. & Mary Stith
    Sept 21, 1852
    Age 11 Ms  1 D
   Wherefore should I make my moan
   Now the darling child is dead
   He to early rest is gone
   He to paradise is fled
   I shall go to him but he
   Never shall return to me.

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5.        Ben L.
           son of
    Ben E. & Mary H.
    May 13, 1863
    Aug 22, 1864
                  J.S. Pool & Co.
                  Lou. Ky.
  (Mary Hardaway Johnson was daughter of Martha Ann Stith and Joseph E. Hardaway.)

Quoted from Walter Scott's Book:
Stith Graveyard

Scott Hill Farm - Meade County, Kentucky

James Hardaway, died in 1849**, age of 50 years, father of Laddie Hardaway Scott, Walter C. Scott's grandmother.

Alonza R., son of A. J. and Mary Stith, age of 1 and 1/2 years.

Ben E., son of Ben E. and Mary Johnson, age of 2 years.

William Stith, died May 10, 1854, age of 77 years, brother of Richard Stith, first owner of Scott Hill Farm. As best can be
determined, the brothers moved in 1804 and built the first log cabin. Richard bought 450 acres in 1811.

Nancy Stith, died January 2, 1849, age of 69 years, William Stith's wife.

** grave stone says 1869, jbs


Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 19:34:30 -0500 (CDT)
From: (Jess Scott)
I wandered today to the hill at twilight to visit the graves of William
Stith and Nancy Jones Stith. The path winds through the woods to the top of
the hill where there is a clearing with a view out across Stith Valley. The
cemetery is on the edge of the cleared area by the woods. A rabbit ran
across the path in front of me. Two deer stirred in the woods near by. One
coughed but otherwise both stood motionless thinking that I could not see
them. The cemetery was peaceful as if I could share the evening with
William and Nancy.

On the way back down the hill the crescent moon and bright Venus decorated
the sky not too far above the horizon. The sky was blue and pink and purple
above the dark outline of the hills on either side of the valley as it made
its way to the west. I can imagine there might have been evenings like this
in the early 1800s as the progression started from William to Henry to
Thomas to Charles, to Walter L. and from Nancy to Mary Ann to Hannah to
Irene to Ruth.


Spreading of ashes - June 2, 2012 - Jesse Stith Farm Cemetery

We spread ashes of William F. Scott and Ruth Parks Roberson.  We burried the remaining ashes of William Scott in an urn inside the fenced area. Present at the ceremony were:

Harriet Fast Scott (Wife of William Scott)
  Christopher Scott
  Barbara Ann Scott Morris
     Rick Morris(husband of Barbara)
     Sam Morris(Son of Barbara)
     Sarah (daughter of Barbara)
        Jeff  (husband of Sarah)
        Mara (daughter of Sarah)
  Allayne Scott
      Luke Savage (son of Allayne)

Fontaine Roberson Gladysz(daughter of Ruth Roberson)
   Paul Gladysz(husband of Fontaine)
   Hannah Gladysz (daughter of Fontaine)
   Harper Gladysz (daughter of Fontaine)

Joan Scott Robey (daughter of Jack Scott who was William's brother)

Jess Scott (son of Walter Scott who was William's brother)
   Frances (wife of Jess)
   Alan (son of Jess)
      Ashley (wife of Alan)

Tessa Rios (daughter of James Stewart Foote who was son of Mary Scott Foote who was sister of William)
   Isabella Rios
   Roman James Rios
   Luke Rios

Jonathan Fast (nephew of Harriet)


Prayer offered by Alice Bondurant Scott, June 3, 2012


Eternal God, in whom we have trusted throughout the ages,
  we come humbly with gratitude for these our beloved;
Generation to generation, we acknowledge your presence,
  We know your power, we feel your grace each day.

These hills, these valleys, each copse and stone,
  Each tree, the bushes, cedars, sycamores,
The mighty oak lifting powerful branches skyward,
  All would direct our thinking, our knowing to you.

And now in this, our place in time, we come
  Opening our hearts to your spirit this day,
Ever seeking your love,claiming your sweet comfort,
  Knowing rest and blessed sleep will come.

  In the name of the One we trust,

The Reverend Alice Bondurant Scott
June 3, 2012