Mostly Letters from Delean Brown Scott to Jess Brown Scott   Fall 1966

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Wednesday Morning
Dear Jess:
We got home Sunday about 3:30.  One old sow was gone so we found her and she had pigs that night.  One found pigs yesterday morning and one last night.  Sure hope the other one will get it over with some time today so we will be done with that job.  Daddy and I went Monday and got the three gilts at Mr. Gatton's.  They sure are pretty.  By the time we paid for the papers on them they cost $198.00, but I guess the way hogs are now that wasn't to bad.

    Charlie came up yesterday to help us a few days.  They got the silo cleaned out and are going to patch the floor today.  Wilbur will be here tomorrow to start filling silo.  Sure hope Charlie holds out till it is filled.
   The girls got started to school all right.  They had almost enough books to sell to pay for the ones they had to buy.  Ann said there were 8 new teachers and she has three of them.  She didn't get Miss Smith which she was real glad.  Both Martha and Ann have Mr. Simpson.  We want to hear how you came out with your schedule, and if you got the money, and all about how you are doing.  Did you get the paper signed to let the draft board know you are in school?
Well guess that's all for now.  Hoping to hear from you soon. Love Mom.

Wednesday Afternoon
Dear Jess:
I guess you won't get the letter I wrote this morning as I didn't put Haggin Hall on the address, but here I am again.  We left to take the girls to E-town to night, something about Rachel's wedding.  So will put this in the mail box at Vine Grove as we go through.  When you send the money to the bank be sure to have your Guston address or they might open a new account for you.  And be sure to register any money that you mail, for you wouldn't want to loose $100,00 right quick.  We were wondering if the money you got was the scholarship and the grant both and if the dues and what have you were for the year or just the first half.  Write and tell us all about the money and everything.

Well this has been a busy few days for us.  When we got home Sunday one old sow had a bed made p on the hill so she found pigs that night.  So Tuesday morning two sows were gone.  So after climbing the hill twice, we found one with pigs and one making a bed.  So she found pigs last night.   Just one more to go for now and hope she gets it over with tonight.  Charlie has been up here yesterday and today.  Says he will help us all this week.  They got the silo cleaned out and are fixing the floor today.  Wilbur said he would be here tomorrow to fill silo.
   Well the girls got started to school Monday.  They sold almost enough books to buy what books they had to have.  Ann said there were eight new teachers this year and she has three of them.  She didn't get Miss Smith, which she was real glad.  Miss Smith said tell Jess she asked about him.  Martha and Ann both have Mr. Simpson for Gym.
   How's the roommate?  We thought he looked awful young and maybe just a little sissy ho.
   You got something from the United States Air Force so I just marked out Guston and put your address on it.   I don't know if it is important or not, but thought it might be.  Say, did you get the thing fixed for the draft board to let them know you were at school?  You want to be sure and send the draft board your address as soon as you have time.  Oh yes one other thing.  What did you do with your State Fair check?  The girls and I got to wondering about that and didn't know if you took it with you or not.  If so, get it cashed soon.  Love Mom

Tuesday Morning Dear Jess:
   How's every thing going with you?  Mary Jane Bandy was at Sunday school Sunday.  She said she had seen every body at Lexington that she knew last week but you.  But never did see you.  Well the old sows got through finding pigs.  They still have 40 pigs.  We put an ad in the paper this week.  Hope somebody comes along and buys them.  Still don't have the silo finished.  It rained them out two or three times.  Wilbur is supposed to finish tomorrow if it doesn't rain any more.
   The wedding sure was a bug blow out, "something like the Johnson's", but it was real nice.  Every body enjoyed themselves.  We took Uncle Harold.  And Aunt Mago was there.  Just about everybody was there.  Someone said that they thought between four and six hundred people.  Said the church would hold eight hundred people and it was just about full.  Rachel and Bill were asking about you the other night.  Bill said his first year at college he didn't come home till Thanksgiving, but he never could stay away that long any more.
   Well I ring off as Daddy is coming in for Breakfast.  So let us hear from you and let us know if you got your schedule worked out and everything.  Love Mom.

Thursday Dear Jess:
   We got your letter the other day.  Were glad to hear from you.  We didn't mean for you to tell us every penny you spent and what for.  Were just wondering if the scholarship was for the year, part of the year or just what.  I take it that you got the schedule worked out all right.  Hope you don't have any Saturday classes.
   Well they are still working on filling the silo.  It rained them out two or three times and was going to finish yesterday, but the chopper didn't work well.  So guess they will get it finished this morning.  Daddy got your tobacco topped and Charlie sprayed it for worms.  Uncle Harold didn't want M.H.30 on it so didn't want to do anything he didn't want.
   I forgot to ask Ann if she gave Mr. Simpson the crystals, but I'm sure she did, for they are not where you left them.
   I was going to make you a box of cookies today but didn't have any eggs so will wait till I go to the store.  Daddy is afraid you won't eat enough.  I told him he didn't need to worry about that because I thought that was one thing you would do even if it cost a little more.
   It sounds like you almost have your room to yourself.  Do you do most of your studying in the room or someplace else?
   Ann heard in a round about way that Mike was at U.K.  Don't guess you ever see him?  Love Mom & all.

Monday Morning (Sept. 12, 1966) Dear Jess:
   Just a line this morning to let you know we are still here.  We went to the first football game Friday night at Brandenburg everybody was asking about you.  Virginia Miller said she had already been to see Kim three times, said he wouldn't write and tell her anything and she would just go up there.
   You got your County Fair money Saturday.  It all came in one envelope addressed to me, so I am sending yours to you.
 We went to a Farm Bureau meeting Saturday night out at the fair grounds.  Took supper and was a big crowd.  The best and funniest part of the meeting was Mr. Greer playing and singing.  All was lacking was a Beetle wig ho ho.
 Well we didn't sell the old sows and pigs.  Still have four sows and 40 pigs.  We worked all yesterday afternoon getting a place fixed to turn them out.  Will get them out this morning if it doesn't start raining.
 Ann and Martha have to have book reports this week so they read all weekend.  Martha has to stay after school this afternoon for an F.H.A. meeting, Ann stays after school tomorrow afternoon to try out for Debutantes so we are pretty well in the grind.
 I saw Mrs. Griffee the other day.  She said tell you to be sure to take the Selective Service test when it comes out again this fall.  Said Hugh Cross didn't do good when he took it in the Spring so now he is up to go to service.  But she thought he would get to finish this year of school. They called Vivian's husband.  He either went last week or goes this week.  I forgot which.  They moved their stuff to Mrs. Griffee's some time.
   Well guess this is all so answer when you have time.  We might get up there to see you in a few Sundays.  Love Mom.  I got the receipt for the money you sent to the bank.

(Monday) Sept. 12, 1966 Dear Jess,
   Everybody here has surely gotten into the old grind of school.  Today Martha Lou stayed after school for F.H.A. and tomorrow I stay for the debate team.  As you may know, Uncle Jack built a fence in front of Granny's old house.  Lately Mrs. Wedding has really been bumping into it.  Today it happened--the inevitable-- she tore down a strand of barbed wire.  Daddy and Mom have just been to fix it.
   Today two of your old friends said Hi.  So, "Hi Jess, "said Jacky.  "Hi, Jess!" said Mike Roe.
   Friday night we went to a football game.  M.C.H.S. defeated Henry Co. 40-7.   That was really good because Henry Co. ranks 109th where as we don't even have a rating.
   Be sure and take care of yourself and don't work too hard before Thanksgiving, because we have a "blue million" questions to ask you.  It may be, however, that we can't wait till then and come and see you soon.  Enjoy the bread!! Ann.  Hi! Jess -- Martha

Thursday AM Dear Jess:
   After you and Uncle Harold both talked about Plato, I looked to see what Plato had planned for his ideal republic.  Americana (Encyclopedia) did not reproduce it but gave a one and a half page essay on the idea.
   Charlie helped me get ready for the silo filling.  We hosed out the silo floor and put on four wheelbarrow loads of cement and sand topping which seemed to be O.K.  Hope it stays.  With about three rains, it took a week to fill the thing.
   Want to mow the eight acres whenever the weather looks anything like right.  Mowed the new grass on the hill yesterday.  It was sure looking woolly.  Garland offered to mow it some Sunday if I was not going to get to it!
   I got some news about 8 PM last night! Jury duty Oct. 3 till whenever it's over!!!
   Sig has moved to Garrett and the William's will move about October I guess.  I was over there Sunday and Mattie Bliss wanted to know if you would take the William's kids in the cave.  She said they sure wanted to go in.  The oldest kids are about 12, I think.  I told her I could probably take them some time.
   Hope to cut Uncle Harold's tobacco last of next week.  Probably spray ours the first.  The north side (8 rows) of our tobacco is well over my head.  The other is stretching up pretty good.
   The 7 acre Sudex has not done so good.  We are pasturing the field next to Ballman.
   Glad to know you have a good engineer's schedule.  Take time to stay in shape. (physically) Yours, Dad.

Sept. 22, 1966 Dear Jess:
   Just a note this morning as I finally got the iron ready to send you.  When you iron don't have it too hot.  That's the only thing.  We got home Sunday just before Mrs. Dooley got here. and boy her tongue was loose at both ends.  Ann and I were both sick all day Monday after she left.  Of course Ann wasn't too sick to go to school.  Mrs. Dooley wanted to stay here again tomorrow night but I told her she couldn't.  I just didn't think we could stand her another night.  Aunt Cary Dee wrote that she would like to come and stay a while first of next month so guess she will.
   Well we had a council meeting last night, got the banquet worked out.  It will be at Paynville Saturday night of November 12.  So if you think you have time and want to, you could come to it.  Well it sure has been a gloomy week, but looks like it might be pretty now for a while.  Daddy plans to cut hay today and I guess Uncle Gerard will be here to spray the tobacco.  Charlie said he would get in your tobacco tomorrow.
Well let us hear from you and take care.  Love Mom

Septa 28, 1966 Dear Jess:
   We got your letter the other day and were glad to hear form you. Were glad to know the iron got there all right.  Just don't get it too hot when you are ironing shirts and pants.. I finally got the order out for some long sleeved shirts.  About your white sweater, wash it in warm oxydal suds.  That should make it white again.  Or wait until you come home and we will wash it for you.
   Daddy and uncle Harold got your tobacco ready to cut.  Don't know just when they will cut it.  Daddy, Ann and I topped our tobacco here at home Saturday.  I reckon Daddy and I will rake and bale the hay today and tomorrow.  Daddy just cut both fields while he was at it.
   We are looking for Aunt Cary Dee any day.  Don't know how long she will stay.
   Mary Janes's mother called me the other day, said Mary Jane had seen you and she thought you were so nice and about the smartest boy up there.
Daddy is sending a news clipping.  Guess you have already seen it.
Write soon with all the news.  Love Mom.

Oct. 4, 1966 Dear Jess:
Am sorry I have been sending your mail to the wrong box number.  But you make your sevens and nines so much alike that I was sure the one I had been going by was a seven.  But I'll try to do better from now on.
   It was real nice of Uncle Jimmy to come see you.  I guess things have not changed up there too much since he went to school there.  I believe Aunt Mildred's brother in law works at the University.
   We were so glad to hear about how you were doing.  Sounds to me like you have got it made with not too awful much work.
   Guess Bruce would like for you to join his fraternity.  It sounds like you had fun.  It's always good to have friends.  Does Bruce plan to work at camp next summer?
   Well Daddy got to be on the grand jury at court.  So just had to be there yesterday and will go back for a little while next Monday.  So he is cutting your tobacco today.  The weather stayed so bad he couldn't get it done last week.  We did get the hay bailed in between days of rain.  The radio says we will have a big frost tomorrow night, but our tobacco is too green to cut.  Hope it doesn't get cold enough to kill it.
   I had a card from Aunt Cary Dee yesterday.  Said she was coming here to stay a few days the 12 or 13 of this month.
   Daddy wanted me to send you the address of your Readers Digest so you could have it changed if you wanted to.  You got a letter from Louisville the other day.  I sent it on to you.  Don't know if it was important or not.
   85 cents was cheap on getting the sweater dry cleaned.  I believe it cost $1.00 at vine grove.  I have three shirts ordered for you if they ever get here.  Seems like an order never comes any more.  Still haven't got the gun.  Are looking for it this week.  Love Mom

Oct. 11, 1966 Dear Jess
I thought I sent you the Readers Digest thing the other day but when I looked for it, it was where I had put it.  You have another Scientific American magazine.  I'll send it to you if I ever get the shirts to send.
  It sounds like you are doing real good.  Ann wanted to know what your theme was about.  She would like to write one that the teacher would say something good about too.  Ann and Martha will get their grade cards tomorrow.  Don't think either one got an A in English but maybe in every thing else.  Martha had two 100's and one 99 on six weeks test.  I think Ann had two 100's maybe.  Teachers meeting this Friday and Ann goes to Fort Knox to take her College test Saturday  Mr. Meader told her the other day he wanted her to put in for a scholarship and a student loan both.  Said he thought she could get either one, but put in for both and if she got a scholarship she wouldn't have to take the loan.
   Well we got your tobacco in the barn Saturday.  Norman Sipes and Ronnie Joyner helped get in, and they will help get ours in this Friday and Saturday.  Daddy and Charlie are cutting it today.  The heifers are having calves.  There have been six to find calves and three of the calves were dead.  Don't know why, unless the calves are just too big and the heifers too small.  Well it's mail time so answer soon.  Love Mom.

Oct. 17, 1966 Dear Jess:
   We got your letter today.  Were glad to hear from you.  Sounds like you don't think too much of ironing.  Why don't you send things that have to be ironed to the laundry?  That wouldn't cost too much.
   Seems like every time I see somebody they have been to Lexington and seen Jess.  Wayne Prayther's mother was telling me about Wayne seeing you the other Saturday night.  Sure wish we could get back up there some time.  Aunt Cary Dee is here now for two more weeks.  She is spending the night at Stith's tonight.  She sure does come in handy with the dish washing.  We have been so busy since she has been here that she has washed dishes every meal.  We got the tobacco all in Saturday.  Hauled in between the rain, but by the time we were done the rain was gone and has been pretty ever since.  Ann planted barley Friday and finished this afternoon.
   Uncle Harold had a phone call the other night from Suleymon.  He thought he had our number but after it was Uncle he just talked to him.  Suleymon and his wife are in Canada.  We don't know for how long or why.  I am going to write him as soon as I have time.  He said he would like to come and see us sometime.
   Well one of the most shocking things happened Friday morning.  Bill Wedding was eating breakfast and fell away from the table dead as he could be.  He was buried today.  We went to the funeral and sat and listened to the priest for one hour and 25 minutes.  I was never so tired sitting in my life.  That's two bus drivers and two janitors that have died since school started.  Another janitor had a heart attack over the weekend and is real bad.
   The Griffee's are having a big blow out Sunday.  It's their 25th wedding anniversary.  If you should see a card, would be real nice to send them one.  We are going for I know she would get mad if I didn't.  Can't say I care too much about it.
   Well I've rattled too much for one time so will close and go to bed.  Love Mom.  Still have not gotten the shirts I ordered three weeks ago.  Will send them as soon as I get them.

Cot 24, 1966 Dear Jess:
   Jest a line this morning as I finally got the shirts.  I mailed the order Septa 28 and didn't hear from them until I got it Saturday Cot 22, but got every thing I ordered.  Daddy still hasn't gotten his gun yet.
   Well we went to Griffee's yesterday.  They sure had a blow out.  The first thing when we got there (Mrs. Griffee said guess what?  We got the prettiest card from Jess.  I think that was the nicest thing for him to remember us.)  I think she was prouder of it than any thing she got.
   Last night we were milking and Martha Lou came running to the barn for me to come t the phone.  It was Suleymon calling from Canada.  I couldn't understand him too well but he said he was going to get a car and I think he said he was coming to see us.  I told him to write and tell us all about what he was doing and every thing about himself.
   Aunt Cary Dee is still here.  Guess she will go home next Monday.
   We finally sold the pigs.  Ralph bought them and will get them last of the week.  Daddy bought some corn.  The man will bring it some time today.  Had to give $1.50 a bushel but corn is so scarce around here.  Love Mom.

Sat A.M.
Dear Jess: Have been letting Delean do all the writing, but have some time while waiting for the corn truck to bring the last load of corn.  He has brought 3 loads (about 550 bushels) and hope he brings 150 more.  -$1.50 per bushel delivered $1050 total.  Sold the 38 pigs for $494 and have the 5 sows and 10 more pigs left.
   The corn on the farm was a flop this year, although did make fine silage. Will pick our corn in a week or so.
   Guess Mama told you Uncle Harold's tobacco was pretty and heavy.  Ours finally got shoulder high but was light.
   Got 1100 pounds of milk this shipping -- most we have had all fall.  And milk is 6 cents now!  Highest since we have shipped.
   Hay in the front field was good where we had red clover and lespedeza.  In the 8 acres the lespedeza was "puny".  Rag weeds fine.
   We hope to see you soon.  Want to bring the Science Digest to you.  Miss showing you articles you might miss.  Saw one this week about electronic engineers needing to know metallurgy etc.
   Skipping from Saturday AM to Tuesday A.M. - Aunt Cary Dee is gone now.  She and I went to the bridge dedication Saturday P.M.
   Glad to hear you are doing well with your grades.  Also glad to hear of you coming home 12th. We get to wanting to see you once in a while.  Yours W.C.S.  Everything looking pretty here.  Barley up where silage was cut and on Sudex and tobacco patch.

Nov. 8, 1966 Dear Jess:
   We are glad you are coming home this weekend if you don't get a ride, just come on the bus and we will take you back Sunday.  Ann is going to Ft. Thomas Sat. to a debate.  Hope she gets back in time for the banquet.  She got a letter from Courier Journal the other day.  Said she was a winner in the Courier Journal Record book don't know if it was district or state.  "We hope state."  You were talking about the snow.  It was so bad here that they didn't have school Thursday or Friday.  Our school bus got stuck at our mail box Wednesday, but didn't have much trouble getting out.  But the other one came on over here to turn and he got stuck.  We tried to pull him out with the tractor but couldn't.  So he sat there till about 6:30 until every body could get chains on their cars and come after the kids.  Finally somebody brought a big tractor with chains on and got him out.  There were about 15 inches of snow fell and a lot of it fell while we were trying to get the bus out.
   Let us know what time to meet you at the bus and where.  Or call when you get there, either one.  Bring your dirty clothes and we will wash if you want to.  Will see you real soon.  Love Mom

Dec. 1, 1966 Dear Jess.
   You got state fair money yesterday so thought I'd better get it on to you.  Daddy was at Vine Grove Monday and got your bank statement.  As of last Monday you had $386.52.  Hope that's about what you thought.
   Well it rained on us just about all the way home Sunday and of course snowed Sunday night and Monday.  Not too much, just been pretty cold all week.  The sun is out, though, this morning and looks like it will warm up.  First day it's been fit to wash all week, so that's what I'm doing.  Love Mom.

Monday morning Dear Jess:
   Don't be mad at the girls for sending you the candy.  Everything was so lonely yesterday afternoon after all the big weekend and they wanted to make the candy.  So Ann made the white and Martha the black just to pass the time off.  So if you don't eat it, it will keep for some time in the box.  Well it sure was good to have you home over the weekend and maybe the next time you come home there will not be so much to do.  Love Mom.

December 2, 1966 Dear Jess,
   The punch bowl set that we ordered for Mom's Christmas present came the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Part of it was broken and the crystal pattern was wrong; so we sent it back.  Martha and I are going to look at Vine Grove for another present, either a house coat or another punch bowl set.  You can still go in with us, if you want.
   Today we elected class officers.  The results were not officially announced but there were many speculations as to the winners.  The freshmen think that they elected an eighteen year old, six foot nit wit as their President.  The juniors think that a similar person is their treasurer.
Mom, Dad, and I worked for two and a half hours Monday night on scholarship applications and didn't get half finished.  I have three forms that have to be filled out to apply.  I've already made my application for acceptance to the University next year and paid $100 for a dorm.
   This week several of your friends' names were in the Messenger to report for physicals for the Army.  Joe Early, Chris McGhee, Dean Hobbs, Philip Foreman, and Ronald Skinner.
   We got our Senior pictures and I wanted you to have one.
   Don't study too hard! Ann

Tuesday Morning Dear Jess:
   It sure is a gloomy day again.  Don't think the sun has been out for two weeks ore more.  It has stopped raining and the mud is not so bad.  We plan to move hog houses and so forth so we can get the hogs separated today.  Isebell had her pigs last night.  Ten of the prettiest little black and white things you ever saw.  Not a red hair on a one of them.
   Well we talked to the woman at the draft board yesterday.  She said they weren't about to send any of you boys that are doing good in school to the Army.  Said you would be unclassified in a short time.  Ann, Martha and Leuann took the two Kahlen girls to Etown last night for the District speeches.  They both got red ribbons which every body was real pleased with.
   We are expecting N.F.O. to go on a milk strike before long.  A Mr. Hardesty was talking to Daddy yesterday about it.  Said he thought it would be in the next two weeks.  I sure hate to see it come, as we are getting more milk than we have ever gotten and are getting more for it than ever before.  Love Mom.

Dec. 6, 1966 Dear Jess.
   It seems like you and the bank are keeping books pretty close together most of the time.  I don't do near that well.  Seems like you are going to have a lot of time on your hands, but study all you need to.  Ann finally got all her papers filled out for a scholarship.  It was so much more to do this year than last.  Two bunches of forms went to one place and another one went to Lexington.  Mr. Meader said he thought with as good a grade as Ann had, she should get a good scholarship.  Sure hope so.  They have about talked Jacky into going to Bowling Green.  Said she could get a lot better scholarship down there than at Lexington.  She is applying at both places.
   Daddy got the part to go on the loader to haul silage.  But the weather has been so bad he has not done any thing to the barn.  Well let us know what time to come after you the 21.  I guess Ann and I will come as it would be too late getting back for all of us to come.  Love Mom.

Wed. A.M. Dear Jess:
  The tobacco sold yesterday.  Seemed like it did not sell so high but I guess it was all it was worth.
     Charlie came and helped me with the tobacco.  We got all of it fixed but 4 sticks and it got too dry.  Now we are waiting for our tobacco to come in case after it being in case the whole time we were stripping yours.
   Charlie and I finished that side of the feeding floor fence.
   Hope to get the rest of the hogs rung today and turn them in the corn field.
   The milker motor seems to be getting better.
   We seem to be able to hold our on now till spring.
   1020 pounds of tobacco sold.  Maybe 300 at the tenant house.  Your dad W.C.S.

Friday Morning Dear Jess:
   Got your receipt from the bank yesterday and am sending you the deposit slip.  But Daddy couldn't wait for you to find out how much the tobacco brought.  There should be about another $100 when we sell the rest of it.
   We got the hogs all out in the corn field the other day.  Went to look about them yesterday and found the boar in the middle of the pond.  He had walked out on the ice and broken through and then couldn't get out.  Daddy finished breaking the ice so he could get out.  He sure was a cold hog, but went on about his business.  So guess it didn't hurt him.  Will get the meat hogs killed the 20th.
   We were real proud of Ann and Steve.  I don't think any thing has ever happened to Steve so big.  His mother was beaming on about it last night.  she made me think of the way Daddy does about you kids.   Love Mom

Wednesday Morning Jan 18, 1967
   We got your receipt from the bank for your tobacco check.  You owe us $40.00 that we were out on labor for the year on the tobacco.  But what tobacco that is not sold will more than be enough for that.  So when it sells you can settle for labor out of it.  As soon as it sells I'll send you the check.  and then you can send us a check for the labor bill.  We got 300 sticks of ours down Saturday.  Will get it stripped out today and then wait till it rains again to get any more.  I could not find a sale book from Lafayette so am sending you a 1966 big book.  Guess it has every thing the other one did.  Daddy said tell you the duck was laying.  He gets an egg almost every day.  Do wish we had a drake to go with her.  I will get the money in the mail today for Joe and Steve's Science Digest.  Ann has not heard from her test she was supposed to take to work at Fort Knox.  Do you think if she waited t see about the camp job till March it would be too late?
   Oh yes Ann said ask you what goes with Kim and Laura Early.  I'm sure you know he came home last weekend to take her some place.  Ann thought he was with Angie most of the time Christmas.
   How is school work going this time?  Guess abut the same as before Christmas?
Love Mom
P.S.  Did you get the messenger last week.  It didn't cost much more to send it that way than for me to send it from home.  And you can get it the same day we get ours.  Oh yes and what about the socks and underwear.  I got the bill for them last week and they said they had already shipped them to you.

Jan 19, 1967 Dear Jess:
   This card came to you yesterday.  We thought you would like to have it.
   The girls got their grade cards yesterday.  Martha made all As again.  I think she will cry if she falls below As the rest of the year.  She wants to get a sweater so bad.  Ann had two Bs, but she made 100 on some thing.  So that brought her average up quite a bit.  Ann's real busy with the senior play, which will be tonight.  And Martha wants to go to a ball game tomorrow night.  Bburg plays the school that John goes to.  Daddy may take a car load.  Or she may ride the bus.  I just don't know which for them to do.  Love Mom.

Jan. 23, 1967 Dear Jess.
   I still can't find the catalog you wanted.  I guess I must have burned it.  You should be getting another one before long.  And I'll send it to you as soon as it gets here.  We got the tobacco all stripped, but 300 sticks that are still hanging up.  We are hoping it will do to put down some time today.  Sure will be glad to get that job over.  We got the meat hogs killed and in the freezer but boy it sure did cost.  To get the 3 hogs killed and fixed was $40.00.  Uncle Harold just came in and put the "Hi Boy!" on the side of this letter.  He is helping strip tobacco.  Daddy saw a big ground hog yesterday and shot at it.  But shut his eyes as the gun went off and missed the ground hog.  Was the first time he had got up nerve to shoot the gun.
   Well every body is getting to get out so I ring off.  Love Mom.
P.S. Oh yes Daddy said tell you we are shipping 1600 pounds of milk now, the best ever.

Tuesday AM.
Dear Jess:
   Delean found "How to Become an Amateur Radio Operator."  We got your package yesterday.
   We got done stripping tobacco Friday, loaded it out yesterday (Monday) and it will sell Wednesday.
   The news is that I hit at a cow with my fist Sunday AM and hit the iron pipe.  Took 15 or 20 stitches to fix it.  Delean is milking.  Have not fed silage since Saturday A.M.  Turned 3 cows dry and with all hay went from 1600 pounds (22 cows) to between 1450 and 1414 with 19 cows.  Started putting loader extension on yesterday and think I can feed silage in the silo lot today.
   After I got the tobacco stripped I took the milker motor to Melvin and had him put a starting capacitor on.  It cured it!!
  Melvin took the old capacitor off and it sparked for him O.K. but I told him I wanted a new one.  The starting points were worn pretty bad.
   It looks like you just have to live with this stuff a while to understand it.  Or rather, find out its queer points.  The John Deer ran to the mail box yesterday AM about day light and stopped!  About 11 AM when we had time to fool with it.  We pulled it.  - Checked a spark plug.  No juice.  Took switch off but still could not get it where I could see it.  So I put it back and hit with a small end wrench and it started!!  Don't try this on your radio.  It might start getting radar impulses.  Your dad.  W.C.S.

Thursday Morning Dear Jess:
   Here's the rest of your tobacco crop.  We spent $40.00 on labor all through the year.  So you can send us a check for that amount and every body will be happy.  We sure were surprised in our crop.  It weighed 2000 pounds and cleared  $1179.85.  Daddy is going to the bank today and finish paying for the tractor.  That will sure be a load off our mind.
   Uncle Harold went to Louisville with us yesterday and bought a new car, a 500 Galaxy Ford in a springtime yellow.  They didn't have just what he wanted so they will get it in about three weeks and bring it to him.  They let him have it for $2,600.00.
   Ann has to go to Louisville Saturday to take the Civil Service test.  And if she passes it she might get to work at Ft. Knox this summer.  Oh yes Ann has a date with Mike Hobbs this Saturday night at the F.H.A. Sweet Heart dance at Bburg.
   I think Daddy told you about his hand.  He goes back to the Dr. today.  Hope he gets some of the stitches out.  Ann had to stay home from school to help load the tobacco.  Outside from that, I have been doing what Daddy couldn't.  It's awful hard for me to get up to milk as early as Daddy does but he did most of milking this morning an maybe can do it all from now on  Mom.

Thursday morning Dear Jess:
   We were wondering if you got the last tobacco check?  The mail on this route gets in such a mess.  I always wonder if what I mail gets where it's going.  Ann had a big time at the Sweet Heart dance last Saturday night.  Kim was there with Laura Early again.  They must have something really going ho.  We have been real busy this week.  Saturday is 4-H talent show.  I have gone to Brandenburg two days this week and Ann has had her bunch over here two days.  Martha and some girls are in the specialty act.  Martha wanted to be sure she got to go to district and that was the only way she could be sure to go.
   Charlie is here today sowing clover seed on the hill pasture.  He likes to do things like that and anything he will do is that much Daddy doesn't have to do.  Daddy's hand is just about well.  Will get the rest of the stitches out Friday.  Oh yes, how are you getting along with the glasses.  Maybe that's why you did so good on your big test.  Laura Foote and Ann took the test last Saturday for Civil Service.  They don't think either one of them passed.  So both are talking about seeing about work at camp tall trees.  Well I'll hush and go to the barn and get to work.  Love Mom.

Wednesday Morning. Dear Jess:
   We got the deposit slip for the tobacco check one day last week and got your letter with the $40.00 yesterday.  Were glad to hear from you and hope you are not working too hard.  We got through the talent show all right Saturday.  Junior leadership Club came in second.  Of course Battletown came in first as always.  Stith Valley got a blue ribbon.  Junior leadership specialty act will go to district.  Martha, Cynthia, Mary C. Bennett and Karen Lawson are in that so guess I will take them to Bardstown February 25.  This Saturday is when we go to the Brown Hotel with Ann to get her Courier Journal award.   Sunday the German Club is going to Louisville to see the sound of Music.  I think Daddy will take a car load as Martha wants to go.  What day will you be home for spring vacation and did you want us to come after you?
   Well we got our income tax fixed this week.  We had to pay over $300 Social Security and $64 income tax.  This Social Security is getting more every year.  Maybe as much as we are paying we will draw a good check when we get old enough to draw.
   Uncle still hasn't gotten his new car yet.  He's looking for it the last of the week.  We heard last night Uncle Bill was in the land for a few days.  Guess he will by here some time.  We are trying to get oats planted today before it rains if we can.  Got it fertilized and disked yesterday so wont take too long to get the seed out.
   Well I'll close hoping to hear from you soon.  Love Mom.

Feb. 21, 1966 Dear Jess:
   I  believe if it won't rush you too much that it will be better to come after you on Friday afternoon than on Saturday.  Besides some time you told me you was to meet Mr. Goldstine here Saturday and if you waited till Saturday to come home you might miss him.  As it looks now Martha will be going to Etown with her German Club on Saturday the 11th to some kind of a to-do.
   Uncle still hasn't gotten his new car yet.  I'm sure he will let you drive it when you come home ho.  Ann said tell you the home-coming basketball game will be this Friday night.  That will be the last game at home this year.  Ann is giving Mary Whalen a surprise birthday party here Saturday night.  Don't know if we can make it through both or not.  Oh yes I have to take the girls to Bardstown Saturday afternoon to district talent show.
   Daddy has just about got the thing fixed to feed silage on the feeding floor.  Just about one more day and he will have it finished.  We used the loader a few days while his hand was sore and it worked real good.  Just too muddy to use it in the field very much.  Ann wanted to know if you saw her picture in the Courier Journal.  It was in the Saturday and Monday's both.  The one Monday was real good if you haven't seen it, look for it at the library.  It was on the farm page.
   Well guess I'll close and go to bed.  Love Mom.

March 1, 1967 Dear Jess:
   What time do you want us to come after you Friday?  Ann got a form to fill out from Mr. Goldstine.  Sounds like he really wanted you this summer.  Ann's letter said starting pay for a counselor was usually $200.  She was going to ask for $300.  We feel she would be worth more than $200 here at home.  She still hasn't heard from the test she took for Fort Knox.  The lowest she would make up there if she passed she test would be $118 every two weeks after every thing was taken out.  Pius took Martha and his kids to Etown to a ball game last night.  Bburg played East Hardin and Bburg won.  So they play somebody Thursday night.  Guess Daddy will take Martha and Whelans that night.
   The weather has been so bad we have not got anything done for the past week but feed and milk.  Bburg was out of school two days.  They called the talent show off on account of bad weather.  Not two many came to Mary's birthday party, but she sure was surprised.
   Well will se you Friday March 10.  Love Mom.

Tuesday morning
Dear Jess:
   In filling out your scholarship papers if you need this and don't already know it you are in the top three percent of your class this year.  We had a letter last week telling us that.  The amount we paid for federal tax line 16, farm 1040 was $334 and our net income was $6250.89.  And for the financial obligations we owe $6200 and have one girl that will be in college and one girl in high school next year.
   If the road clears up by Friday I will pick Ann up at school at twelve and try to be at your place by 2:30 or 3 o'clock.  And it will be fine for Danny to ride with us.  If the roads are not good Daddy will come.  Uncle Harold would like to come along.  And if Daddy comes he will probably come in the new car.  Was glad Jimmy Foote and you see each other a little.  Is Susan the girl you were talking about when you were home?
   Well we will see you Friday.  Love Mom.

Monday Morning Dear Jess:
   We made it back home the other night at about midnight.  We didn't get too tired.  I looked everywhere and finally found the black pants.  Whey were on a hanger with the old coat over them.  If you think you will need them I'll send them to you.  Ann and I went to sunrise services at Bburg yesterday morning.  Gail Shacklett and Mr. Craig both said tell you hello.  We sold the bull and three cows last week.  The bull weighed 1185 pounds and cleared $262.  I think we should go in the bull business.  The milk truck is still coming by to get our milk.  We wonder every time if he will make it through again.  So far no trouble at all.  Well Daddy killed another ground hog the other day at the top brush pile.  Now we never see one up there.  Guess if there was any left, they found someplace else to live.
   Well we will be seeing you before too long so bye for now.  Mom

Tuesday morning. Dear Jess:
   The Draft Board might get outdone with you for not taking the test but of course you can't be two places at the same time.  Hope you have a good time on the trip.  I'm sending you this big tobacco check.  I'm sure since you are going on a trip you will need it Ha Ha.
   Well the big news around here is Ronald Griffee got married last Saturday.  Married the red headed girl at Bburg he has been going with for so long.  They married in the Catholic Church.  Mrs. Griffee talked to Ann last night.  Said it took 15 minutes to get it over with.  I had been afraid to call her.  I thought she would be having a fit but guess not.  Blanch Stith's mother died so Daddy and I went to the funeral home last night.  Daddy has cut out something he wanted you to read.  The Memories Ball is Saturday night and you would never guess who Ann is going with - Jerry Troidel.  Jacky and her boy friend fixed it up.  I think they are all four going together.  Jacky has been asked to come to U.K. next Saturday to be interviewed for a major scholarship.  Seems about the same thing you got.
   Did you get the things I ordered for you?  I just got the bill yesterday.  Said they were out of the wash pants but would have a new supply soon and would send them.  I didn't understand if they sent any of the order or would wait till they got the pants and send all together.  Let me know abut this.  Love Mom.

April 10: Dear Jess:
   Ann got to go to the memories ball with Jerry Troidel.  I think she and Jacky twisted his arm!
  It rained last night and we were needing it.  Last week we got plant bed covered and "John Williams field" plowed and disked.
  The cows are doing OK. 1400 pounds every other day from 18.  Hay will soon be gone, and we will sell some more.
   Guess the N.F.O. has about done its do!  Hope so anyway.  They got names and amount of milk shipped by all non-holders.  Said they would see them after it was over.
   Hope you enjoyed your trip.  Had some anxious moments here after your plane crash just before you took your trip.
  Am sending you an old funny paper.  Your dad Walter C.

April 18 Dear Jess:
   Make yourself a little more clear as to when you want us to come after you.  You said Saturday May 5, but May 5 is n Friday.  So do you want us to come Friday May 5 or Saturday May 6?  We can make it either day.  Sounds like the trip was a lot of fun.  I can't say I would have liked to be with you.  I don't think I would enjoy flying but guess it is all right.  I didn't know when I would be at Vine Grove to get a check book so found this much of one.  I thought would be all right till you get home.  Did you ever get the things I ordered you from Alden's?   I ordered one pair of blue jeans, one pair of green wash pants and one blue long sleeved shirt.  So if you didn't get them let me know so I can see about them.
   Well we got the 8 acres field plowed and sewed in Sudex last week.  Think we will make garden today and get ready to start on the field next to Ballman tomorrow.  Daddy plows and I keep it disked so it won't dry out too bad.  The pigs have started to get here.  Not doing too good, 26 pigs with 4 sows.  One sow lost all of hers so she went to market last week.  Daddy killed a big fox the other day.  Oh yes, Tiger treed a big coon out in the field the other morning and stayed with it about three hours.  So Ann went with the 22 an shot it out.  I don't know which was the proudest -- her, the dog or Daddy.  Well will see you before too long.  Love Mom

April 26, 1967  Dear Jess:
   We will be after you about 1 o'clock Saturday afternoon May 6th.  Keep the blue jeans till you come home and I'll send them back.  The green pants came here one day last week.  I thought no longer till you would be home I would just keep them here.  Jacky T got a scholarship at U.K. for $3000 -- $750 a year for four years and $550 grant that can be renewed each year.  We are still hoping Ann will get something.  She's getting blue about everything.  Still hasn't heard from either of her jobs she has applied for but I guess everything will turn loose at the same time.
   We just lack about two days getting done plowing and disking.  But it rained again last night so guess it will be next week before we can finish now.  I had hoped we could get corn planted and the barn cleaned out before you got home.  But with the weather like it is, don't think we can.  Mr. Ballman has corn up.  I don't know what the cold weather has done for it.  I still have the tomato plants in the front room.  Just been too cold for them outside.  Well Ma and Aunt Lou got moved last week.  Ma gave Daddy one of her pretty rocking chairs and I bought him a real doozie of a chair for his birthday.  One that pushed back and lets his feet rest out front of him.  So we are pretty well fixed for chairs right now.
   We will be seeing you soon.  Love Mom.