Scott Hill Farm in 1951

Letter early March 1951
about the farm. 
arrival of Martha Lou

Jess and Ann on Jess's tricycle.  Date on Back in Delean's (?) handwriting says July 29, 1951.  The milk parlor has not been built yet.  One sees the old tenant house just to the right of the barn.  This is looking slightly north of east from the front yard across the garden toward the barn. 
Apparantly taken at the same time as the above picture.  Looking slightly south of east with the old crib in the background.  Delean with Martha in her lap.  Ann to the right.  Jess behind Delean to the left. 
This photo is from a Christmas card but it looks like it was taken on the same day as the above two photos.  Photo taken looking south south-east from very near the road in the front yard.  A bee hive is over Jess's right shoulder. 
Ann with Jess on Ann's birthday. Apparantly taken Oct 21, 1951.  Two candles can be seen on the cake in the original photo.  Note bee hive in background as seen is picture above.  This is looking just east of north.  The old catalpa tree can bee seen just in the left side of the photo.  The maple just over Ann's right shoulder shows up in a lot of pictures.  It is seen in the photo of the old house taken approximately 1940. 
Jess, Ann, and Martha taken approximately the same spot as the above picture.  Martha is now where the cake was.  Oct 21, 1951.