Scott Hill Farm 1965

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Letter from Jess Scott to Walter and Delean Scott
Post mark: Lexington, Jun 1, PM, 1965, KY
Addressed to: Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Scott, Guston, Kentucky, 40142

Donivan Hall
University of Ky.
Lexington, Ky.
June 1, 1965

Dear Mom and Dad,

We arrived in Lexington around 12:00 yesterday; we were here when the door opened; and got a room on the first floor.  That is a noticed help even this early.  I am speaker of a house of representatives consisting of 100 members.  We got some pretty lively discussion going this morning and it was pretty hard to keep the house in order.   The biggest problem, though is seeing that each idea gets equal time on the floor.   You have to keep the discussion going by recognizing the old standbys, and at the same time bring in ideas from the more timid members.  I think our meeting went off very well this morning.  Ann seems to be doing fine.  They passed out free copies of then constitution as soon as we got up here.


Jess Scott