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Newspaper clipping provided by Sue Foote Alexander, July 4, 2012.  Perhaps Meade County Messenger, June 1941.

Boy Burned to Death In Fire In Stith Valley

Stanley Brown, 14-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Brown of Stith Valley was burned to death last Sunday morning when fire of undetermined origin destroyed the house in which they were living.

The Brown family ate breakfast Sunday morning and went back to bed for a morning nap.   The rest of the family was awakened by Stanley's cries of pain.  He was sleeping upstairs while the others were downstairs.  His father made three attempts to rescue him but was unsuccessful.

What could be recovered of the body was taken to Taylorsville Monday for funeral and burial.

The house which burned was the oldest house in Meade County.  It was built in 1804 by Richard Stith, Jr., who came to Kentucky from Virginia, and settled in Stith Valley .   The house was on the farm of Walter C. Scott.