1949 in Detail
Jess in the summer 1949 (June or July?) with dog and cousin(?).  Looking directly west.  Note the two walnut trees in the very center of the photo.  The left one is gone by fall.  These trees are just beyond where the tobacco barn would later stand.  Note the utility pole just behind the cousin and slightly past him.  It appears in pictures through at lest 1950.  The house is started later in the summer and would have a north east corner about where the post is on the left side of the photo. 

Film 97, Image 4904 (This is actually the first 49 picture.  4901, 2, and 3 were actually 1950.)

Walter holding Jess on approximately the spot of the present house.  Looking slightly toward the hill compared to 4904 (south of west).  The utility pole appears in the right hand middle ground.  The fence in the left hand middle ground is about where the upper orchard fence is today. 

Film 97, Image 4906

Jess behind the trailer feeding chickens.  The direction is very nearly the same as 4906, but the camera location is about 100 feet to the south.  The out-house stands in the left middle ground.  The pear tree in the very center stood for many and makes a good reference.  This is the south most of three pear trees that were just south of the house. 

Film 97, Image 4909

Walter holding Jess.  View is approximately south, taken from about where the tool shed now stands? 

Film 97, Photo 49010

Jess with cousin Allayne Scott in Washington DC (?). June (?) 

Film 97, Image 4908

The other side of the trailer from that seen in 4909.  The view is approximately south-east taken from about where the house now stands. Note the building behind the porch.  This was the laundry room and later was used for a chicken house. 

Film 23, Photo 4907  (Series 23 dated ajacent to and just after 97. Both contain similiar Washington DC pictures, but farm pictures on 97 seem earlier in the year.

Jess near the house that is now under construction in August.  View is similar to 4904.  The house frame now partially obstructs the bushes that were on the left in 4904.  Note that one of the walnut trees in the background center is gone.  Note the utility pole in about the same place as in the above photo. 

Film B71, Image 4905

From back of photo: "Summer 1949 -Aug Jesse rolling a barrel."  View is approximately east, taken from about were the house is being built.  The tenant house is in the center background.  The crib is to the right in the background.  The cattle barn is to the left. 

Film B71, Photo 49011