Scott Hill Farm October 1933

Letter from Jessie Virginia to Mr. Francis Williams:

Envelope:  3 cents United States Postage, post marked: Guston Ky, Oct 17  P.M. 1933, Mr. Frances Williams Anchorage, Kentucky

Guston, Kentucky
Oct. 16, 1933

Dear Francis:
   How are you these beautiful fall days?  I'm feeling fine as I think fall is the prettiest time of year.  I believe I could nearly get poetical over it but wait - don't get worried I won't express myself here.
   I'm praying for it to be as pretty next weekend as it was this so you can see for yourself that it's real nice down here sometimes.
   Yesterday I was in a visiting mood so walked two miles over the hills and hollows to a neighbors.  After I had eaten all the chicken and pumpkin pie I could it took me so long to walk home that the hoot owls and goblins like to have overtaken me.
   Do you think you can follow my directions and get here safely?  If you can't maybe Mary Ladd would come down with you.  I think the Witt's are coming this weekend anyway.  Wish Rena Lou got off from work in time to come with you, but don't think she gets off until around 4:30 or 5.
   You'll think by the time you get here that we live way back i the sticks compared to where cousin Tony lives.
   I've stopped a dozen times since I've been writing this, first to eat some peanuts and chestnuts, second to tell Mom how to fix my dress and now we have company.  The bride and groom just rode in.  It's muddy but they came horse-back eleven miles.  They're going to stay until tomorrow.  They're happy as larks.  I think Mary gets homesick once in awhile but she never lets on.
   I won't write any more so I'll have oodles and gobs to tell you when you come.  Maybe you won't come if I tell you that 'cause I know you think I talk a lot.
   Maybe I'll write more after I help cook supper.  They're calling me now.
 After supper or (dinner)
   Every nite after supper my job is to help the little boys get their lessons and it is a job at times.  Especially tonite its a job as I don't feel like I'll live through the nite.  Mama said there wasn't a time today that she didn't see me eating peanuts or chestnuts.  They just won't quit or they didn't until it was too late.  I think I'll die happy though for they "sho was good.
   We have about 10 bushels of peanuts this time.
   Well I'll be seeing you soon.  Certainly am glad you have your job and that you'll like it.
As ever
""C" you Saturday."

* This letter including the hand-drawn map was in a small basket of Aunt Jessie's most precious things.  It was one of 50 or more letters between Jessie and Frank in 1933 and 1934.  It was the only one that I saw written at the farm.  Apparently Aunt Mary had recently married and was there for the day with Uncle Gerard on horseback.  If anyone can propose which neighbor Jessie had probably visited, please write me.