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Will of Major John Stith, Sr. who died in 1694. This was the earliest Stith found in Virginia. Most records give only John, Drury and Ann Bolling as his children and don't know about Jane Luellin or Agnes Wynn because the records were burned or lost.  This John Stith is the ancestor of Richard Stith, above.  This provided by Harriet Fast Scott.
THE CASE FOR JANE DRURY by Harriet Fast Scott. (Jane was Maj. John's wife)
More on Jane Drury by Wanda Stith Hagen
o  Genealogy data on descendents of Richard Stith, Sr. provided by Kenneth Stith
    This duplicates some of the Major John Stith, Sr. file but focuses on the 12
     children of Richard Stith Sr.
o  Another look at the Richard Stith, Sr. Family, Compiled from data in files of Ruth
     Fontaine Scott and Jessie Virginia Scott Williams with some material from Kenneth Stith. 
Will of Richard Stith, Sr.  
Will of William Jordan, son-in-law of Richard Stith, Sr.  
     - More on William Jordan
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Elizabeth Buckner Stith

oNotes on Richard Stith, Sr. (b. 1727) family from Kenneth Stith, December 2009.

o Origin of the Stith name:  note from: Richard Taylor Stith III
Shakespeare refers (in Hamlet, as I recall) to a "vulcan stithy", seeming to refer to an iron smith, rather than a farmer. This would accord with some dictionary I saw (check the Oxford English Dictionary, 20 volume version) which refers to an origin in the Old Norse word "stethy", meaning "anvil" (=clearly related to our word "steady", so that could also be looked up in the OED).
o Bolling from Woody Bentley
Genealogy data going back to Major John Stith, Sr. provided by Kenneth Stith. See errata at top of file. 
    -  Ella Mae Stith information from Janet Stephens

o  More on the descendents of John 1, Drury 2, Drury 2, Richard 3, Richard 4, William 5 thanks to Sara Deatherage.
o  More on John Stith (4th) -  Jesse Stith . Some details on this line from Velma Finley
     - Descendents of Jesse Stith who married Eliza Jane Hatton
        -- Christopher Columbus Stith, b. 1845
        -- Ancestry of Eliza Jane Stith daughter of John Crittendon Stith b. 1865
        -- More on Swanville, Minnesota

o  More on Mary (Polly) Stith daughter of Drury Stith (b 1755) and Mary Jacobs, from Christie Kern.
o  Relationship with the Joneses.
o  More on Anne Mary Cocke. (Cox)
o  Line of Joseph Stith 2nd child of Richard Stith, Sr.
    -  More on Joseph Stith son of Richard Stith, Sr. courtesy of Joan Stith, Rineyville, Ky.
    -  More on the descendents of Richard L. Stith, son of Joseph Stith and Nancy Cocke (Cox), thanks to Keith Street.
o  Line of Thomas Stith 7th child of Richard Stith, Sr.
    -  Descendents of Thomas Stith, includes Stiths and Drury's around Bewleyville.
    -  See Stith Link at Bewleyville
o  Line of John Stith, 8th child of Richard Stith, Sr.
o  Line of Daniel Stith and Laura (Saunders) Stith from Jan Bogard
Notes from Judy Canant.  Corrects some errors and extends data found in some of the other sources on this page.
Old Stith portraits.   Mostly family of William Stith and Richard Stith, Jr. descendents.
o  Picture from family of John Craig Stith son of Richard Stith, Jr.
Line of Isaac Stith (1819-1898) from Don Stith
o John S. Stith of Cincinnati
o Obituaries

Books by family members:

Book  The Stith Family by Charles R. Stith  August 1988
          Some notes on C. R. Stith
          Some background on the book

Book   STITHS by Charles R. Stith (this is an early draft version prior to 1988)

            KENTUCKY 1804  by Harriet Fast Scott, 2004  ...... The children and grandchildren of Richard (1727-1802)
            and Lucy (Hall) Stith      This copy is in rtf format which may work better on your system.  If you want a printable
            format download this pdf version.  It requires Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or higher.

            Includes the Will of Maj. John Stith who died in 1694.  compiled by Harriet Fast Scott
            If you are on line, use Pack Stith's copy at .

Book:  "DEAR COUSIN WILLIAM (STITH)" ... compiled by Harriet Fast Scott
           This is Volume I of a two volume set of letters from Estie Stith Crabbe.  It includes an index prepared by Mrs. Scott.

Book:  "DEAR COUSIN FRANCES (STITH)" ... compiled by Harriet Fast Scott
           This is Volume II of a two volume set of letters from Estie Stith Crabbe.  It includes an index prepared by Mrs. Scott.

Book:  "Notes News and Views"   by Walter Charles Scott on life in Stith Valley, Meade County Kentucky in the early 1900s

Book:  Green Days and Roots by Harold H. Stith, another book about life in Stith Valley in the early 1900s

Book: The Stith Family Part 1, Virginia, by Wanda Stith Hagen, printed by Access Laserpress, Phoenix, Arizona, 1994.
           Wanda also has a second volume which is Part II, Kentucky.  Here are some exerpts requested by web site visitors.
           I recommend the serious student of Stith history to get a printed copy.

Various notes from family members

o Research notes from Judith P Canant.
      These notes are very well documented and contain corrections to some of the material from other sources.
      The serious family historian will check these notes to confirm or correct other sources on this site.
Material from Kay Redmann of New Orleans, LA
      Richard Stanford Stith letter 1888
Material from Frances Shacklett Fast from 1924

o  Various material from the file of Walter Charles Scott.
o  More reference material from John Whitfield.  Explaining kinship to George Washington and dueling Stiths.
o  Material from Estie Stith Crabbe, a dedicated Stith family historian. 
     This is from Estie's grand nephew Pack Stith plus some duplication from the books by Harriet Fast Scott         
o  Notes on early Stith Ancestry from William Allen Stith by way of Jon Alan Whitfield.
o  A sample DAR application citing Richard Stith, Sr.
o  More reference material contributed by Harriet Fast Scott
o  Notes on a J.J. Stith courtesy of John Paxton Stith
Ancestry of  Walter Charles Scott traced back to John Stith, Sr. from Kenneth Stith data.
o  Stith ancestry with cited sources by John Paxton Stith some excerpts from John Paxton Stith site for easy reference.
    Please visit Pack's site for the latest.
o  Obituary of Mrs. Baxter Stith
Harry Stith line
o  Obituary of J. Clyde Stith d. August 24, 1913
o  Meade County Messenger article by Thomas J. Stith March 2003.

Some Web References to old Stith families.

Details on the family and descendents of Thomas Jefferson Stith  

Pages from Meade County History submitted by Audrey Stith and Harold Stith

Newspaper article:  Elizabeth Stith      ( granddaughter)
Newspaper article: Thomas J. Stith       (grandson)
Newspaper article: by Thomas J. Stith (grandson)

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Thomas J. Stith, summer 1865.

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