Notes on Richard Stith, Sr. (b. 1727) family from Kenneth Stith, December 2009.

Descendants of Richard Stith


Generation No. 1

1. Sr Richard8 Stith (Drury7, Drury6, John5, Robert4, John3 Styth, Richard2 Steth, Stith1) was born 30 Sep 1727 in Brunswick, Va, and died 16 Nov 1802 in Campbell, Va. He married Lucy Cocke Hall 29 Dec 1756 in Bedford, Va, daughter of John Hall and Anne Bolling. She was born Jul 1736 in Brunswick, Va, and died 12 Feb 1815 in Campbell, Va.

Notes for Sr Richard Stith:

Richard was an asset County Surveyor in Bedford co. Va. When Campbell Co. was formed out of Bedford Co. he lived on the Campbell Co, side and because the surveyor for Campbell Co. in the survey books of Campbell Co. one can find hand drawn copies of his surveys including some written comments about doing the surveys of the lands of Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry.

Richard Stith, a fourth generation Virginian, was the son of Drury Stith, and his wife, Elizabeth Buckner, daughter of William Buckner of Yorktown, Virginia. He was a Great Grandson of the Immigrants, John Stith and Jane Drury his wife. He was born September 30, 1727 in Prince George County, Virginia and was educated at William and Mary college in Williamsburg. He married Lucy Hall, daughter of John Hall and Anne Cocke (Bolling), on December 29, 1756.

He Qualified as assistant surveyor to his brother, in Bedford County, September 23, 1754 and as county surveyor on November 27, 1758. During the Revolutionary War Richard Stith was a member of the Committe of Safety of Bedford County. Between 1779 and 1782 dozens of petition were forwarded to the Virginia assembly, urging the division of Bedford. As a result on February 7, 1782, a meeting for the purpose of forming the county of Campbell was held. Richard Stith was selected as one of the Justices and was also appointed Surveyor for the new county. He was to receive 500 pounds of tobacco for running the dividing line between Bedford and Campbell Counties. At the first meeting of the board of trustees of newly established Lynchburg, Virginia, on May 8th. 1787, Richard Stith was appointed to survey and lay off the town. Many county surveys made by Stith are preserved in the clark's office at the court house.

Richard and his brother, Drury were early patentees in Campbell County. Drury was Brunswick County Clerk and County Surveyor and a prominent land investor. Both Richard and Drury accumulated a large amount of property in the counties of Bedford, Campbell, Lunenberg, Mechlenberg, and Brunswisk Counties. While Drury bought and also sold a vast amount of land, Richard appears to have held on to most the land he bought, leaving almost 15,000 acres to his children at his death.

Four of Richard's sons qualified as officers in the Militia, in Bedford County, Lt. Benjamin Stith, Capt. Joseph Stith and Ensign Thomas Stith qualified in 1794. In 1804, July court, Wm. B. Stith qualified as Ensign.

Richard, Sr. started writing his will when his youngest son, Richard, was not yet 4 tears old. He continued to add codicils for the next 20 years, as his financial circumstances changed and his family matured. The estate of Richard, Sr. was proven in Campbell County, December 13, 1802 and probated on April 12, 1803, At this time, eleven of his twelve children were living. His wife, Lucy, was named executrix and her six sons and five sons-in-law were securities on her bond On Dec. 4, 1803, the heirs of Richard Stith gave power of Attorney to James Jones to sell the undivided part of the estate and to pay and settle all claims, with the balance to be divided between the heirs. At that date, John, Richard Jr., William, Drury & Ann (Stith) Hardaway, and Jesse & Elizabeth (Stith) Mooreman were all living in Campbell county, Virginia. Joseph, Benjamin, Thomas, and William & Lucy (Stith) Jordan were living in Bedford, County, Virginia.

Richard and Lucy's son's demonstrate their care and concern for their sisters when they indicate their desire to share personal property from their father's estate with them. An agreement is recorded in Campbell County, February 18, 1805, whereby all of Richard's sons ---Joseph, Benjamin, Thomas, John, William and Richard --- relinquish all of the undivied personal property to the sisters. The record reads in part, "... taking in to consideration that our sisters have not had as much personal property of the said decedent's estate as we have, therefore take this method to make them so..."

Shortly after the death of their father, the children of Richard and Lucy Stith began to dispose of their land in Virginia and started their migration to Kentucky.

On September 1, 1806, Richard and Betsy Stith sold 600 acrers of land in Campbell County, Virginia. In that same year, in Bedford County, Virginia, Joseph Stith was granted power of attorney by William Jordon, to sell or rent 140 acres on the Stauton River. (Jordon was married to Joseph's sister, Lucy.) In 1807, Joseph Stith gave power of Attorney to Wm. B. Stith to sell 1069 acrtes on Jumping Run in Bedford County. Joseph had received this land from his father's estate in 1803. There were numerous land sales from the years 1806 to 1814, as the children of Richard Stith, Sr. disposed of property in Virginia and settled in Kentuck. Many of these documents gave power of attorney to others to sell, suggesting that the sellers were leaving. A document recorded in Bedford County in 1809 verifies that Joseph was already living in Hardinsburg, Breckinridge, County, Kentucky, when he gave power of attorney to William Dickerson to sell 1069 acres on Jumping Run., which was ultimately sold in 1810.

During this same period, land records are recorded in Kentucky, as the Stiths settled their families in the young state. In 1808, Benjamin and Joseph both purchased land in Hardin County, as did William and Richard in 1811. On July 13, 1812, Joseph Stith was commissioned as justice of peace for Hardin County, Kentucky.

Recorded in Meade, Hardin, and Breckinridge Counties, are many marriages of Stiths, Hardaways, Moormans, Jones, and Saunders. Some of the first-of-record are marriages in Breckinridge County of Polly and Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Stith. Polly (Mary) Stith married Nehemiah Board on Nov. 23, 1808. Elizabeth Stith married Richard B. Hardaway, Nov. 15, 1810 Marriages of Joseph's sons, Thomas and William Bathurst Stith, are recorded in Hardin County--Thomas married Ann McGee, on April 15, 1810-- William married Polly Jordan on October 2, 1810. Another marriage, which took place shortly after the migration, was on July 26, 1810, when Betsy Stith, daughter of Thomas Stith, married her cousin, Achilles Mooreman, son of Jesse Moormaqn (and Elizabeth Stith).

Four of Richard and Lucy Stith's children married children of Thomas and Elizabeth Jones of Campbell County, Virginia. When Thomas Jones died in 1826, he left the land on which he resided, "including the Mansion house" to his son, James. James had married Catherine Stith on September 17, 1791, in Campbell county, Virginia. In his will, He also names his three daughters, Betsy, Nancy and Rhoda Stith, and men tions "...grandchildren of my three daughters in Kentucky..." but, evidently, did not know their names because he mentions all other grandchildren by name. (Betsy married Richard on December 20, 1798; Nancy married William Stith on December 28, 1796; Rhode married Thomas Stith, March 12, 1793, all in Campbell County, Virginia.) Catherine (Stith) Jones appears to have been the only child of Richard and Lucy Stith, who remained in Virginia.

Richard Stith, Sr. displays confidence in the capability of his wife, Lucy, when he says in his will"... Here I mention again her who will then be my widow lady to be my Executrix alone. And our sons Joseph, Benjamin, Thomas, John, William & Richard her securities with powers of control in extreme occasions but not otherwise... Although he states his oreference in his will that his wife, Lucy, might live with their son, Richard, he notes that if the situation is not amicable, he designates a division of land for Richard.

The area in Kentucky where the descendants of Richard Stith first settled was known as "Stith Vally" . The town of Stithton" was located about thirty miles south of Louisville. When the town of Stithton was purchased by the Goverment as part of Fort Knox Military reserve, The people moved one mile south and inhabited the town of New Stithton.which was also taken over by the Goverment on August 7, 1842. In 1942, the old town of Stithton was the civic center of Fort Knox and comprised the Maun Post Exchange and other Main Post Exchange estaurantsand retail Stores.

Many descendents of Richard Stith still reside in Meade, Breckinridge and Harin counties. Many moved westward in the early and middle 1800's and settled in Missouri, Oklahoma. and Texas.

Richard Stith Will

will - written - 1 June 1782 - 5 Codicils - Finished , 8 Jan, 1801

Proven - 13 December 1892 - Probated - 12 April 1803

In the name of God Amen I Richard Stith of Campbell County aged Fifty four being now in good health and in full exercise of my senses and memory my labours and care having been blessed with a competency of this worlds goods and calling to mind that it is good for the surviving part of the family that a man should set his house in order before he leaves this world to go to a better do make my last will and testament in manner and form following. I must be decently and plainly beloved wife to her own command use benefit and comfort my whole estate to be delivered to the children agreeable to the succeeding paragraphs here but her full and quiet possession of this land and plantation where we live and the 80 acres at the mouth of lick creek and an uncertain number of negroes to remain to her during her lifetime insteadof other manner of right of dower. I give and bequeath to my son Joseph my land on jumping run including mount hermon in Bedford county by patent 1150 acres. This is since conveyed by deed. I give and bequeath to my son Benjamin all my land on the stony fork of Goose Creek by patent 1150 acres including Buck mountain to him and his heirs forever. I give and Bequeath to my son Thomas my land on the South side of Goose Creek opposite to the flat top mountain by patent 1100 acres including Harpeth and Shalum to him and his heirs and assigns forever. I give and Bequeath to my sons John and William all my land on both sides of Molleys Creek, inclusive works lodged in the Registers office for 1460 acres and my land on branches of the south fork of falling river Contiguous to the long mountain by patent 1200 acres also my land near the head of little falling on mulbury creek and including the head of narrow passage branch works lodged in the registers office 1400 acres three tracts to be equally divided between them by their own consent or otherwise to each of them and their heirs and assigns forever. This issince otherwise given. I give and bequeath to my son Richard my land on Lick Creek inclusinve works 1054 acres including the old seat Jacob and 80 acres on Falling river at the mouth of lick creek to him and his heirs and assigns forever but Richard is not to possess any part of it in the lifetime of his mother without her consent. I leave my well beloved wife Lucy in full possession of my whole estate which estate except lands being already directed must be divided at future times as followeth Viz a son at age or a daughter married or at age and demand made my will is that such son or daughter shall have two negroes of such age and size as can be spared and some stock and household goods if can be spared and so on during the lifetime of my wife after decease then a final division of my slaves and other personal estate to take place VIZ those of our children that have received and they who have not received to be bmade equal not taking into the account the increase or decrease of those part proportions that go out or have gone out but to be considered as they were when they went out and if a married daughter after receiving part or all of her portion die without a child or she and her child or nchildren die then I judge nit unreasonable that her portion should go out of my family wherefore I declare and it is my will that the portion of such deceased daughter shall return into my estate and be divided in the same manner as if they had not gone out. Surveyors fees and other debts due to me must be collected with moderation the money to pay my debis and the overplus if any to remain in the care of my Executors or my wife if single for contingent charges perhaps schooling our children. Now I mean to cut off the force and effect of heir, at law in my family my will is that if one or more of our children die under age or without lawful heir or without will ineither of those three cases the surviuors shall be Co-heirs. I

do hereby nominate and appoint Edmund Winston John F. Patrick and Charles Cobbs gentlemen my Executors I having confidence in you accompanyed with warm friendship I entreat you to accept of the trust, This is altered in Witness whereof I have to this my last will and testament set my hand and seal this first day of June 1782

Richard Stith (SS)

Signed Sealed and published by Richard vStith as for his last will and testament in our presence who in the presence of the said Richard Stith subscribed our names as witnesses thereto

June 1st. 1782

Peter Terrell, Tho's Jones, John Cock, Henry Burnley,

John Boughton, Robert Armistead, John Lane

A Codicil to my will the will bearing date 1st day of June 1782 I give and bequeath to my son B enjamin 400 acres of land more or less situate in Bedford County on the head branches of Enochs Creek according to the patent bearing date the 14th day of August 1787 this in lieu of part of the Stony Fork tract otherwise disposed of to him his heirs and assigns forever I give and beqeath to Drury Hardaway my son-in-law 1050 acres more or less situate in Campbell County on Lawsons Creek according to the patent dated May 16th. 1786 this is not altogether a gift he hath made compensation to him his heirs and assigns forever. I give and bequeath to Luke Morris Valentine 80 acres more or less the same that Charles Talbot sen. Esqr. acknowledged to me in Bedford Court situate in Campbell County on Falling River including the little old plantation on Lick Creek including the mouth of the Creek tohim his heirs and assigns forever and for this he hath made compensation I give and bequeath to my son Richard 600 acres more or less situate in Campbell County on both sides of narrow passage branch including the head being part of the tract of 1400 acres by patent bearing date the 20th day of August 1783 and this to compensate Richard Stith JunR in the wear and tear already made and likely to be made on the Jacob tract and plantation to his heirs and assigns for I appoint her who will then be my Widow Lucy Stith Executrix Solus.

N.B. So much of the aforesaid will as is oppoosed now made null by this codicil, Signed sealed and published by Richard Stith as codicil to his aforesaid will this 10th day of September 1792.

Richard Stith (SS)

in presence of James Miller, John Reid, Mark Nevin

This will bearing date June 1st 1782 to which a codicil dating September 10th. 1792 and now annexed tacked to the to the codicil as followeth. I give and bequeath to my son John the whole of the land on Mollys Creek according to the patent 1460 acres to him and his heirs and assigns forever. I give and Bequeath to my som William the 250 acres on theeast fork of Jumping Run being the remainder of a tract by patent for 400 acres in Beford also to my son William beginning on Buzzard branch thence along the Island Road by the cross roads and down the main road toward the old mill to Bells Line all that part to the W. &N. W. of the said roads in Campbell. Also to my son William the remaining 1150 acres at narrow passage branch, Mulberry Creek and Panther branch these three bequeaths to him his heirs and assigns forever. Sealed and signed this 9th. day of October 1795.

Richard Stith (SS)

N.B. so much of the aforsaid will & Codicil as is opposed now made null by this tack

The tack brought over and continued from the 9th. day of October 1795. I give and bequeath to my son-in-law James Jones the parcel of land laid off for him in part of our daughter Katharine's portion instead of in lieu of another negroe by consent 73 acres more or less situate bounded on the north side by the Island old road, on the South by his own line in the west by Buzzard branch and in the east by a dividing line to him his heis and assigns forever. Given under my hand and seal this 6th day of January 1798.

Richard Stith (SS)

N.B. This is since conveyed by deed now a supplement to the will, Codicil and tack. I desire and hope that the widdow lady and her son Richard will agree well together in one common stock after I have left them in such comfortable circumstances but if not then our son Richard must have and take immediate possession in the ladys lifetime of land beginning at the mouth of Pompy's branch up the same passing by the mouth of sucer and one more fork to the mouth of a drain at the old road up the drain to the head of the same thrnce to the South West corner of the detatched field and along the path towards Mr West Mill to the land line. All that part of the land lying to the westward of those lines not to interrupt his brother William also two negroes his choice of the then remaining number but not his mothers house servants these to be accounted dealt out to Richard in Richard in manner as hath been to the other children. Here i mention again her who will then be my widdow lady to be my Executrix alone, And our sons Joseph, Benjamin, Thomas, John, William, & Richard her securities with powers of control in extreme occasions but not otherwise.

N.B. So Much of the aforesaid will, odicil and tack as are opposed made null by this Supplement. Given under my hand and seal this 7th. day of April 1798.

Richard Stith (SS)

Witnessed this 11th of September 1800 Dennis Kelley, Robert Smith, Adler Arrington.

And further I give and bequeath to my widdow lady and her son Richard Stith Jr. the still house and its appurtenances and all the stock horses & except one horse and 1 cow for our son William.

Richard Stith

Signed this 8th of Janry 1801

At a Court held for Campbell County. ZDecember 13th. 1802. The within last will and testement of Richard Stith Gentleman deceased together with four codicils thereto annexed was proved by the Oatha of Dennis Kelley and Adlar Arrington two of the witnesses thereto subscribed and the last codicil to the said will proved to be the hand writing of the said Richard Stith deceased by the oaths of Robert Alexander and Wiliston Talbot all of which is ordered to be recorded. Liberty being reserved the Executrix in the said will named to take probate there of when she shall think fit


Ro. Alexander C.C.C.

At a Court continued and held for Campbell ounty the 12th, day of April 1803

On the motion of Lucy Stith the Executrix in the said will named who made oath therto according t0 law certificate is grant her for obtaining probatye therof in due form giving security whereupon she together with Joseph Stith, Benjamin Stith, Thomas Stith, John Stith,William Stith, Richard Stith, Drury Hardawy, William Jordan, Jesse Moorman, James Jones and Daniel I. Saunders her securities entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penlty of twenty thousand dollars conditioned as the law directs for the said Executrix due and faithful administration on the said decedents estate and performance of his will


Ro. Alexander C.C.C.


More About Sr Richard Stith:

Burial: ,,Meade, Ky

Fact 1: No. 128 & 134 5th Great Grand Father 7 times removed

More About Lucy Cocke Hall:

Fact 1: 3rd cousin 8 times removed

Fact 2: No. 129 & 135 5th Great Grand Mother 7 times removed

Marriage Notes for Richard Stith and Lucy Hall:

U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900

about Richard Stith

Name: Richard Stith

Gender: male

Birth Place: VA

Birth Year: 1727

Spouse Name: Lucy Hall


Birth Place: VA

Spouse Birth Year: 1736

Number Pages: 1

U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900

about Lucy Hall

Name: Lucy Hall

Gender: female

Birth Place: VA

Birth Year: 1736

Spouse Name: Richard Stith


Birth Place: VA

Spouse Birth Year: 1727

Number Pages: 1


More About Richard Stith and Lucy Hall:

Marriage: 29 Dec 1756, Bedford, Va

Children of Richard Stith and Lucy Hall are:

2 i. Ann Hall9 Stith, born 12 Nov 1757 in Campbell, Va; died 14 Jan 1831 in Hardin, Ky. She married (1) John Hightower 1758 in ,,Amelia, Va; born Abt. 1745 in Richmond, Va. She married (2) Drury Hardaway 23 Mar 1779 in ,,Bedford, Va; born 13 Aug 1756 in Princes George, Va; died 12 Aug 1816 in Hardin, Ky.

More About Ann Hall Stith:

Fact 1: 6th. Great Aunt 7 time remove

More About John Hightower:

Fact 1: 6TH Great Uncle 7 times removed (BM)

More About John Hightower and Ann Stith:

Marriage: 1758, ,,Amelia, Va

More About Drury Hardaway:

Fact 1 1: 6TH Great Uncle 7 times removed (BM)

Fact 1 2: 2nd Cousin 7 times removed

More About Drury Hardaway and Ann Stith:

Marriage: 23 Mar 1779, ,,Bedford, Va

3 ii. Joseph Hall Stith, born 06 Sep 1759 in Campbell, Va; died 03 Nov 1837 in Vine Grove, Meade, Ky. He married Nancy Cocke 08 Sep 1782 in ,Campbell, Va; born 29 Apr 1761 in ,,Loudon,Va; died 16 Feb 1842 in ,,Meade, Ky.

Notes for Joseph Hall Stith:

Joseph was an Ensign in the Bedford county militia in the Revolutionary War. He was sworn in on August 28, 1780. In about 1806, Joseph moved to Meade county, Kentucky where he died in 1837 and is buried near Vine Grove. His widow Nancy applied for a Revolutionary War pension on October 21, 1839, She signed the application with an "X". In 1851, the surviving children were Polly Board, Elizabeth Hardaway, Nancy Hardaway and Patsy Hynes. It is believed that many of the Stith desendants moved to Indiana and Illinois because better land titles could be secured than in Kentucky.

Joseph Stith, a resident of said county, 73 years, who being duly sworn according to law, both on his oath make to following decaration in order to obtain the benefits of the provisions made by an Act of

Congress passed June 7, 1832

"That the said Joseph Stith enlisted in the Winter or Spring of 1776 in the Continental Service for two years, in the ompany of Capt. Harvey Terrell of Bedford Co. Va. 5th Virginia Regiment ommandered by Col. Josiah Parker. In the Spring of 1776 ordered to Hobbs countermanded to Williamsburg, thence to Jones Town from that by Portsmouth to Norfolk and from there to Williamsburg to the College Camp." from Joseph Stith's Discharge. (In pension record copy, Filson Club, p. 28 Meade Co.)

Will of Joseph Stith

I Joseph Stith of the county of Meade and state of Kentucky being now of sound and disposing mind & choosing in a special manner to dispose of that apart of my estate that remains in my possession, Item, I will to my wife Nancy Stiththe land & Plantation whereon I now live during her natural life also I will to her as above the following Negroes towit. Pleasant, Mimy, Lucinda and her children be them many or few withallthe plantation utencils & house hold & kitchen furniture also the stock of every kind (except Mare named Cate five years old last spring and her filly a gray colt a year old last spring) with liberty to kill & eat Swap, sell or buy as need may require.

Item. I will my daughter, Patsey negroes & my grand Daughter Nancy Buckler the land and plantation whereon I now live forever that is my daughter Patsey two thirds & my grand daughter one third according to quality & quality. Patsey or her husband has the priviledge of giving Nancy a fare price for her one third & keep the whole tract if not Nancy one third is to be taken off the upper end of the tract.

Item, After the decease of my wife it is my will that pleasant and mimy go free according to law in that case--- and provided also lucindy and her children to be free as above and to live with pleasant & Mimy as long as neccessary or Practicable,

Item, I will to my son son John W. Haynes (who has lived with me from his birth) the little bay mare Cate her little gray filly above mentioned and all the increase may produce also bed bedstead & furniture sufficient for winter also Cow and Calf and broad saw also Ewe & Lamb should there be any sheep also his Aasce plow and qeer, I wish my Executors to have an Ewe to Lucinda & her children and if they do tolerably well with pleasant & Mimy let them remain if not try to further them better.I constitute my son in law Thomas P. Hardaway and my son Richard Stith Executors of this last will and testiment.

Joseph Stith

19th April 1836. Acknowledged for and as the last will and testiment of Joseph Stith before Mr Benjamin Spirgg

Matthew C. Stith

Samuel Belwood

In the 2ndItem of the Will, I have said that patsey or her husband has the priviledge of giving Nancy a fair price for her one third, and ,,, the whole tract; so much of the said iterm I revoke and Nancy do as seemeth best 12th as much of the foregoing will relates to my grand daughter Nancy Buckler I have revoked by making her a deed of gift to her part of the land contained in will so also with regard to my daughter Patsey Haynes part of said land who also has a deed of gift and likewise as relate to my grand son John W. Hayne who holds a deed for the property bequeathed to him so much of will to him is hereby revoked the ballanced of the will is to remain in full force and virtue as if no alteration had been made, Teste Jos. Stith Seal

Allen T. Buckler

At a county began and held for Meade County at the Court house in Brandedburg on Monday the 1st day of January 1838.The written instrument of Writing perorting to be the last Will and Testament of Joseph Stith deed. was produced kin Court and Forever to be such by the O"ath Matthew C. Stith one of the subscibing Witnesses therto who statedon Oath that said Stith was of sound disposing mind

& memory when he signed said writing and declared it to be his last will & testament and that he said M.C Stith witnessed said Writing at the requst of said testator in his presence & in the presence of the other subscribing Witnesses and also the addition or Codicil amended to said will was proven to be the Act & deed of the said Joseph Stith by the only Witness, who made Oath that said Stith signed the same, he being with his own proper hand & declared it to be a part of his said Will and the Court satisitied with the proof, the said Will & Codicil was therfore Ordered to be entered of record, therfore I have truly recorded the same in my office in Brandenburg on this 24th day of January 1838 AD

Teste Wm Fairfeigh CLK.


More About Joseph Hall Stith:

Burial: Ekron Bap. Cem. Meade, Ky.

Fact 1: N0. 64 4th Great Grand Father 6 times Removed

More About Nancy Cocke:

Fact 1: N0. 65 4th Great Grand Mother 6 times removed

More About Joseph Stith and Nancy Cocke:

Marriage: 08 Sep 1782, ,Campbell, Va

4 iii. Lucy Stith, born 12 Mar 1761 in Albemarle, Va; died 13 Jun 1822 in Bedford, Va.. She married William Jordan 15 Jun 1780 in Bedford, Va; born 01 Jan 1749/50 in Goochland, Va.; died 20 May 1817 in Breckenridge, Ky..

More About Lucy Stith:

Date born 2: 12 Mar 1761, ,,Campbell,Va

Fact 1 1: 6th. Great Aunt 7 times removed

Fact 1 2: No. 67 4th Great Grand Mother 6 times removed

Notes for William Jordan:

1779 Goochland county North Caroline- Hellenah Jordan & William Joedan wife and son sell land of Charles Jordan. Decd.

A Fiat for Grant was issued to William Jordan on March 16, 1769 by the British for 400 acres in the Parish of St. George, Ga. bounded on the west by James Anderson and by lands vacant. The Colonial Record of Georgia show that William Ardan paid rent on 400 acres at two shilings (quit Rent) in Aug 1769. It is believed that William came to Georgia, located the land and had it surveyed. Then he returned to Virginia to sell his property before taking up residence in Georgia.

During the Revolutionary War, Williams was a captain (at the age of 20) in the Campbell county Militia. After the war in lieu of pension, He was given a grant of land in Kentucky, to which he moved prior to 1810, Lucy Jordan's older brother Joseph Stith also share the journey to the new home. An abstract of William Jordan's will follows:

Breckenridge Co. Ky. Feb. 15, 1817

Wife- Lucy

son --Woodrow, Samuel and Charles, property they have already received daughters -- Ezia A. Stith, Polly and Lucy Board, property they have received daughter --Katherine King son -- Richard under 21

Executors -- son Samuel and son-in-law Richard Stith

Witness: "Signed,

Wm. Jordan

Joseph Stith

Nancy Stith

Mammy Stith

Wm. Jordan May term 1817

Will of William Jordan - 1817

William Jordan m. Lucy Stith, daughter of Richard Stith. Sr. William and Lucy Jordan's daughter Elizabeth Ann. m. Richard L. Stith son of Joseph Stith who was Lucy's brother. This material from Lowena Branson of Thousand Oak, Ca, by way of Sar Deatherage of West Plains, Mo. and then by way of John Whitfield of Brandenburg, Ky. Transcribed by Alan Richard Scott, May 1999.

Book 1-P. -15 Breckenridge County- State of Kentucky.

I William Jordan do make the following will 15th. Feby. 1817- 1st. I will and bequeaqth, unto my wife Lucy Jordan the following property to wit; Morely a negro man. Prip. Indy & Sally femalenegroes, all my stock of horses, cows, sheep and hogs household and kitchen furniture and plantation utensils during her natural life except as herein after excepted.

2nly I will to my children Woodson, Samuel and Charles Jordan tjhe property they have already received from me forever also will and bequeath to my daughter Lucy Board, Elizabeth A. Stith & Polly Stith the property they have already received from me forever.

3rdly I will and bequeath to my daughter Katherine King two hundred dollars (ninety five dollars of which is now paid) forever.

4th. I will and bequeath to my son Richard Jordan a negro boy deaf & dumb named Joseph, Joseph, also Morley at the death of my widow. Also out of the dower above mentioned he is to have one Richard Himself remains with my widow until the said Richard arrives at the age of twenty one year or until he gets married also one part of years a _______ forevrer.

5th. after the death of my widow and aqll my jusst debts are paid the remainder tobe equally divided between all my children except my son Woodson Whom I have already given more than I ever shall be in allprobility ever able to give the rest. I constitute my son Samuel and my son- in- law Richard Stith Executors to this my last Will & testament revoking a;ll other made by me. Given under my hand and seal as date above (interlined before signed)

William Jordan (Seal)

Signed and Acknowledged as an for the last Will & Teatament of Williazm Jordan

Joseph Stith

Nancy Stith Jun.

Nancy Stith Sen.

More About William Jordan:

Fact 1 1: 1st cousin 6 times removed

Fact 1 2: No.66 4th Great Grand Father 6 times removed

More About William Jordan and Lucy Stith:

Marriage 1: 15 Jun 1780, Bedford, Va

Marriage 2: 15 Jun 1780, ,Bedford, Va

5 iv. Elizabeth Buckner Stith, born 25 Oct 1762 in Brunswick, Va.; died 20 Oct 1823 in Meade, Ky.. She married Jesse Adams Mooreman 14 Feb 1785 in ,,Campbell, Va; born 15 Dec 1762 in ,,Albemarle, Va; died 05 Nov 1843 in ,Brandenburg,Meade, Ky.

More About Elizabeth Buckner Stith:

Fact 1: 6th. Great Aunt 7 time remove

More About Jesse Mooreman and Elizabeth Stith:

Marriage: 14 Feb 1785, ,,Campbell, Va

6 v. Mary 'Polly' Walker Stith, born 12 Nov 1764 in Brunswick, Va; died 18 Mar 1838 in Va. She married (1) Jeremiah Early 23 Dec 1773 in ,,Bedford, Va; born 03 Jul 1730 in Bedford, Va,; died 1779 in Bedford, Va,. She married (2) Richard Hightower 04 Nov 1789 in ,,Campbell, Va; born Abt. 1759 in ,,Amelia, Va; died Abt. 1838 in ,Columbus, Lowndes, Mi. She married (3) Christopher McConnice 21 Apr 1791 in ,,Brunswick, Va; born 1764.

More About Mary 'Polly' Walker Stith:

Fact 1: 6th. Great Aunt 7 time remove

More About Jeremiah Early and Mary Stith:

Marriage: 23 Dec 1773, ,,Bedford, Va

More About Richard Hightower and Mary Stith:

Marriage: 04 Nov 1789, ,,Campbell, Va

More About Christopher McConnice and Mary Stith:

Marriage: 21 Apr 1791, ,,Brunswick, Va

7 vi. Benjamin W Stith, born 25 Aug 1766 in Campbell, Va; died 18 Mar 1837 in Meade, Ky.. He married (1) Mary Willis. He married (2) Phoebe Cox 1833; born Abt. 1782 in Buckingham, Va.; died 1833 in Hardin, Ky.. He married (3) Sally Paul 18 Aug 1836 in Hardin. Ky..

More About Benjamin W Stith:

Fact 1: 6th. Great Uncle 7 time remove

More About Benjamin Stith and Phoebe Cox:

Marriage: 1833

More About Benjamin Stith and Sally Paul:

Marriage: 18 Aug 1836, Hardin. Ky.

8 vii. Thomas Jefferson Stith, born 08 Oct 1768 in Bedford, Brunswick, Va; died 27 Jul 1821 in Natchez, Ms.. He married Rhode Jones 12 Mar 1793 in Campbell, Va; born 11 Jan 1777 in Buckingham, Va.; died Feb 1851 in Meade, Ky.

Notes for Thomas Jefferson Stith:

A church was organized at Thomas Stith's in Breckenridge county, Kentucky. In 1804 the 13 members included Thomas and Rhoda Stith, William and Nancy Stith, Richard and Betsy Stith. A few years later, Stith's meeting house was built 4 miles west of Big Spring, Kentucky which is now Bewleyville settled in 1804

Bob Newsome has his death as 12 mar. 1821 in New Orleans, La.


More About Thomas Jefferson Stith:

Burial: ,,Meade, Ky

Fact 1: 6th. Great Uncle 7 time remove

Notes for Rhode Jones:

note; from a letter to Wm Allen Stith (Guston, Ky.) written on 21 November 1943 by Mary Peyton Dent in Los Angeles:

with all good wishes, I remain sincerly yours

Mary Peyton Dent

p.s. I hate to waste all this good space- I was firmly resolved to cease upon the last page, but since I didn't quite make it, I'll write on a little longer. I am adding a list of Thomas Stith's children--his and Rhoda Jones, for although Rhoda, Quite unperturbed by her eleven children, found courage to marry three times more, I never heard of it if she had any children by her other husbands. I only know their names, nothing of their history. Her Stith husband left her "Well - fixed" as the expression goes-- maybe they were old men who needed homes-- and Rhoda evidently required romance-- hoewever it was and, asw I have said, I don't know, the following is the list of her children, as given by Robert Morris Stith, whose grandfather, Benjamin Buckner Stith was her youngest son.

****Rhoda Jones, :b Jan. 11, 1777 :d Feb. 1851 m March 12, 1792 to Thomas Stith

(She m. 3 more times) 11 ch.

(2nd Oct. 12, 1828 Matthew Partridge

(3rd May 1, 1845 John H. Gibbs

(4th Sept. 16, 1847 Henry S. Bell

They say after the last wedding she kicked off her slippers and said save them she might need them again. Buried Ben B. Stith Cemetary. *Married Bedford Co. Va. *** Rev. record. *** M Campbell Co.


More About Rhode Jones:

Burial: Ben B. Stith Cem.

More About Thomas Stith and Rhode Jones:

Marriage: 12 Mar 1793, Campbell, Va

9 viii. DR John "Jack" Stith, born 27 Dec 1770 in Campbell, Va; died 27 Oct 1840 in Big Spring, Breckenridge, Ky. He married Susannah Hightower 22 Apr 1801 in ,,Campbell, Va; born 1785 in Lexington, Fayette, Ky; died 09 May 1861 in Meade, Ky.

Notes for DR John "Jack" Stith:

The Last will and Testament of Dr. John Stith. After all my funeral expenses and all debts being paid it is my will and desire that all my earthly goods be disposed of in the manner following, to wit: I give and bequeath to my grandson, Richard Hightower when he arrives at the age of Twenty one years fifty dollars. All my personal estate to wit: to together for the Mutual maintenance and enjoyment of my wife Susan Stith. and her five children to wit: Caroline, George, Robert, Jane and Mahala. It is also my will thatas soon as all matters respecting my estate are settled that Caroline Kincheloe have her portion allotted her and also the rest of my children above named as they come of age or marry at the discretion of my executors, always keeping in view the well being and comfort of my spouse. It is further my will that if my wife should marry that then and in that case she is to have a comfortable allotment during her natural life and the balance put in the hands of guardians for the benefit of my infant children and finally at the death of my spouse what sum may then remain of my real and personal goods and and chattel be equally divided between my five children tio wit Caroline, George, Robert, Jane and Mahala andI hereby nominate and appoint Benjamin Stith, John Stith and Thomas H. Stith my executors to this my will depending on them to do whatsoever is equitable believing they will do right, Given under my hand and seal this 1st. day January 1828

John Stith (Seal)


Phebe Stith

Matthew C. Stith

Richard M. Stith

Codicil to Last Will of Docyor John Stth

A CODICIL to the above Will. It is my will and desire and I hereby constitute Lewis Kincheloe as the agent and trustee of my daughter Caroline Kincheloe and I do hereby create the said Lewis Kincheloe trustee as aforesaid into whose hands all that portion of my estate which may fall to the share of my daughter, Caroline, shell be paid and said trustee shall hold the same in his hands for the use and benetfit of my said daughter and her children and to be paid outof their use and benefit as their circumstances and necessities in the opinion of the said trustee may seem to require and said trustee is authorized to demand same my executors is authorized to pay over to said trustee all that portion of my estate according to the provisionsa of this will as may fall to the lot or share of my said daughter Caroline whatsoever the sum may be in money or property given under my hand and seal this 10th day of May 1831.

Signed in presence of John Stith

Charles Gilkey Jr. Seal

William Wisehart

The within writing purporting to be the last will and Testament of John Stith, dec'd as was proved in court by the oath of Mattherw C. Stith a subscribing witness thereto who swore that the said John Stith signed eealed and declared the said writing to be his last will and testament and that he together with Phebe Stith and Richard M. Stith subscribed their names witnessing thereto ion his presence and that he (the witness) believes the said John Stith at the time of signibg the same of sound mind and disposing memory, that Phebe Stith is since dead and that Richard M. Stith resides outside the Commonwealth. The Cpodicil thereto annexed was duly proved by William Wiseheart a subscribing witness thereto and the Coiurt being of the opinion that the Will and Codicil thereto annexed and thereby proved do order the same to be recorded.

Att. William B. Nall D C Breckinridge County.

I Susan Stith and relict of John Stith, deceased not being satisfied with the provisions made for me by the Will of my late husband do by these presents declare that I will not take or accept the provisions made for me by such will or any part thereof and hereby renounce all benefit which I might claim by said will. Witness my hand and seal this 15th day of Jany 1842

Susan Stith

Witness William Wiseheart

George H. Stith produced May 16th 1842 ordered to be recorded William B. Nall

More About DR John "Jack" Stith:

Burial: Big Springs, Breckinridge, Ky

Fact 1: 6th. Great Uncle 7 time remove

Occupation: Medical Doctor Big Springs, Breckinridge, Ky.

Will Dated: 01 Jan 1828, Breckinridge, Ky

More About Susannah Hightower:

Burial: Clarkson Cem. Grayson, Meade, Ky

More About John Stith and Susannah Hightower:

Marriage: 22 Apr 1801, ,,Campbell, Va

10 ix. Katherine Stith, born 28 May 1773 in Campbell, Va.; died 02 Apr 1858 in Breckenridge, Ky. She married James Walker Jones 17 Sep 1791 in Campbell, Va.; born 02 Jun 1772 in Campbell, Va; died 12 Aug 1830 in Breckenridge, Ky..

More About Katherine Stith:

Burial: Washington Cem. Glasgow, Howard, Mo.

Fact 1: 6th. Great Aunt 7 time remove

Notes for James Walker Jones:

Skip Morgan had him as the son of William Jones (1741-81) & Agnes Walker. perhaps the fact that James named a daughter for his aunt mislead him. May be a discrepancy- some show him as the son William & Agnes Walker Jones; in the original message I had there was reference to James Jones who married Katherine Stith as being the son of Maj. Thomas Jones and Elizabeth Johns James who married Katherine Stith was one of the five sons of William and Agnes Jones.Maj. Thomas had a son James born 1789- May 29, 1869 in Buckinfham Co. he married three times the first wife being Nancy Jones (Maiden name Jones, a cousin). He was a physician. had documentation of this James Being Maj. Tom's son from Campbell court records if anyone wants them.--Taqt

Fothergill dose not include this line

From the Campbell Co. Va. marriage record, Catherine Stith m. James Jones 17 Sep. 1791, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Jones. On the other hand, According to Ed, The coury records there show that William's widow Agnes and her second husband Thomas Lewis had to report periodically on their administration of these five boys' inheritance. these biys were James Jones (1772-1830) who married Katherine Sttih, and subsequently settled near Huntsville, Al. several of their descendants have claimed DAR membership thur William Service;...

Marriage Notes for Katherine Stith and James Jones:



More About James Jones and Katherine Stith:

Marriage: 17 Sep 1791, Campbell, Va.

11 x. Martha Stith, born 08 May 1775 in Campbell, Va.; died 01 Jul 1843 in Breckinridge, Ky. She married Daniel J Saunders 23 Oct 1793 in ,Campbell, Va; born 1772 in Buckingham Va; died 23 Oct 1793 in ,,Campbell, Va.

More About Martha Stith:

Fact 1: 6th Great Aunt 7 time remove

More About Daniel Saunders and Martha Stith:

Marriage: 23 Oct 1793, ,Campbell, Va

12 xi. William B. Stith, born 08 Oct 1777 in Brunswick, Virginia; died 10 May 1854 in Hardin, Ky. He married Ann Nancy Jones 28 Dec 1796 in ,,Campbell, Va; born 1780 in Buckingham, Va.; died 02 Jan 1849 in Hardin, Ky..

Notes for William B. Stith:

William and Nancy had 7 children. William was living with his son Richard W. Stith in Hardin, County, Kentucky in the 1850 census.

More About William B. Stith:

Burial: on Stith Farm, Stith Valley, Meade, Ky.

Fact 1: 6th Great Uncle 7 time remove

More About Ann Nancy Jones:

Burial: on Stith Farm, Stith Valley, Meade, Ky.

More About William Stith and Ann Jones:

Marriage: 28 Dec 1796, ,,Campbell, Va

13 xii. Jr Richard Stith, born 09 Dec 1778 in Campbell, Va; died 13 Apr 1843 in Stithton, Meade, Ky. He married Elizabeth Jones 12 Dec 1798 in ,Brunswick, Va; born Jan 1779 in Campbell, Ky.; died 24 Aug 1844 in ,Stithton, Meade, Ky.

Notes for Jr Richard Stith:

Richard was the first one of the children of Richard Stith who emigrated to Kentucky and settled near Louisville in Meade county. He and Elizabeth had 10 children. All of his children were born in Mead county, Kentucky.

More About Jr Richard Stith:

Fact 1: 6th. Great Uncle 7 time remove

More About Elizabeth Jones:

Burial: ,Stithton, Meade, Ky

More About Richard Stith and Elizabeth Jones:

Marriage: 12 Dec 1798, ,Brunswick, Va