Useful information on Richard Stith from a DAR application.

The said Richard Stith who resided during the American
Revolution at Beadford County, Virginia assisted in establishing
American Independence, while acting in the capacity of Patriotic Service
My ancestor's services during the Revolutionary War were as follows:
Patriotic Services and Civil Services.

Give references by volume and page to the documentary or other authorities for - MILITARY
RECORD: Where reference is made to unpublished or inaccessible records of service, the applicant must file
the official copy.

D.A.R. Patriot Index, National Society of the Daughters of the
      American Revolution, Vol. 1, page 650, 1967.

Geneologies fo Virginia Families, The William and Mary College
     Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. IV, page 615, 1982.

Campbell Chronicles & Family Sketches by Ruth H. Early p. 6-7


............., deeds, church, town and court records, Bible, census and pensions records, tombstone inscriptions,
genealogies and such other records,  TRADITION is not acceptable.  Give Natinal Numbers and relationships
of any close relatives credited with this ancestor.

5. Benjamin Acres Hardaway - Will and Deed.
6. Harriet E. Stith Hardaway - marriage list  - consent of Mother
7. Thomas Stith - Breckinridge Co. Records - Vol. 4.
8. Richard Stith - Will
   "Marriages of Campbell Co. Va. 1782-1810" by Baber p. 91-92
    Vircus Vol. 1 p. 238

Give, if possible, the following data: My Revolutionary ancestor was married
(1) to Lucy Hall at Va. 28 December, 1756

(By each marriage, if married more than once.)

Ann                         12 November, 1757           Drury Hardaway/Mr. Hightower
Joseph                     26 September, 1759           Nancy Cooke
Lucy                        12 March, 1761                   William Jordon
Elizabeth Buckner    25 October, 1762               Jesse (Adams) Moorman
Mary                        12 November, 1764           Jeremiah Early
Benjamin                   28 August, 1766                 Phoebe Cox
Thomas                     8 October, 1768                 Rhoda Jones
John                          7 October, 1770                 Susan Hightower
Catherine                  18 May, 1773                     James Jones
Martha                      8 May, 1775                       Daniel J. Sanders
William                      8 (August) Oct, 1777         Nancy Jones
Richard, Jr.                9 December, 1778              Elizabeth Jones

George Henry Cox b. 6-6-1888 at Guston Kentucky
   d. Guston, Kentucky, Meade Co. 9-25-66
   m. Louise Fredrika Miller b. 11-21-1890  at Guston, Kentucky
   d. at Hardinsburg, Kentucky 3-24-1971 m. 5-17-1912 Louisville Ky.

The said George Henry Cox whas the child of
John Henry Cox b. 9-7-1854
   d. at Guston, Kentucky 7-30-1932
   m. Ethel Harriet Hardaway b. 8-11-1859 at Ky.
   d. at Guston, Kentucky 2-26-1937 m. 11-1-1832 Bewleyville, Ky.

The said Ethel Harriet Hardaway was the child of
Benjamin Acres Hardaway b. 2-26-1830 at Bewleyville, Ky
   d. at Bewleyville, Ky  12-18-1909
   m. Susan Carolyn Wiseheart b. 23 Apr (3-26)-1835 at Big Springs, Ky.
   d. at Bewleyville, Ky 12-28-19(1 6)06 m. 12-(8)7-1853 Ky. Hardinsburg, Breckenridge Co.

The said Benjamin Acres Hardaway was the child of
William Henry Hardaway b. 3-13-1800 at Va.
   d. at Breckinridge Co. Ky. 12-4-1871
   m. Harriet E. Stith  b. 7-10-1804 at Breckenridge Co. Ky.
   d. at Bewleyville, Ky 10-15-1843   m. 7-4-1822 Ky.

The said Harriet E. Stith was the child of
Thomas Stith b. 25 Aug 1768 at Bedford Co., Va.
   d. at on a trip to New Orleans (Ky) 7-27-1821 will 11-14-1818 prov. 9-17-1821
   m. Rhoda Jones b. 1-11-1777 at Campbell Co., Va.
   d. Breckenridge Co. Ky. 1851  m. 3-12-1793

The said Thomas Stith was the child of
Richard Stith b. 9-30-1727 at Brunswick Co. Va.
   c. at Campbell Co., Virginia 11-16-1802
   m. Lucy Hall b. 7-173(5)6 at Va.
   d. Bewleyville, Ky. 2-12-1815  m. 12-28-1756