For many years the children of Major John Stith were not known because the records of Charles City County were lost or destroyed. It was only recently that his complete will was discovered which named his five children.

Will of John STITH, Sr. of Westover Parish, Charles City County, Virginia, Gentleman.
To oldest son John, all land I live on and my mill lately built, and all other lands belonging to me except my land on eastern branch of Herring Creek, which I give to my son Drury.
To my daughter Jane, now wife of Capt. Daniel Luellin, 5 pounds.
To my daughter Ann, now wife of Mr. Robert Bolling, 10 pounds.
To my daughter Agnes, now wife of Mr. Thomas Wynn, 5 pounds.
All rest of my estate divided in three parts to my wife Jane and sons John and Drury. Drury is to take his share of personal estate at plantation left to him, but if more than his share, then surplus to the other two.
To my loving friend Hugh Davis, 20 shillings to buy him a ring.
He is to settle any difference among my executors. Dated 13 Nov 1690
Wit: James Batty, Frances (FH) Batty, John Gay, Hugh Davis
Signed John Stith    Recorded 3 April 1694
Codicil: I originally divided my estate in three parts. Since marriage of my son Drury, I have allowed him his third of my personal estate and made over the plantation left in my will. Therefore rest of estate is now divided into 2 parts for my wife and son John. 3 Oct. 1693.
Wit: William Cole, John Jones, Thomas Grig
Signed: John Stith    Recorded 3 April 1694
                From: Charles City Virginia Records 1737-1774, p. 185

(John Stith's wife, Jane, was previously married to Thomas Gregory, and 2nd, Joseph Parsons. Her maiden name is not known. John Stith married Jane in the latter part of 1656.)