Work of Estie Stith Crabbe



Estie Malinda (Stith) Crabbe

Born: March 12, 1887 in Jasper County, Mo.
Died: May 1982, Seattle, Washington
Married: Benjamin Franklin Crabbe, in Seattle, Washington, June 14, 1920.

Father: James Richard Stith
Mother: Ophelia Haynes

Above data and photo to right from John Paxton Stith

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INTRODUCTION by Harriet Fast Scott
Continued introduction of Estie by Mary Peyton Dent including some colorful comments on the orgin of the name "Estie".
     This letter from 1943 mentions a number of people and places from Stith Valley in a very candid style.
        (Courtesy Harriet    Fast Scott.)
     Referenced letter from Cora Stith Kibbe,1943.(courtesy John Paxton Stith)
Estie introduces herself to Mrs. L. N. Whitfield May 26, 1937. (courtesy Jon Alan Whitfield)
Who Estie is from fragment of letter written in (1934?) (courtesy Jon Alan Whitfield)
Letter to Mrs. Laura Robinson - has some notes on Estie's childhood situation.

Harriet Fast Scott has xerox copied almost 500 pages of letters sent to her mother and to W. A. Stith.  She made an extensive index to names and places mentioned in the letters.  Letters here attributed to Harriet are from that collection.) Here is the first volume of her work:  Letters to W.A. Stith. If you are on line use Pack Stith's site at .

Much of the material available is provided by John Paxton Stith at .
   Pack is in the process of converting Estie's letters to computer readable form ... a large project.

Will of Dr. John Stith, Breckinridge County Ky., 1828 (courtesy John Paxton Stith)
    Estie's letter of 19630220, includes letter from Mrs. Fast
    Envelope front from Mrs. Fast
    Envelope back from Mrs. Fast

Letters courtesy Jon Alan Whitfield:
    Estie to Mrs. L. N. Whitfield  May 26, 1937.   (first from Estie to Mrs. Whitfield)
    Estie to Mrs. L. N. Whitfield June 23, 1937.

Thomas Jefferson Stith Bible (courtesy Jon Alan Whitfield)

Article in Register of Kentucky Historical Society about Long - Strother - Haynes about October 1951
     Scanner output (temproarily available, if you need to see it emailjscott.jpg (5605 bytes) or look at

More of Estie's notes on Stiths and Haynes from Catherine J. Perry, September 2000.