Andrew Stith and Mary Stanford descendents

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o Letters from Will Gaston regarding Death
    of Congressman Stanford, 1816

o Letter from Richard Stanford Stith, 1888
    - This Material from Kay Redmann
msstith.jpg (18666 bytes)
Mary Sharlande Stith  about 1874
photos courtesy Terry Baker, Oct. 2005

harrysti.jpg (17507 bytes)
Henry Pointer Stith (Harry) about 1880
click photo to enlarge

Data below from Kenneth Stith except for notes in blue which are from Terry Baker.  This needs a check for errors.
Descendants of
Andrew Stith and Mary Stanford

1. Andrew1 Stith [#371], born abt. 1793 in , , Brunswick, Va. He married (1) on 20 May 1807 in , , Brunswick, Va, Mary Stanford [#582], born 1794; died 1840. He married (2) in 1812, Mary Polly Matthews [#8437].

Children of Andrew1 Stith and Mary Stanford were as follows:

+ 2 i Ariana Adeline2 Stith [#8472]

+ 3 ii Sophronia Livingston2 Stith [#8473]

+ 4 iii Abner Aurelius2 Stith [#6153]

5 iv George2 Stith [#6152]

+ 6 v Richard Stanford2 Stith [#5463]

7 vi Leonidas Cincinnatus2 Stith [#8474], born 7 Jan 1823.

8 vii Stanford2 Stith [#6575]

+ 9 viii Minerva Andrewetta2 Stith [#8605]

Children of Andrew1 Stith and Mary Polly Matthews were as follows:

10 i Henry2 Stith [#6154]  was judge, b 1809 in Brunswick Co VA, d 1870,  m Sarah Pointer
          Henry Pointer Stith (Harry)
b Holly Springs MS 1869 d 1935

Generation 2

2. Ariana Adeline2 Stith [#8472] (Andrew1), born 1813; died 1852. She married in 1831, Edward L Travis [#8478], died 1888.
Children of Ariana Adeline2 Stith and Edward L Travis were as follows:

11 i Adelaide H3 Travis [#8479], born 1836; died 1837.

12 ii Edward W3 Travis [#8480], born 1842.

13 iii Lucy Jones3 Travis [#8481] married Joseph Harrison [#8485].

14 iv Joseph H3 Travis [#8482], born 1846 in , , Brunswick, Va.

15 v Mary3 Travis [#8483], born 1848.

16 vi Ariana A3 Travis [#8484], born 1852; died 1852.



3. Sophronia Livingston2 Stith [#8473] (Andrew1), born 19 Sep 1817 in , , , N.C.; died 14 Oct 1875 in , Holly Springs. She married Thomas A Falconer [#8477], born 1812 in , Raleigh, Wake, NC; died 1878.

Children of Sophronia Livingston2 Stith and Thomas A Falconer were as follows:

17 i Howard3 Falconer [#8486], born 1838; died 13 Sep 1878.

18 ii Kinloch3 Falconer [#8487], born 1840; died 13 Sep 1878.

19 iii Sophronia3 Falconer [#8488], born 1845; died 1870. She married in Jun 1868, Christopher Columbus Barrett [#8490], born 1839; died 1870.

+ 20 iv Henry Stith3 Falconer [#8489], born about 1856; run over by train in 1887

4. Abner Aurelius2 Stith [#6153] (Andrew1), born 19 Aug 1819 in , , , N.C.. He married in 1845, Frances Burton Medley [#8476].

Children of Abner Aurelius2 Stith and Frances Burton Medley were as follows:

21 i Mary Andrew3 Stith [#8507] married Horatio Riley [#8508].

6. Richard Stanford2 Stith [#5463] (Andrew1), born 28 Apr 1825 in , , Caswell, N.C.. He married Ariana M Phillips [#8475], daughter of Andrew Phillips [#8435] and Mary Maclin Stith [#571] .

Children of Richard Stanford2 Stith and Ariana M Phillips were as follows:

22 i Mary Sharlande3 Stith [#8509], born 1855; died 1890. Picture 1874.

+ 23 ii Walter3 Stith [#8510]

24 iii Medora3 Stith [#8511], born 1859; died 1945.

25 iv Emily Palmer3 Stith [#8512], born 6 Mar 1860; died abt. 1948; buried in Forest Hill, Memphis, , Tenn.

+ 26 v Minnie Mebane3 Stith [#8513]

+ 27 vi Stanford3 Stith [#8514]

28 vii Percy Bertrand3 Stith [#8515], born 8 Mar 1874 in , Holly Springs, , miss; died 1955; buried in Forest Hill, Memphis, , Tenn.



9. Minerva Andrewetta2 Stith [#8605] (Andrew1), born 4 Jun 1831 in , , Henry, Tenn; died 7 Jan 1866 in , , Panola, miss. She married on 8 May 1851 in , Holly Springs, , miss, Robert Anderson Cole [#8665].

Children of Minerva Andrewetta2 Stith and Robert Anderson Cole were as follows:

+ 29 i Mary Frances3 Cole [#8666]



I got most of Richard Stanford Stith's family from two letters he wrote, both of which are transcribed at the Stith Valley site. In one of them he describes Mary Sharlande and it fits her picture to a tee. All I knew about her before reading his letter was her name, which someone wrote in the album index. She seems to have been born about 1855 and died in 1890. Roger Vaughan of the UK, a photo dating expert, dated her picture to 1874. The logo on the back is from Hoffman of Holly Springs MS, who says he is the successor to H.C. Cory. Sarah Pointer Stith married Judge Henry Stith in 1868 in Holly Springs MS. They had
one child, Henry Pointer Stith, known as Harry. He was born in 1869, and his father, the judge died in 1870. I have two notes he wrote to Sarah,one before they married, asking her if her real name was Sarah or Sallie and if she had a middle name so
he could put it on the license. He was born in 1809 in Brunswick Co VA, and a small bio of him is also posted on the Stith Valley site. His death notice says he was Thomas Falconer's brother-in-law, which means Sophronia Livingston Stith Falconer was his half-sister. Richard never mentions Henry in his letter, but it seems like he was the only child of Andrew's first marriage. I have Richard's obit, and some legal postings in AL newspapers saying that Sarah was selling the judge's AL lands in 1875-76 to settle their debts, I suppose. Harry P. Stith married my grandmother's sister Coralie Ervin in 1902, and they spent most of their time in Ponca City OK. I have a few pictures of Harry, and one or two show him at his Purina Feed store there. 

Something you sent me also had some wrong dates for the Falconers. Thomas A. and two of his sons, Howard and Kinloch died in the 1878 Yellow Fever Outbreak. Sophronia Falconer Barrett died in 1870, as did her husband, and I think their child. I think Richard was wrong in his 1888 letter saying that the Barretts had two children. He probably thought Harry P. was one
of them, since he also was at Thomas Falconer's home in 1870. In 1875 the family moved to Dallas, the Wynnes, Ervins and my Stiths, so we missed the 1878 Yellow Fever. There is a Stith, Echols, Wynne connection way back there somewhere in VA.

Here's Harry P. taken about 1880 in Dallas TX, making him about 11 in the picture. The one at the feed store in Ponca City OK must be about 1930. Harry is center right, wearing a necktie and standing or sitting behind the hood of the truck.

Blue font material provided by Terry Baker.

stithsto.jpg (48534 bytes)

Feed store in Ponca City OK about 1930.  Photo from Terry Baker.  Higher resolution scan available.