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Walter Lee Scott 
b: January 13, 1886 
d: March 27, 1937 

Pictured here about 1907.   More on Walter Lee Scott.

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Ruth Fontaine 
born:        December 12, 1887 
                in Paris, Arkansas 
died:        March 14, 1976 
married:   Jan 22, 1908, Walter Lee Scott 
pictured at right:  1904 at age 16 
(high school graduation) 

More on Ruth.
    mother: Irene Buckner Stith
    father:   Charles Beauregard Fontaine

      Walter and Ruth lived in the oldest Stith settlement in Stith Valley, Meade County, except for 2 years in 1913 and 1914 when they lived in Van Buren Arkansas. They had seven children.  Ruth kept a babybook on the seven.  They moved to Brandenburg in December 1933 for Walter to take a job as Deputy Sheriff.  Walter and Ruth pictured about 1929 at their farm in Stith Valley.

     Scott Mothers pictured here in June 1911. Rena Lou Scott in lap of Hannah Chase Williams (Stith) beside Irene Buckner Stith (Fontaine). Ruth Fontaine (Scott) stands behind. These are Rena Lou's mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

This picture of the Thomas Jefferson Stith family was taken at the Stith Family Reunion June 1911 at the Stith's house in Stith Valley.  The picture of the four generations of Scott mothers referenced above was evidently taken the same day.  Note that the dresses are the same on all four women.

     Letter from Ruth Fontaine Scott to Adelissa Louise Scott just before Ruth joined Walter in  Arkansas 1912 or 1913.   Ruth has just visited her Uncle Jess Hardaway in Louisville.  And was in Louisville when writing the letter.

     Letters around the time of the death of Charles Lee Scott (Father Scott) in February 1914.  These include letters from Adelissa Louise Hardaway Scott to her children and a letter to Charles Lee Scott from William Henry Scott (his brother).

    Letters around the time of the death of Irene Buckner Stith Fontaine in May 1915.  These letters mention a number of family members and give some idea of where people were and what they were doing in that period.

    Letter from Charles Beauregard Fontaine to Ruth Fontaine Scott recommending that she and family move to Arkansas.  Probably written in 1916 (?) after the family spent the years of 1913 and 1914 in Arkansas.

    Thomas and Hannah Stith pictured in 1917 with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Keith.  Writing on back, "Cousin Tommie and Cousin Hannah Stith, Mr. W. W. Keith and Mrs. Keith.  Taken 1917.  I was 52 when this was taken.  Hand writing that of Adlissa Louise Hardaway (Scott) (?).  Calculations made on the back indicate that the writing may have been made in 1939.

Ruth F. Scott family 1920 Walter Charles Scott (back) Jessie, Bill, Miss Lenora, Rena Lou, Mary on Miss Lenora's lap.

More from 1920

Carriage Photo about 1926? Old Mack with Granny, Aunt Mago ( Margaret Scott Witt), Mary Ladd Witt Haeberlin, and John Scott Witt.

Picture at Scott Hill Farm in early 1927.Walter Lee Scott, Mary, Bill, Jack, Jimmy, and Family Model T. Enlarged picture.

Big Spring Homemakers club organized March 1932.

Family Photo about 1934-5 The Scott family winter (1934-5). Back row left to right: Rena Lou, Mary, Walter L Scott, Ruth F. Scott, Walter. Front row left to right: Jimmy, Bill, Jack. Picture taken at old Fontaine Home in Brandenburg. The house was later destroyed by a tornado.

Walter Lee Scott photos 1929-36

Family Photo May 1946 The Scott family boys, Mothers Day, May 1946. Left to right: Jack, Jimmy, Walter.  

Letter from Dr. Sam Henry Stith to Ruth Fontaine Scott in 1947 just before the death of Dr. Stith.  Also some newspaper clippings from the time of his death.

Letter from Pauline S. Faber to Ruth Fontaine Scott in 1950 at the death of Pauline's mother.

Picnic at Mary Foote's Aug 1950    Across the front 1. Delean Brown Scott 2. Jess Scott (behind Jimmy Foote) 3. Jimmy (James Stewart) Foote 4. ?? 5. ?? (holding Ann Scott) 6. Anna Ruth Scott 7. Joan Scott 8. John Jeffers Scott 9. Jack J. Scott Across the back 10. Mary Scott Foote 11. ?? Behind Ann Scott 12. Rachel Scott.

Letter from Adelissa Louise Hardaway Scott to Ruth Fontaine Scott in 1954.  Mentions a number of family members.

Picture of Ruth F. Scott about 1960?
Ruth F. Scott about 1964
Family Reunion September 1962

Some writing by Ruth F. Scott.   Bud is Walter C. Scott. Sister is Rena Lou. Dad is Walter L. Scott. Written approximately 1965 at Irvington Kentucky.
  Sept 1976 SCOTT FAMILY -- This picture of the "Scott children" was taken at the recent meeting of the four-family reunion held at Doe Run. Left to right: Mary Foote, Jimmie Scott, Rena Lou Parks, Frances Williams, Bill Scott, Jack Scott and Walter Scott. They are the children of the late Walter and Ruth Scott of Meade County, and this is the first picture they have made together for many years. (Newspaper clipping. Date in pen: "9/76"

July 4, 1978 The Scott family at Scott Hill Farm. Taken from the back yard looking south toward the hill. Back left to right: Jessie, Jack, Walter, Jimmy, Bill. Front: Mary and Rena Lou. Walter's new 850 John Deere is parked behind the fence.

Family Reunion July 4, 1980 Family Reunion July 4, 1982


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