1st page has been lost.
Letter is probably about 1916.
Ruth and Walter had been in Arkansas during the period of 1913/14 farming.   A letter from Aunt Diva says Charles Beauregard Fontaine left Miss Nannie in December 1914.  Lenore (Lenora) was Charles Beauregard Fontaine's wife after Miss Nannie.

(From Charles B. Fontaine to his daughter, Ruth Fontaine Scott) (Little Walter is Walter Charles Scott) (Letter starts off talking about David L. Fontaine)

...in May with high honors - He will go OKC and work in Telegraph office with Jess until fall, Stith writes well, and I may send him to a school of Journalism.  Jess is OK with western Union at 165-a month - Di is doing well at Peggot.  And now I am going to pass on you, my advice is to sell if you can get as much as 3500 in cash. Come to Fort Smith, there is a $7000 house next to me that can be bought for $3000 cash bal on terms, the house has 12 rooms filled with roomers now.  Keep 4 rooms and rent out 8 for $80 a month, let Walter drive streetcar or some similar job, and I am sure we will manage to keep house.
 The school house is right in front of my house, We have very fine schools here, I do not want this letter answered, as I do not care to be bothered about it, just put your farm on the market, get all cash you can and sell the bal of notes to Bank.  You do not have to consult me or anyone about coming to Fort Smith, sell farm as soon as possible. As quick as sold, come out. Am afraid the house I referred to may be sold before you get ready.
    Of course Lenore will be glad when you come but I do not want her talking to me about it. She likes you and Walter, Many people are doing well here.   We have a gentleman & lady & a boy just like little Walter rooming with us. She has 2 rooms, one large and one small and a sleeping porch they pay $50-a-month, have two other rooms rented. Lenore gets about $75 a month.
    Write Lenore soon on other subjects.
The 4th page for reference and to show Charles Beauregard
Fontaine's handwriting.