envelope postmarked June 19 p.m. 1954 Guston, K.Y.
From Mrs. C.L. Scott
Guston Kentucky
To Mrs. Ruth F Scott
3102 North Steurns St.
Alexandria Va

Friday June 18th 1954
Dear Ruth
     We are having real Summer weather. Gets a little cool at night, and real warm in the daytime from 10 a.m. until about 5 in the afternoon.  Have been having shower the first of the week, had a real one Wednesday afternoon. Made the ground real muddy. The showers have been around in different places until I think every one has had one. And everything is growing nicely. The farmer would like to see fair weather for the next week, as barley is ready for the combine and quite a lot of hay needs cutting.
      Fletcher was supposed to land at Dottie's last Sunday afternoon and I haven't heard a word from them.  I can't help but feel a little worried - he was dreading the trip.  I had a picture of Baby Sister Monday.  She is a fine looking little girl but just a little too fat. I know Dottie has her hands full.  Maytie always said Vernon was so helpless about the house, and Dottie said there was no available help at all.
    I am sure you have been busy this week, when you get to Kentucky you will just have to visit around among the kin folks until the weather gets cooler.
    I think so often about Rena Lou and hope she will keep well and I think she was going to enjoy the weeks rest before she started to school.  Maggie went with Walter and Delean to Bewleyville the first Sunday, in June. It was home coming - and celebrating the 150th Birthday of the Church. There was folks there from Lexington to Owensboro, and so much nice dinner.  She said Walter and Delene's little girls had on the prettiest dresses that was there. It is wonderful how Delene can sew and she took us a nice lunch.  Allen, Cousin Lena and Thomas J was there.  Cousin Lena invited Brother English and his wife and they enjoyed it so much. Tom and Dana and several others from Hill Grove was there in the afternoon.  Mary and her family was there Allen and Cousin Lena spent an afternoon with us since I wrote you last. They both seem to be well and enjoy going places.
     I hope Jimmie is recovering alright and can even be getting out again.  John Scott and Florence was leaving California Thursday A.M.  They planned to spend a day and night in Salt Lake City, and 3 or 4 days in Denver, Col.  Florence has an uncle there.  They plan to be at home by the first of July
     The Witt family are having their annual family get-to-gether Sunday at Will Witts in Hardin Co.  For years they have gone there on his Birthday.  We have Fletcher's truck here and Harold will take Maggie and John.
    John and Frances was over Tuesday afternoon. They are a nice couple and drop in real often.  And Howard and Daphine are a nice couple to have around.
     We don't always knew just what John Morman and Kay are going to do.  We all think she has a problem in her hands trying to live with him.
     I thought you would enjoy this little clipping about Uncle Sam.  She has two starting out in the Medical profession and I believe they will make good Drs.  I think the other one is doing his intern work in California.  I am sure she is proud of them. Her daughter is such a handsome young woman.
 (Saturday A.M.)
     Another pretty Summer morning. And everyone busy. A light sprinkle late yesterday afternoon. Didn't hear from my little Boy, and he has been gone a week. I know Jessie and your Brother Jesse are going to miss you. and Cousin Mary can't come to Irvington to see you when She wanted to visit her folks - The clipping was in last Sunday's Courier Journal am sure Scott has had a good time.
 Lots of love and good wishes to everyone