Letter was written 1912/1913 from Louisville Ky as Ruth F. Scott was visiting a relative's home -  probably Aunt Lilly Scott.  Aunt Lilly was wife of Alexander (Alex) Scott who was a brother to Charles Lee Scott.   It reads like Ruth is on her  way to Arkansas where the family moved in 1912/1913 and where Jessie Virginia Scott was born in  December 1913.
Sunny Scott and Son refer to Walter Charles Scott.
Rena Lou is Irene Louise, Ruth's second child and oldest daughter.
Uncle Jesse was Uncle Jesse Hardaway brother to Adalisa Louisa Hardaway Scott.  He was married to Aunt Lizzie.
        Grace Lewis must have been Jesse and Lizzie's daughter.
Miss Lad is Adalisa Louisa Hardaway Scott, Ruth F. Scott's mother in law.
Maggie and Mago refer to Margaret Scott daughter of Adalisa and sister in law to Ruth.
MacCauleys was a theatre - Louisville's best.  Fritzi Schiff was probably an actress in a play there.
Grandma would have been Grandma Margaret Hardaway.

619 Magnolia

Dear Miss Lad and Maggie:-

     Was so glad to get your letter yesterday & to know how you all are.  Tell Grandma we went around to Uncle Jesse's Wednesday night.  It was rather late and they had nearly gone to bed.  Had a nice visit.  Uncle Jesse doesn't look natural with his mustache off.  Aunt Lizzie had all of her upper teeth drawn.  Grace Lewis & Rena Lou had a great time playing but Sunny Scott went to sleep in Uncle Jesse's lap.
    Irly Hardin spent yesterday with us.  She had come up with guy to a Mason to do.
    Tell Maggie it has relieved me terribly to know how her affairs are progressing.
    Even if the Jeffers do come, I think you ought to let Maggie come up two or three days the first of the week.  Papa & Walter are anxious for me to come on so I'm going to leave Friday & go straight there by way of St Louis.  Stith is going with me for a visit to Papa & will be such a help with the children.
   The children are looking so well & eat like pigs.  Son says tell Mago he's saving hugs for her and for her to come and get them.
   Tonight David is going to take me to see Fritzi Schiff at McCauleys.  It has rained so hard all day and I've been tired after washing and having company yesterday.
   Hoping to hear from you soon. With love, Ruth
   Did Aunt Minnie get the bed and where did she say the money would be forth coming?  Did Gill buy the stove?  How is Cousin Johnnie?   Any news at Payne's.  I want Maggie to be sure and come up Tuesday if anything prevents you all from coming - Son says he's got to see Mago. R.