Seven Children of Walter Lee Scott and Ruth Fontaine (Scott)

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Walter Charles, 1st child,  born April 11th 1909 at home Stith Valley, Meade Co. Kentucky.  This happened on a beautiful Easter Sunday.  Dr. Stith and Grandmas Fontaine and Scott (were present) 
Walter Charles Scott 
b. 11 Apr 1909 
m. Ellen Delean Brown (b.16 September 1923, d. 29 April 1992) 
d. 18 Sep 1996 
 Picture at right is from Meade County High School Basketball Team Brandenburg Ky
1959 correspondence between Walter and Bill


Irene Louise Scott (Parks)  (Rena Lou) 
2nd child, born on Friday the 3rd day of February 1911 at Stith Valley 5:30 A.M. 
C.B. Witt, M.D., physician, Grandma Scott and Grandma Fontaine, nurse were present 
Rena Lou Scott (Parks) 
b. 3 Feb 1911 
m. July 1934 Russel Parks (divorced 1962) 
d. 26 Feb 1984 
Picture at right from Spring 1934 at Dr. Stith House in Brandenburg
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Jessie Virginia Scott (Williams) 
3rd child born December the 4th, Thursday 5:30 a.m. 1913 at home Cross Lanes, Cranford Co. Arkansas 
Dr. Criegler and nurses Mrs. Allen, Mrs. King, Mrs. Smith were present 
b. 4 Dec 1913 
d. 19 Nov 1993 
married: 12 April 1934, Francis (Frank) Williams (b. 19 January 1907), 
               ceremony in Washington D. C. 

Pictured at right at 15 in 1928 (?). 

More on Jessie.


Mary Fontaine Scott (Foote) 
3rd daughter and 4th child was born at home Stith Valley, Meade Co. Kentucky.  July 14, 1917 Saturday 10:30 p.m.  Dr. Stith, Aunt Lena, Lillie Wright, present. 
b. 14 Jul 1917 
d. 13 Mar 1991 
married: September 30, 1933 Gerard Moore Foote (b. 23 February 1913) 
  (Wedding Book in possession of Jack Scott, March 1998) 

Pictured at right at age 16 in 1933.  Full picture.

Susanne Cross


William Henry Scott 
2nd son and 5th child was born at home Stith Valley Meade Co. Ky. Oct. 15, 1919  a cold rainy Wednesday night 4:30 a.m. Dr. Stith, Aunt Lena, Alma Scott, Harold and Fletcher were present 
b. 15 Oct 1919 
m. 7 August 1943, Harriet Anne Fast (b.1925), ceremony in Clearwater Florida 
Pictured at right at High Scool graduation in 1937 at age 18.  Full picture

Bill went to West Point Military Acadamy and then flew the B-17 during World War II. 
   (Earnest Spitzer was copilot.)
1959 correspondence between Walter and Bill



Jack Jeffers Scott 
born in Meade Co. Ky., at 7 o'clock on a lovely July morning, Thursday 
Dr. Stith, Aunt Lena, Carra D., Maggie were present 
b. 27 July 1922 
m. 16 March 1941, Minnie Alice Bondurant (b. 20 June 1925) 
Pictured at right at about 16 years old in about 1938.  More on photo

For more information on Jack, check out Woodspoint


James Fontaine Scott, born in Stith Valley, Meade Co. Ky., About 7 o'clock of a beautiful August morning, Friday August 8th 1924. Dr. Stith, Aunt Mago, Lizzie Willis. 
b. 8 Aug 1924 
m. Mildred Erd (b. 18 December 1926) 
VMail from Jimmy to Mary during the war.

Pictured at right in front of Jack's house Christmas 1941.

James F. Scott obituary.  Mildred Erd obituary.

Picture  from Spring 1934 at Dr. Stith House in Brandenburg.

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  Photo shown in the Meade County Messenger in August 1976.
"SCOTT FAMILY -- This picture of the "Scott children" was taken at the recent meeting of the four-family reunion held at Doe Run.  Left to right: Mary Foote, Jimmie Scott, Rena Lou Parks, Jessie Williams, Bill Scot, Jack Scott and Walter Scott.  They are children of the late Walter and Ruth Scott of Meade County, and this is the first picture they have made together for many years."