Scott Family July 4, 1980

The Meade County Messenger, Brandenburg, Ky. 40108
Scott Descendants Hold
Fifth Family Reunion

  On July 4th, the descendants of Walter Lee and Ruth Fontaine Scott met at the home of Walter and Delean Scott in Stith Valley.  This was the fifth annual reunion held at the farm which was the original home of the Scott family.
  All seven children of Walter and Ruth were present as well as many of their children, grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
  Those present were Walter and Delean Scott of the home; Jess, Frances, and Brian Scott of Fairborn, Ohio; Richard, Ann, Becky and Tom Doman of Guston; Martha and Ellen Clift of Radcliff; Rena Parks, Jessie Williams, Ruth, Laura and Judd Robinson, John, Sandy, Alissa, David, Emily, and Ann Scott of Elizabethtown; Charles Gillford from Maine; Scott, Elizabeth, Lala, and Dawn Parks of Cloverport; Mary Foote, Jimmy, Barbara, Tessa and Gerard Foote of Irvington; Jack and Alice Scott of Ferncliff; Sue, Paul, Theresa, Ellen Sue, and Mary Anna Alexander from Henderson; Roger and Elizabeth Cross of Brandenburg.
  Also present were Bill Scott from McLean, Virginia; Rachel James from Mt. Vernon, Kentucky; Laura and William Law from Casper, Wyoming; Bill Scott and Cindy Jones from Bowling Green; Jimmy and Brendon Scott from Madison Indiana; Edwin, Betty, Andria and Margaret Foote and Jack, Ruth and Christopher Ashworth from Louisville.
  Ms. Helen Reeves Goodman of New York City, Niece of Ruth Scott attended with her daughter Galen Bacon and her husband Ian and children Sarah Jane and Jonathan from Cleveland, Ohio.  Even though the day began with a thunderstorm and shower, it ended with sunshine over the potluck lunch.
   The afternoon was filled with a hayride for the young, a brisk walk through the woods for the athletic, and down home music provided by Laura Robinson, Margaret Foote and her friend Jack for those who just wanted to relax and visit.  It was a wonderful day for everyone.
   Walter Scott was the oldest family member present for the reunion.  The youngest was his five-month-old granddaughter, Ellen Clift, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest (Martha) Clift.