Scott Family Correspondence in 1947

Envelope Post Marked May 21, 1947, Louisville Ky, and also May 26, 1947, Louisville Ky; stamped "return to sender" "not in directory"
From: S. H. Stith M.D.
4708 So 3rd St.
Louisville, Ky.

To: Mrs. Ruth Scott
2850 20th St N.
Arlington, Va.

May 21 - 1947
     Dear Ruth, Had a letter from Jessie telling you had been operated on and came through O.K. We certainly hope you are getting on O.K.  Jessie did not know what the operaton revealed.
   I hope you are going to be fine after you get over the effects of operation, also hope you enjoy your stay at hospital more than I did.  If you get the Messenger you had an account of our Birthday celebration.  It was a very enjoyable occasion on  a pretty May day.  Some of the folks came early and others after Sunday School.
   I went home with Allen's folks and spent night and Monday.  We fished and planted water melon seed and viewed cattle and the hills and fields.  It sure was good to get back for a visit.  I had made two trips since recovering from operation but did not see much of the country.  The object of my visit this time was to see Tom Wright who was up for Sunday and they thought for Sunday night but when we got to Garrett Lena said there is Tom Wright.  I asked where.  She said over there on the porch across the road.  I had noticed this man but never took it him.  He did not recognize me till Allen came over then it dawned on him who I was.  He said it had been 58 years since he had seen me.  That was when I went to Ark.
    We have a nice prospect for a garden and I have been able to do a good deal of work planting.  Will have a lot more to do when it quits raining, as it has been doing for 3 or 4 days, to hoe out the weeds and grass.  They always grow good in rainy spells.  The wet weather is holding back farm work.  This is the latest season we have had for many years and it seems pretty general throughout the country.  We hare hoping to hear from you again soon that you are doing fine and will soon be out fo Hospital.
     With love and best wishes.
- Sam and Mabel

I spent Monday night at Tom and Dona's

Printed card enclosed signed: Uncle Sam and Aunt Mabel

Newspaper clipping enclosed with card:
   Mrs. Walter Scott flew from Washington, D. C. to attend the funeral fo Dr. S. H. Stith here last Wednesday.  She flew back to Washington on Sunday.

Another newspaper article enclosed with card:


   At the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Stith of Stith Valley on Sunday, Oct. 24th, (1947?) the children of the late Thomas J. stith and Hannah Williams Stith held a reunion.  This coming together was occasioned by the recent death of Dr. Sam H. Stith.
   Two others had preceeded him in death - Mrs. Irene Fontaine and Strother Stith.
   Present, Allen, Tommie, Arvin, Leonard and Fred Stith, Mrs. Mabel Moorman, Mrs. Wivie Shipp and Mrs. Ray Keith, besides a host of in-laws, nieces. nephews, other relatives and friends.  Leonard left for Tampa, Florida on Monday.