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Henry Winfield Scott   b. 19 May 1815 d. 31 May 1886
married:  26 March 1848, Ellenor* (Ellen) Purcell
              (b. 1823) (mother was Harned)
              (born below Constantine Ky)
               Henry and Ellen burried in Kasey cemetery near
               Big Spring, Ky. 
               News Enterprise article
9 children:   see below

*Will of Henry W. Scott executed 22 June 1886 refers to his wife as Ellenor. 

Photo at right from album belonging to Louisa Hardaway Scott.   Album is dated 1890.
"Papa's mother Eleanor Scott"

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eleanor.jpg (4085 bytes)
Ellenor Purcell Scott

The family lived just south of Big Spring, Kentucky. 
The picture at the right is a copy of a painting of the house per Jack Scott 1998.  Enlargement.
Photo credits


1. William Henry Scott
b. 21 January 1849
m. Alice Jane Cash

Photos at right taken on porch with Charles Lee Scott and Laddy Scott about 1912.   Believed to be Wm Henry and Alice Cash but not verified.

William Henry Scott

Alice Jane Cash

2. Lucy C. (or L. Catherine) Scott (Mercer) (Aunt Kate)
b. 4 January 1852
m. Fletcher Mercer
     5 children
        1. Amie Mercer m. Sidney Hill
        2. Adda Mercer m. Clint Davis
        3. Clay Mercer
        4. Rob Mercer
        5. Ella Mercer m. Wright

3. Rachel A. Scott (Nicholas)
b. 9 October 1853
m. John Nichols

3 children
        1. Tom Nichols m. Golda Hardin
             Tom lived in California (from back of photo)
        2. Addie Nichols
        3. John Nichols m. Tillie ??
photos to right from Jean Martin Wallace February 2001
from about 1950
If you have any information on this line please contact me
jscott.jpg (5605 bytes)
tomn.gif (9110 bytes)
Tom Nichols
john.gif (10291 bytes)
John Nichols
tillien.gif (8111 bytes)
Tillie Nichols


4. Oscar C. (or O. Clay) Scott
b. 20 March 1855
m. Lizzie Haney ; child Nannie Scott; died ....
m. widow Layman moved to Washington

Photo of Nannie from Margaret Alam Witt 1999
Date from my analysis of photos in collection (JBS)

nan1898.gif (27357 bytes)
Nannie about 1898
5. Alexander  Scott (Alex)
b. 13 November 1856  d 31 December 1909
           Was postmaster of Big Spring Ky.  in 1906.
           grave at Big Spring Unites Methodist Church, dates             from grave stone

Photos at right from Jean Martin Wallace February 2001
   Dates are my guess (JBS)

aas1885.gif (53665 bytes)
Alex age 29, 1885
lms1885.gif (49109 bytes)
Lily age 20, 1885

m. Lily May Morris  b June 29, 1865 d August 30, 1952    m on 13 Oct 1885
           grave at Big Spring Unites Methodist Church, dates from grave stone
           daughter of A. R. Morris and Molly Hardaway who was daughter of Griffin Hardaway and Cinderella Dowell
           Cinderella Dowell Hardaway married second time to Daniel Stith
           Cinderella was sister of Griffen Dowell, Dic Dowell, and Rachel Dowell (m. Jake Hayden)
3 children
        1. Mabel Clare Scott b 12 Sept 1887 d 18 Dec ?yr  m. W. C. Miller
            (4 children: William Miller, Lily Mae Miller, Dorothy Miller, Frances Miller)
        2. Maude May Scott b 22 July 1892  m. Floyd
        3. Alex Abram Scott b 3 Dec 1896 d 20 Apr 1897
        4. Mary Eleanor Scott   b 1898 m. Schuyler Martin
            1. son Damon Martin obituary
            2. daughter Gene Martin  ... Married Wallace  , lives in Indiana 1998
                 son Steve Wallace lives in Indiana 1998
                 daughter Cheryl Gibbs lives in Algonquin, Ill.
grave of Alex and Lily: Big Spring United Methodist Church


6. Harrison W. Scott (Harry) Uncle Harry Scott's store in Asher Oklahoma   (Enlargement of this photo is available. Over 1 Meg. Send send request tojscott.jpg (5605 bytes) )
Harrison W. Scott
   b. 3 April 1859
   m. Annie Percifull
       2 children
          1. Flossie Scott  (Flossy) m. Robert Mosby
              on 22 Aug 1908; child Robert Mosby Jr.
          2. Lawrence Scott
              children: Betty Jane Scott; JoAnne Scott

Photo of house in Vine grove Ky, 1898 is available.   Family moved from Vine Grove to Asher Oklahoma.

harryp.gif (55104 bytes)
Uncle Harry
annie.gif (54692 bytes)
Aunt Anne


7. Charles Lee Scott (Charley)
born: 9 February  1861
died: 22 February 1914
married: 24 March 1885, Louise Adalisa Hardaway
              daughter of James Hardaway son of Thomas Hardaway
              daughter of Margaret Cain daughter of John Cain (son of Micheal Cain in war of 1812) and Olive Dismore
grave: Big Springs United Methodist Church

Photos at right from Harriet Fast Scott Oct 2000
  Her source June Martin
  Dates are my guesses (JBS)

cls1881p.gif (55640 bytes)
Charley (age 20, 1881)
als1885p.gif (54156 bytes)
Laddy (age 20, 1885)


8. Thomas Walter Scott 
b. 5 April 1863
m. Sue W. Hill
m. October 16, 1888 in Vine Grove Kentucky                   

Photos from Jean Martin Wallace, Feburary 2001
  dates are my guess (JBS)

tws1893.gif (48607 bytes)
Thomas (age 30, 1893)
shs1893.gif (53828 bytes)
Sue Hill
     3 children:
        1. Kenneth Scott  (Lived in St. Matthiews, Ky)
           m. Kate Creager
                5 children:
                   1. James K. Scott
                   2. Charles Scott
                   3. Caden Scott
                   4. Betty Sue Scott  m. Ralph Beard
                   5. George Frederick Scott
whs1912.gif (36762 bytes)
Thomas about 1912 (age 50)
alice.gif (33222 bytes)

Sue Hill about 1912

         2. Eleanor
             m. J.Caden Blincoe
                  2 children
                     1. James Blincoe "Jim" per Margaret Witt
                     2. Sarah Blincoe m Paul Hines
          3. Mellonee (Melony)  Lived in Louisville Ky  d. April 2001
              One source shows no children;  another source shows the following:
              m. Vernon Smise
                   2 children
                      1. T. W. Smise
                       2. Ben Hill Smise
              m. second Maughton?

9. Mary Ellen Scott
b. 18 December 1866
d. as infant 21 May 1867 (stone at Kasey Cemetery)

More portriaits.

Most of the names and birthdays were on a sheet of paper in Jessie Virginia Scott (Williams) file.  Most of the names of offsprings were on a separate sheet in different handwriting.

Eleanor Purcell informatin:
Very old pencil note in (Ruth Fontaine (Scott's)?) handwriting. (1930 time frame?)

Walter's (referring to Walter Lee Scott) Grandmother Scott, Eleanor Purcell Scott born back of Big Spring-
her mother a Harned-
had two brothers: James Purcell and Felix Purcell
Felix went to California in gold rush in 1848 - never married - lived and died in California
James Purcell raised a family on home place
Sallie was a sister married 1st cousin Matt Purcell
    lived at head of Rough Creek in Hardin County
    a daughter Rachel married a Fife
    Rachel's son is Bernie Fife, judge of Hardin County
Had sisters go to  Iowa and marry Kings


I originally identified these two as William Henry Scott and Alice Cash Scott.  After further study, I believe it is Thomas Scott and Sue Hill Scott.  jbs jan 2004

Spring 2011.  I (Jess Scott) visited the Kasey Cemetery and found these two stones:
H. W. Scott, May 19, 1815, May 31, 1886.
Mary Ellen dau H W & Ellen Scott, Dec 18, 1866, May 21, 1867.