Will of Henry W. Scott

For William H. Scott executor of Henry W. Scott

I Henry W. Scott of the County of Hardin and State of Kentucky being sound in mind and of disposing memory do make publish and declare this to be my last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills heretofore made by me.

   1st I hereby nominate and appoint as Executor of my will my son William H Scott and request him so to act and the Court is directed to permit him to qualify as such Executor with out security.

   2nd It is my desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses be fully paid.
   3rd I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Ellenor Scott the same interest in my estate as she would be entitled to by law "after complying with the second paragraph of this will" except as herein after provided.
   4th In Consideration of past favors and services rendered me by my son William H Scott I will and bequeath to him the said William H. Scott the tract of land on which he now resides with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging being and lying in Hardin County Kentucky on the Head Waters of Sinking Creek.  Begining at a lime stone in John Malens line a short distance west of Malens and Smiths Corner thence NE with Smith's line 160 poles to a dead post oak near a Spanish oak marked as a poynter to Smiths Corner.  Thence with Smith's line S62E 62 poles to a post oak in the line of the 60,000 acre survey Joe and John Smiths Corner.  Thence S11E 23 poles to a line of H W Scotts Morris tract to sand stone near a gum and small black oak marked as a poynter of S L Kaseys Corner in the east line of Ben Stiths 1059 acre survey.  Thence with S L Kaseys line S88W 219 poles to his corner three post oaks with a lime stone between them S L Kaseys and H W Scotts Corners thence with HW Scotts line S17E 184 poles  to the begining containing 117 acres more or less to have and to hold as his own free from any claim of my wife Ellenor Scott as dower in the aforesaid tract of land.

   5th I hereby authorize and empower my Executor William H. Scott to dispose of the balance of my real estate either at public or private sale and on such terms and at such time as he may think in his sound discretion will be to the best interest of my estate with the power to convey my real estate when sold.
    6th I hereby direct my Executor to distribute the proceeds of the sale of my property both real and personal as follows. By an equal division between William H Scott Lucy C Mercer Rachel Nicholas Oscar C Scott Harrison W Scott Alexander Scott and Charley Scott.  Seven of my children after first paying to my wife Ellenor Scott one third of the proceeds arising from the said sale of personal and real property.
   7th I hereby direct my Executor to pay to my son Thomas Scott the sum of ten dollars only which is all that the said Thomas Scott is to receive from my estate both real and personal.

   Given under my hand and seal this the 12th day of September 1885.  Henry W Scott

Witness by Amos P Wallace, Henry Ament

At a County Court began and held for Hardin County at the Court House in Elizabethtown on Monday June 21st 1886 the foregoing instrument of writing purporting to be the true last will and testament of Henry W Scott Deceased was produced in Court and proven in due form of law by the Oaths of Amos P Wallace and Henry Ament the two subscribing witnesses thereto and as such the same was established and ordered to be recorded.
  Whereupon I have truly recorded the same together with this Certificate in my Office this 22nd day of June 1886.  John H Wells ClK By J W Matthis DC

The foregoing is a correct copy of the Will of Henry W Scott of record in my Office John H Wells ClK By JW Matthis DC