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William Henry Scott 
b. 21 January 1849 parents 
d. After 1929.  See letter he wrote January 1929 to Granny Scott.
married: Alice Jane Cash  
3 children: 
     1. Charles Owen Scott (Owen) 
     2. Louise Scott (Lulu) 
     3. Henry Newton Scott 

Pictured at right in front of the old spring house on the old place in Kentucky, maybe (1890?). Justification.   Full picture here

Pictured at right is William Henry Scott standing by an oil well display in (1920?).   Picture courtesy Margaret Alma Witt September 1998.  Full picture.

Click here for a picture of William Henry Scott and Clarence Bill Scott (grandson) on old home place in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Reference: Writing on back of photo provided to Jessie Virginia Scott Williams by Susan Scott Keith, writing on back, " William Scitt ( Father of C. O. Scott) and Grandson Bill (C. B. Scott) on old home place in Shawnee, Oklahoma."

Reference as "Uncle Willie Scott" by Walter C. Scott

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1. Charles Owen Scott
b. May 9, 1881
d.  Nov 8, 1957
Second wife Sadie married after Claudia died about 1927 (Maybe late 1928?.  See letter from Wm Henry to Granny Scott, December 1928.)

m. Claudia M. Sturdevant June 28, 1906
     Clarence Bill Scott (Bill)
     b. June 30, 1911
     d.  April 28, 1986
     m. 6 May 1941, Ida Mae Fern Whitwell (b. Nov 10, 1913  d. Mar 13, 1989)

          3 children:
             1. Susan Scott (Keith) b. Oct 11, 1943
                 3 children:
                    1. Vicki Sue Keith b. Jan 8, 1971
                    2. James Scott Keith b. Jun 21, 1973
                        child: Regina Kay Keith 17 September 1995
                    3. David Lee Keith b. Oct 29, 1974
             2. Nancy Scott (Bertet) b. October 18, 1946
                  1. John b. June 1975
                  2. Sheryl b. sept. 1971
             3. Barbara Scott (m. Bruce Wilson)  b. October 27, 1950
                  1. Christopher b. october 1986

2. Mary Louise Scott (went by Louise or Lula)
b. b. April 24 1884
d. Jan. 2, 1976
never married
Here is a letter from Louise to her Aunt Adelissa Louise Hardaway Scott written February 10, 1927 along with a picture from the same time period.  It gives some good insite into both the William Henry Scott family and the Charles Lee Scott family.
pictured here about 1925?
pictured here 1973

3. Henry Newton Scott

Justification to identify William Henry picture and location south of Big Spring, Kentucky:  (Reference: Back of copy of photo provided by Susan Scott Keith to Jessie Virginia Scott Williams in letter post marked 14 Jan 1984 "Copy made from picture in album from Louise Scott.  She told me this was the old Spring House on the old place in Kentucky C. B. Scott - 1976 [in different color ink but probably same handwriting] Maybe Wm Scott in doorway".) (Second reference: Back of much older (more yellowed, wrinkled and worn on edges)  Very old looking pencil, "Uncle Will Scott at the Spring House in Ky."  Different handwriting, ink, probably much later, (maybe handwriting of Louise Scott?) "Wm H. Scott, Big Spring, Ky - (Father of Louise Scott)"  )  This second copy of photo provided to Jess Scott by Susan Scott Keith October 1998.