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Letters from family member
o  Collection of letters regarding Shacklett family
o  Notes regarding John Gilbert Ross Shacklette
    from Harriet Fast Scott
o  Regarding two Benjamin Shackletts.
    from Harriet Fast Scott
o Registry of Nancy Helen Shacklett from Elizabeth Brown

7 generations from John Shacklett b. 1678
o See above letters link for corrections/clarifications/additions to this collection of family lists
o  I have 9 generations from John Shacklett which includes recent individuals.  This work courtesy of Victoria Fairchild. For more information email, Jess Scott . 


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Elijah Ashcraft Shacklett
b 13 Feb 1813
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Mary (Polly) Walker Saunders
(Shacklett) b 1 Sep 1841

More on Barbara Quick Shacklett, 1746-1846
More on General Blanset Shacklett b. 1787/1789
The Mystery of Stonewall Shacklett
Shacklett family photo album
Rachel Hardin's Shacklette Family Reunion book         
Shacklette notes from Frances Shacklette Fast
Notes from Vicki Fairchild
Obituary of Lucille Shacklette Seymour
Obituary of Mary Virginia Shacklett

Jesse D. Shacklet

Line of John William Shacklett (b1880) from Patrick A Cook
  - More on Esther Rose Graham m. John William Shacklett
Vertrees notes

The story of the James Newton Bradshaw and Maude M. Tatum family.
Thanks to Freda Goforth Garcia

The story of the Jesse S. Shacklett and Susan (Easton) Shacklett family
Thanks to Marcus Payne

The story of the Bernice Brown Shacklett and Susan J. (Dowell) Shacklett family
Thanks to Richard Tallent

Some material on Nancy Helen Shacklett Brown
Thanks to Steve Brown

Index to old scrap book belonging to Blanchert Shacklet Hayden
Thanks to Lisa Hardin

Kennedy family from Bradley – Gibson – Jenkins Allied Families by Deward C. Williams, 1966 (partial)
Jenkins family from Bradley – Gibson – Jenkins Allied Families by Deward C. Williams, 1966 (partial)
Thanks to DeeDee Hamm
Dowell family material including material from Meredith Dowell, June 2002

Meadeville Cemetery
Hill Grove Baptist Church
Civil War soldiers
Shacklett Obituaries
     - Patricia Shacklett Wolpert
     - Alice Josephine Shacklette
     - Larry Thane Shacklette
     - Lewis Shacklette
Little Bend, Kentucky, scholl crossing

Ashcraft connection to Shackletts:
o A few pages from book: Ashcraft History
o Meade County Messenger article on Ashcraft


John Shekerley (d. 1718) m. Mary
  Benjamin Wooley Shacklett (1710-1784) m. Sarah Blancit
    John Blancette Shacklett (1747-1809) m. Barbara Quick
      John Shacklett m. Rachel Wimp
        Hannah Shacklett m. John Hayden Taylor
          Rachel Taylor m. Samuel Best Williams
            Hannah Williams m. Thomas Jefferson Stith
              Irene Buckner Stith m. Charles Beauregard Fontaine
                Ruth Fontaine m. Walter Lee Scott (d. 1937)

family of John Blancit Shacklett and Barbara Quick
1. Sarah Quick m. John Jenkins
2. Benjamin m. Elizabeth Ashcraft
3. Priscilla m. Thomas Horne
4. Catharine m. Enoch Davis
5. Mary m1 Thomas Mills, m2 Daniel Fulton
6. Hannah m. Daniel Hayden
7. John m Rachel Wimp
8. Blancit m. Rachel Ashcraft
9. Sophia m. Jacob Hayden
10. Jesse m. Sara Dodson