The following information is compiled from Bradley – Gibson – Jenkins Allied Families by Deward C. and Ruby Y. Williams, printed in 1966.  This material has been notated with questions and comments by Ruby’s Y. Jenkin's granddaughter, DeeDee - write to her at:

Her Jenkins ancestors' names are in BOLD AND ALL CAPS.

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JOHN JENKINS, our first definitely known ancestor left a will in Loudon Co. VA in 1772 naming the following:

Children: (JENKINS)


II. Ann Jenkins

III. Elizabeth Jenkins

IV. William Jenkins

V. Richard Jenkins

VI. Philip Jenkins

VII. James Jenkins



JOHN JENKINS m. Elizabeth Phillips(?)

His will was dated Georges Creek, Fayette CO. PA, Feb. 11 1793 and probated Apr. 6 1795

Children of John and Elizabeth JENKINS:

A.  Margaret Jenkins , mar. ? Bell.

B.  Esther Jenkins

C.  Sarah Jenkins , mar. ? Dotson ( or Dodson) and had a son John Dotson ( or Dodson).

D.  Mary Jenkins

E.  Hannah Jenkins , mar. Philip Davis. (See “Old Wills” 2: 98, dated Oct. 13, 1836, proved

F.  PHILIP JENKINS, b. 1748.  He was in Fayette Co. PA by 1769 for on May 27 of that year he mar. Jane Allison.  (See PA Archives, 2nd Ser. Vol.2, page 153.)  In 1785 he bought land on Georges Creek, Fayette County which he sold April 14, 1798.



PHILIP JENKINS, b. 1748.  Married Jane Allison in Fayette Co., PA, May 27, 1769.  In 1785 he bought land on Georges Creek, Fayette County which he sold April 14, 1798.

He was Tax Collector in Spring Hill Twp.  Philip and Jane Jenkins were Baptists.  On Oct. 3, 1784 Mt. Moriah Church was made independent of Great Bethel in Uniontown.  Among the members, 27 of whom were men, were Eliza Carr, Eliza Ashcraft, Philip and Jane Jenkins, and on Dec. 11, 1784 Philip was chosen as its first recorder.  On Sept. 9, 1786 Philip Jenkins was appointed on a committee to meet at the home of William Archer “each one requested to bring a horse in order to draw logs to the sawmill to make seats for the meeting house.”  On Dec. 13, 1788 Philip was appointed to assist William Wells in settling the account for repairing the church, and among the secretaries of the church was Philip Jenkins.  His plantation in 1786 was called “Eseck”.

In 1792 he and Jane sold land to Jonathan Esarey on which a mill was built.  On Apr. 13, 1797 they sold to Samuel Harrison for 350 land bequeathed to him by his father's will – his parents both being dead.  On Apr. 14, 1798 for 140 “my plantation whereon William Davis and Jacob Geach? now live, adjoining John Shacklett, et al – 150 acres”.  See Deed Book, Fayette Co. PA “D”:106.

That Philip Jenkins served as a soldier is proved by Penn. Archives 6th Series, Vol. 4, page 315: on ” 11-15-1793 Philip Jenkins was of the 2nd Regiment, and was a Quartermaster.” 

In the latter part of 1798 – maybe 1797 – the family took a flatboat down the Ohio River until they came to what is now Louisville, KY.  After about a year they went on to Hardin County where he and Jane had many land transactions between 1798 and 1812.  He made his will July 9, 1818, and his estate was probated Aug. 10, 1818.  See Will Book “C” page 189, Hardin County, KY. 

Children of Philip and Jane (Allison) JENKINS:

1. JOHN JENKINS , b. PA 1770.  Mar. 1789, Sarah Quick Shacklett, b. 1772 and d. 1847.  They were the parents of Richard Jenkins (Nov. 24, 1808) who was the great grandfather of Ruby Yvette Jenkins-Williams wife of this compiler.

2. James Jenkins, a blacksmith, d. KY 1812-13. Mar. (1) 1833 Malinda Irwin, dau. of Benj. Irwin and (2) Susan Irwin, b. 1805-6 and d. 1887.

3. Allison Jenkins, mar. Hardin Co. KY, Feb. 2, 1815 Nancy Gilbert.

4. Philip Jenkins, mar. Hannah (Abraham?)

5. Eli Jenkins, (the Jenkinses around Mauckport, Harrison Co. Ind. are probably his descendants).

6. Elizabeth Jenkins, mar. (Benjamin?) Wright.

7. Amy Jenkins, b. PA 1783, d. Mauckport, Ind. 1858.  Mar. Jonathan Brandenburg, b. Westchester? Co. Va. 1777 and d. Mauckport, Ind. July 16, 1854



JOHN JENKINS, son of Philip Jenkins and Jane Allison was b. PA in 1770.  He mar. there, probably in Fayette County 1788 Sarah Quick Shacklett, b. 1772 and d. the fall of 1847, the dau. of John Shacklett and Barbara Quick.  He was a second lieutenant in 1794.  (See Pa. Archives Vol. IV Second Series, page 472.)

They lived in Georges Township, Fayette Co. Pa. until ca. 1797 when they moved to Kentucky, stopping near Louisville, Jefferson County for a year then going on to that part of Hardin County, which in 1823 became Meade County.

On Dec. 12, 1819 their daughter, Elizabeth, was married in their home to Robert Phelps.  After the marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev. David Thurman, he preached a powerful, evangelistic sermon and John and Sarah were converted and joined the nearest Baptist Church.  Before 1842 they left their Meade County, Kentucky property in the care of their son, Richard, and crossed the Ohio River into Perry Co., Indiana. 

(NOTE:  Article about the Hill Grove Baptist Church on this website)

Shortly after this John and Sarah went to Iowa to spend some time with their daughter, Mrs. Miller, and their son Phillip, who had left Perry County, Ind. 

On March 25, 1853 (or 1855?) Ben S. Jenkins made a deposition showing that his mother [Sallie Quick (Shacklett) Jenkins] had died in 1847; that she had “gathered genseng to support herself”; that 18 months before her death she had fallen from her horse and broken her hip.  At the time of the 1850 census John Jenkins, Sr. was 80, and stated that he was born in Pennsylvania.  He was living with his son, Ben Shacklett Jenkins. 

Children of John and Sarah Quick (Shacklett) JENKINS:

I.  Phillip Jenkins, b. Georges Township, Fayette Co. PA, April 14, 1789.  As a very young child he removed to that part of Hardin County, Kentucky, which in 1823 became Meade Co.  He was a veteran of the War of 1812, enlisting under his kinsman, Capt. Benjamin Shacklett in the 3rd Regiment of Rangers Brigade June 6, 1812.  He served as a private along the Wabash River under Col. Russell.  His enlistment took place at Brandenburg Ferry.  During the Civil War he lived in Iowa.  He applied for a Pension May 6, 1871 while living in Russellville, Ark.  Mr. W. A. Stuart wrote that Phillip Jenkins’ captain was Benjamin Shacklett, and that Jenkins served one tour of duty, and stated that Jenkins had made out his papers at Rome, Indiana in 1851, on which Jenkins had received a Land Warrant.  Phillip Jenkins died at Little Rock, Ark, Aug. 22, 1871.

He mar. at Hill Grove, Meade Co., KY Feb 2, 1814 Mary Shaver, b. Jan. 11, 1798 and d. Pella, Iowa, Feb. 4, 1868.  She was the dau. of the revolutionary soldier, Jacob Shaver and Nancy Allen.

II. Virginia Jane Jenkins, b. PA, 1791.  Mar. Hardin Co., KY (1) Nov. 30, 1809 William T. Carmickle, who is buried in Hill Grove Cemetery, Meade Co., KY.  She mar. (2) Feb. 18, 1839 William McGlothlan.

III. Barbara Jenkins, b. Georges Township, Fayette Co., PA Sept. 21, 1793.  She was named for her maternal grandmother, Barbara (Quick) Shacklett (99).  She mar. in Hardin Co., KY (now Meade) (1) Oct. 14, 1812 George Humphrey, b. Aug. 22, 1789, d. May 22,1834.  She mar. (2) Nov. 10, 1839 Isaac Hughes.  She d. July 2, 1876.

IV. Sarah Jenkins, mar. Jan. 9, 1817 Philip Miller.  After her death, he mar. (2) her sister, Elizabeth.

V. Elizabeth Jenkins, mar. at the home of her father near “Hill Grove” Baptist church in Meade Co.. KY, Dec. 22, 1819 Robert Phelps.  It was the sermon preached after the wedding ceremony that caused the conversion of her father and mother and others, which resulted in the founding of “Hill Grove” Baptist Church.  After Mr. Phelps’ death, Elizabeth mar. in Crawford Co., IN, Sept. 30, 1828 (2) her deceased sister Sarah’s former husband, Philip Miller.

VI. John Shacklett Jenkins, b. Elizabethtown, Hardin Co., KY Oct. 14, 1799.  (The farm was known as the Joseph Woolfolk Place.)  He was a farmer and stone mason.  In 1838 he went with kinfolk to Perry Co., Indiana, but returned to Meade County to marry on Aug. 11, 1839 Malinda Miller.  From Perry County he moved to Dahlonega Wapello Co. Iowa.  In 1851 he moved again to a place on the Nishua Botna River, the site of the present town of Lakefield where he selected a claim for his home near the “Big Spring” and near where “the old schoolhouse at Oakfield used to stand”.  He d. at Brayton, Audubon Co., IA July 11, 1886 and Malinda d. Mar. 10, 1881.  They are buried in Oakfield Cemetery, Exira Township.

VII. George Jenkins, mar. Hardin Co., KY Nov. 6, 1820 Margaret, dau. of Thomas Payne – Pane.

VIII. Ben Shacklett Jenkins, b. 1804, Meade (Hardin) Co., KY.  He mar. 1829 Elizabeth Humphrey.  She came from Burkesville, KY for a visit with her uncle George Humphrey who had married his sister, Barbara Jenkins.

IX. Margaret “Peggy” Jenkins, b. 1806, d. Sept. 2, 1886.  Mar. Thomas H. Mills, sr., b. 1805 and d. Mar. 19, 1850, son of Thomas and Polly (Shacklett) Mills.

X. RICHARD JENKINS, the youngest child, was b. Meade (then called Hardin) Co., KY, Nov. 24, 1808.  He mar. Dec. 2, 1836 Mary M. Kennedy b. June 6, 1818, and d. July 1, 1908, dau. of John Kennedy and Esther McNeal (or McNeil) of Hardin Co., KY.  (For more information about John Kennedy and Esther (McNeal) Kennedy, please see the transcription of the Kennedy family from this same author: Kennedy Family).



RICHARD JENKINS, son of John Jenkins and Sarah Quick Shacklett was b. Hardin Co., KY Nov. 24, 1808.  His family was living in that part of Hardin which in 1823 became Meade County.  Meade County marriage records show that a license to marry Mary M. Kennedy was issued to Richard Jenkins on Nov. 29, 1836, and the ceremony was performed on December 2, 1836.  (See marriage book “B” page 266.)

During the days of the Civil War the sympathies of the family were divided.  It is known by their Pension applications that Richard’s and Mary’s sons George T. and Rolla H. Jenkins were union soldiers, but one of more of the boys are said to have espoused the cause of the Confederacy. 

Very shortly after the close of the War, Richard and Mary moved across the Ohio River and settled in Crawford County, IN.  They did live for a while in Perry County, IN, but located finally at Alton, IN, overlooking the beautiful Ohio River where they are buried in Flower Point Cemetery.

Children of Richard and Mary (Kennedy) JENKINS:

I. GEORGE TAYLOR JENKINS , named for his mother’s sister, Nancy (Kennedy) Taylor’s husband, was b. Meade Co., KY, April 6, 1839.  He enlisted at Brandenburg, Meade County, KY, Aug. 5, 1862 as a First Sergeant in Co. “L” 12th Kentucky Cavalry and served a part of his enlistment as an intelligence officer.  He was honorably discharged at Washington, D.C. on Nov. 25, 1862.

In 1864, even before the War ended, he moved his family from Meade Co., KY to Perry Co., IN, which involved only the ferrying of his goods across the river (Ohio).  In 1867 he moved to Alton, Crawford County, Indiana, where his parents lived, and made that his home until 1875 when he returned to Oil Township, Perry County, which was his home until 1913. 

George T. Jenkins married Harrison Co., IN Aug. 30, 1866 Sarah Sophia McCarty b. July 4, 1842 in Harrison Co., the daughter of William T. McCarty and Sophia Bentley and granddaughter of Cornelius and Susannah (Hardwick) McCarty and Abel Bentley.  See: McCarty Family.

II. John L. Jenkins, b. Nov. 22, 1840.  Died unmarried.

III. Sarah E. Jenkins, b. Nov. 16, 1841.  Died unmarried.

IV. Rolla Humphrey Jenkins, b. Hill Grove, Meade Co., KY, Feb. 17, 1844.  He mar. Oct. 9, 1889 Lydia Isabella Woolums, b. June 18, 1861, the widow of Thomas Mann whom she had married (1) Dec. 31, 1879.  Mr. Mann had died in February 1882 leaving a son, William Mann, who resides in Bellmont, IL.  Lydia Isabella Jenkins d. Oct. 19, 1932.

Rolla H. Jenkins d. Wabash Co., IL April 6, 1918 and was buried in Hallock Cemetery.  His obituary appears in the Mt. Carmel, IL Evening Register for April 7/8, 1918, page 1.

V. Jesse W. Jenkins, b. May 5, 1845, d. unmarried.

VI. Hester A. Jenkins, b. Sept. 15, 1847, d. Feb 16, 1890 unmarried.  On her tombstone in Flower Point Cemetery at Alton, IN are the words: “Kind angels, watch her sleeping dust, Till Jesus comes to raise the just.  Then she must wake with sweet surprise, And in her Saviour’s name arise.”

VII. Philip Jenkins, b. July 5, 1849, named for his grandfather Jenkins.  He died unmarried.

VIII. Henry G. Jenkins, b. Oct. 31, 1851.  He died on Sherman’s March to the Sea.  Ruby Yvette (Jenkins) Gibson-Williams has a one hundred year old “Reward of Merit” presented to Henry by his older brother, George Taylor Jenkins who was also his teacher.  The face of the card, printed in red ink, shows a large globe with America and Africa on a wharf, surrounded with bales and boxes of commercial products, and many sailing ships in the harbor.  In George T. Jenkins’ handwriting are the words:  “High! Higher! Highest!”  The reverse side reads: School No. 1, March 3rd, 1866.

IX. Richard Jenkins, Jr., b. May 24, 1854.  A kinsman, commenting on his love of history and his quick mind, said he would have made a wonderful lawyer or historian.  He died unmarried, but was still living when his uncle [should say brother?] Rolla Jenkins died in 1918.

X. Alfred Ditto Jenkins, b. Oct. 9, 1858.  His mother, Mary M. Kennedy daughter of John Kennedy and Esther McNeal had relatives named Ditto in Hardin Co. KY.  Among them was an Alfred Ditto, for who this Alfred was named.



Sgt./Lieut. GEORGE TAYLOR JENKINS, son of Richard Jenkins and Mary M. Kennedy was born at Elizabethtown, Hardin Co., KY, April 6, 1839. 

Mr. Jenkins enlisted in Brandenburg County, KY, Aug. 4, 1862 as First Sergeant in Co. “L” 12th Cavalry Regiment of the Kentucky Volunteers on the Union Side.  His discharge was dated June 5, 1863 “by way of favor, having failed to be mustered as an officer for which he was commissioned by the Governor of Kentucky.”  This item is from the War Department, Adjutant General’s Office under date of Oct. 30, 1883, item #265,569.  He served at one time as an “intelligence officer”. 

Following his discharge he continued to live in Meade Col, KY, but in 1864 he crossed the Ohio River into Oil Township, Perry, Co., IN, where he lived until 1867 when he moved to Alton, Crawford Co., IN, then he returned to Oil Township where he was living at the time of his death, Feb. 27, 1913.

George T. Jenkins married in Harrison Co., IN June 30, 1866 Sarah Sophia “Sally” McCarty b. Harrison County, July 4, 1842, the daughter of William T. McCarty and Sophia Bentley.  She died at “The Cot on the Hill”, Perry County, March 5, 1910.

George and Sarah Sophia were the builders and owners of a comfortable farm home, known during their occupancy and ever since as “The Cot on the Hill”.  It was about a mile south of the (then) famous White Sulphur Well in Crawford County, Indiana.  From that home one could overlook the countryside for some 15 miles

Mr. Jenkins was both farmer and teacher, holding teaching positions in numerous places in Perry and Crawford Counties until his retirement.  He was an unusually well-informed man, and was in frequent demand as a speaker.  He was once a candidate for the State Senate, but was defeated by Thomas Jefferson Gibson whose son, Justus A. Gibson later married his granddaughter, Ruby Jenkins.

Sarah died March 5, 1910 and George d. Feb 27, 1913.  They are both buried in Jefferies Cemetery near Oriole, IN.

Children of George T. and Sarah Sophia (McCarty) JENKINS:

I. Mary L. Jenkins, b. May 25, 1867.  She mar. Nov. 11, 1885 Norman Robertson, who d. Feb. 12, 1940.  Mary d. Feb. 16, 1893.

II. JOHN CHARLES JENKINS, b. July 22, 1872.  Mar. Nettie Bradley (see below).

III. Ida M. Jenkins, b. Sept. 27, 1876.  She mar. Oct. 2, 1892 Edwin S. Riddle, son of Perry and Patia Riddle.  They lived with her parents most of their married life until George and Sallie passed away.  She d. Flint, Michigan Mar. 15, 1961.

IV. Minnie Bell Jenkins, b. June 27, 1878.  She mar. Dec. 25, 1902 Henry Newton Wiseman, son of George E. Mary (Martin) Wiseman.  She d. Aug. 1, 1908 while visiting her parents at “The Cot on the Hill”.  Mr. Wiseman remarried in 1913 and now (1966) lives in Washington, D.C. 



JOHN CHARLES JENKINS, son of George Taylor Jenkins and Sarah “Sally” McCarty was born in Alton, Crawford Co., IN July 22, 1872.  After securing a good education in the rural schools of his county, he took the Teacher’s Short Course at West Fork Institute, but never taught.  Instead, he began farming and clerking in a general store.  Upon removal to Frankfort, IN, he entered into partnership with his brothers-in-law Stephen and Omer Bradley and John Howard in conducting “The New York Department Store”.  He subsequently returned to Perry County where he bought the farm that has at one time belonged to William T. and Malinda (Shields) Gibson.  Here near Sulphur, IN, he built a home they gave the name “The House Under the Hill”.

John Charles Jenkins was married at West Fork, IN, May 15, 1893 to Miss Nettie Bradley, born Feb. 10, 1868, the daughter of Rev. Collins Bradley and Mahala Catherine Lyons.  Nettie was a noble Christian woman who passed on to her children many of the fine qualities of her New England heritage, descended as she was from old Puritan and Mayflower ancestry.  She died at Mt. Carmel, IL, April 17, 1953, and was buried beside her husband in Highland Memorial Cemetery.

Children of John Charles and Nettie (Bradley) JENKINS:

1. Mary True Jenkins, named for a “cousin” True McCarty, was born in “The Cot on the Hill” Jan. 27, 1895.  She married Oct. 25, 1911 William Andrew Parr, b. Oct. 27, 1886, the son of Rice Parr and Ellen Beard, and grandson of Anderson Parr and Andy Beard.  Mr. Parr was a farmer all his life.  He died at Mt. Carmel, IL, Oct. 17, 1961 and was buried in Highland Memorial Cemetery.

2. RUBY YVETTE JENKINS , b. West Fork, Crawford Co. IN, Oct. 27, 1898.  Married (1) in Perry Co., IN to Justus Adams Gibson, b. April 20, 1896 in Perry Co., IN, d. June 1, 1958, the son of Thomas Jefferson Gibson and Malissa Ann Frakes.  Married (2) to the Rev. Deward C. Williams on Dec. 12, 1959. For more information about the Gibson family, contact DeeDee ( ).

3. Vena Hazel Jenkins, b. Frankfort, IN, Feb. 4, 1902.  She mar. at Mt. Carmel, IL Feb. 15, 1921 Ralph Gray, who was b. at Keensburg, IL Dec. 30, 1898, the son of Jerry Gray and Eva Belle Brown.  At the time of his death, Nov. 19, 1963, he was an employee of Sears, Roebuck and Company at Princeton, IN.

4. Callie Cecil Jenkins, b. in “The House Under the Hill” near Sulphur IN, Aug. 31, 1905.  She mar. Sept. 21, 1928 George Desch.  They conduct an upholstery business in Indianapolis, IN, where they made their home for many years.

5. Otho Kenneth Jenkins, b. in the “The House Under the Hill” March 4, 1909.  Otho, like his sisters, was gifted musically and studied the piano seriously, becoming very proficient as a soloist.  He was an employee of the U.S. Post Office in Indianapolis, in the Personnel Department.  He mar. May 5, 1940, Ruby Bertha Kerr, b. Conrad, IN Sept. 15, 1908, the daughter of William R. Kerr, who was born at Mr. Carmel Sept. 30, 1878, and Ella Marie Radcliffe, b. Algiers, IN July 29, 1881.