Meadeville Cemetery, Meade County Kentucky



MEADEVILLE Cemetery, near Hill Grove, near Brandenburg, Ky.

There was a church here, at one time, and while the descendants keep the cemetery clean there have been no recent burials.

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November 12, 2005  right to left:
Angelene Randolph
   descendent of Blancet Shacklett
   and Rachel Ashcraft
Frances Scott married to Jess Scott
   who descends from John Shacklett
   and Rachel Wimp
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Hannah, wife of Elder J. W. Albright
b June 28, 1843; d Nov. 26, 1884

five children, buried in a row with
markers but no names or dates.
dau. of Richard and Mary
Willett. Mary was a dau.
of Rachel Wimp and John
Shacklett, gr. dau. of John
and Barbara Quick Shacklett.
Sarah C. w/o James W. Ashcraft
b. Aug. 1, 1815; d July 5, 1838
infant son b July 4, 1838;
d Aug. 13, 1838.
d/o Barbara Jenkins and
George Humphrey, gr. dau.
of John & Sarah Shacklett
Jenkins; great gr.dau. of
John & Barbara Quick Shacklett.

Armstead Barnes, b Apr 21, 1809
d Dec. 9, 1854
Hus. of Elizabeth Dowell, who
was great gr.dau. of John
& Barbara Quick Shacklett.
Edwin B. s/o A. L. & I. G. Barnes
b Apr 16, 1868; d Aug. 10, 1869
Henriette Board, w/o H. C. Board
b. June 14, 1843; d Jan. 22, 1867
d/o B. W. Warfield
Mary E. Brown d/o S. and Ellen Brown
b Nov. 24, 1875; d Dec. 16, 1876
William Conn d Aug. 26, 1874, aged 73 yrs.
" Affliction sore long time I bore
  Physicians skill in vain
  Till Christ was pleased to give me ease
  And rid me of my pain".
His wife was Jane Chalfon,
sister of Susan and daus. of
Aaron Chalfon(Chaffin)
Mar. or Feb 15, 1830.
Claborn Downs (Clairborne)
b Jan. 5, 1842; d Apr 23, 1869
Hus. of Rebecca Chalfon
Creed T. Haynes
b Dec. 4, 1803; d Oct. 25, 1865
J. E. Hayden b Jan. 18__
d Aug 1, 1846
s/o Jacob & Sophia Shacklett
Hayden, doctor unmarried.
J.S.H. d 1841 ?


D. F. Hayden b Aug. 15, 1814
d Dec. 4, 1857
Hus. of Mary Walker and s/o
Jacob & Sophia Shacklett
Hayden. (D. F. was for
Daniel Fulton)
other side of stone of D.F.Hayden's
Barbarae Oct. 7, 1857 - June 13, 1862
John W. Dec. 16 1842 - Apr. 26, 1844
George Humphrey departed this life
22nd May 1834, aged 44 yrs. 9 mons.
Also son John - 27th Oct. 1832
Hus. of Barbara Jenkins.
He was b Aug. 20 1789
m. Oct. 14, 1812. Barbara
was d/o Sallie Shacklett &
John Jenkins,gr.dau.John &
Barbara Quick Shacklett.
William s/o J. & L. Kendall
b Sep. 1, 1839; d Nov. 11, 1863
Nancy w/o Worden Kendall
b Mar. 29, 1817; d Jan. 11, 1870
"Mark the perfect woman and behold
the upright for the end of that
woman is peace."
Worden m.2nd Sarah Hayden
Shacklett, widow of Absalom
Shacklett. She was d/o Jacob
& Sophia Shacklett Hayden.
Eliza B. d/o W. S. & M. A. Kendall
b Aug. 20, 1862; d May 14, 1876
B. F. Kendall b Sep. 9, 1831; d Mar. 19, 1867
B T H                    E S
Aug. 4th 1848          A E T
Abraham Lamb b May 5, 1805; d Nov. 9, 1863
Celia, w/o A. Lamb b Apr. 9, 1814;
d Oct. 29, 1861
Sallie T. Miles, w/o C. Miles
b Dec. 1, 1841; d Aug. 16, 1869
d/o Daniel Fulton Hayden
Columbus C. s/o C. & S. Miles
b Jan. 19, 1869; d keg. 18, 1869
Children of W. H. & C. M. Neafus,
Bennie 1875-1876; Dannie 1882-1883
Correanor Shacklett Neafus,
d/o Absalom Shacklett. W.H.
Neafus s/o Cornelius & Mary J.
Bewley Neafus.

B      -         S              


E      -         S

(The marks appearing on the stones
are timber marks, also found on old
deeds Benjamin Shacklett & wife,
Elizabeth Ashcraft Shacklett. Ben
was b Jan. 21, 1774; d May 24, 1838
s/o John & Barbara Quick Shacklett. He
was a Major in the War of 1812 and was
buried with Military Honors. m. Oct. 9, 1792
Elizabeth Ashcraft b Aug. 2, 1773; d Mar. 27,
1839, d/o Richard & Elizabeth Carr Ashcraft.)


"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
For by Grace are you saved through faith."

John Shacklett b. Mar 6, 1796;
d Oct 21, 1867

"Tis sweet to gaze upon the sod that wraps
thy mouldering clay. To think thy spirit
rests with God who called it hence away."
s/o Absalom Shacklett &
Wife, Susannah Chalfon
m. Oct 8, 1823.
(Susan Chaffin)
John C. Shacklett b Feb. 1834
d Feb. 11, 1863
John Chalfon Shacklett s/o
the above. Wife was Matilda
Absalom Shacklett b Oct. 29, 1817
d Dec. 3,1863.
"Alas he has left us his spirit has fled
His body now slumbers alone with the dead
His Savior has called him to Him he has gone
Be ye also ready to follow him soon."
s/o Ben & Elizabeth Shacklett.
Wife was Sarah Hayden and m2nd
to Worden Kendall.
Elijah A. Shacklett b. Feb. 13, 1813
d. Oct. 26, 1875
s/o Ben & Elizabeth Shacklett.
Wife was (Polly) m. Sep. 1,
1841, d/o Stith & Eliz. Stith
Mary W. Shacklett b. June 9, 1824
d. Aug. 31, 1868
Rebecca Samuels d. Feb 17, 1877
aged 64 yrs.
Wife of Jesse Shacklett(s/o
Ben & Eliz.) Rebecca Kendall
m. July 22, 1830. Jesse d.
Jan. wl, 1837. She 2nd m.
Aug. 7, 1845 to Henry H.
Samuels (s/o Billy Kendall),
killed at Meadeville in battle
there in Civil War.
Mary E. Shacklett,(w/o Jacob Hayden
Shacklett) b Jan. 3, 1847;d Jan. 23, 1872
Jacob H. was s/o Absalom.
Mahala Shacklett(w/o Jesse D. Shacklett)
b Jan. 4, 1824; d May 1, 1865, she was
twin of Melinda.
Two babies, Blancit M. d Jan. 12, 1847
& Rachel d. Dec. 20, 1846.
d/o Gen. Blancit & Rebecca
Ashcraft Shacklett. (Jesse D.
was s/o John & Rachel Wimp
John Shacklett b. Nov. 20, 1809
d Apr. 5, 18(3 or 8)1
s/o John & Rachel Wimp Shacklett.
He was called "Little John", &
wife was Susan Frymire
Benjamin G. Shacklett s/o J.G. & Sarah
B.Shacklett aged lyr. 8mos. 23 days.
d Aug 24, 1843
gr. son John & Rachel Wimp
Shacklett. J.G. was John Gilbert
s/o Jesse & Sallie Dodson


July 16, 1835
J. T. Shacklett b. Aug. 16,__
d Aug. 9, 1833
"Beneath this marble lies my son that
was the darling of my heart , the
God that made him called him home
which greaved my soul _
Badly worn sandstone and we
are unable to identify him.
Why it should be July and all
other dates Aug. I do not know.
William P. Singleton b Nov. 28, 1852
d Sep 16, 1885
(died of Hydrophobia)
J. W. Wimp,Jr. b Feb 9, 1838
d Apr 29, 1863.
s/o James A. & Polly Shacklett
Wimp. (Killed in battle of
Civil War at Meadeville, his
wife was Mariah Shacklett, who
2nd m. Paul Tobin.
Susannah S. Willett b. May 2, 1838
d Apr 14, 1875.
Daus. of Richard & Mary Shacklett
Willett. Richard s/o Wm.
& Susannah Welch Willett. Mary
d/o John & Rachel Wimp Shacklett
Rachel, d/o R.&M. Willett
b June 30, 1833; d Apr. 20, 1840
Hannah, wife of Elder Albright)
Jetson Willett d Sep. 9, 1844
aged 32 yrs. 9mos. 27 days.
(Judson) b Nov. 13, 1811
m. Dec. 2, 1828 to
Barbara, wife of J. Willett
d Sep. 2, 1870, aged 63 yrs.9mons.2 days.
"Tis sweet to gaze upon the sod
That wraps thy mouldering clay
To think your spirit rests with God
who called it home sway.
d/o John & Rachel Wimp Shacklett.
Barbara was b Jan. 1, 1807.
William W.,s/o Jetson & Barbara Willett.
d Nov.2, 1854, aged 25 mos. 22 days.
Martha J. Warfield, wife of B. W. Warfield
b Mar. 1, 1819; d July 24, 1873.
d/o Creed Haynes

Copied by Mrs. Byron M. Fast, Mrs. Bernice Price, Mrs. Guy Hardin, Brandenburg, Ky. Nov. 1930. Identification assisted by Miss Barbara Shacklett, Mrs. R. N. Hatcher, (daughters of Elijah A. Shacklett; Gr. daughters of Benjamin & Elizabeth Ashcraft Shacklett.) Miss Barbara Shacklett was b. Jan. 16, 1851 and has personal recollection of many of these people. Still living this date May 29, 1936.

Turned in and typed by Mrs. Byron M. Fast; Regent,Staten Island Chapter; Port Richmond, New York City.


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Need to know
   Phillip Jenkins m 27 May 1769 Jane Allison
      has a son John Jenkins b 1770 or 72 m Sarah Quick Shacklette
      they had 2 sons Phillip Jenkins b ____ m 31 Jan 1814 to Mary Shaver dau of Jacob
           who are his children James? Calmore?
   also Benjamin Shacklett Jenkins b 1804 m 1829 Eliz Humphrey
        who are their children

Can you find record of Genjamin Franklin Jenkins b 1815 m Sara Tyler Kennedy
        childrens names                                                       what year