Mary Louise Scott daughter of William Henry Scott
  went by Louise or Lula

  Miss Mary L. Scott
April 24 1884
January 2 1976
3 PM Tuesday January 6 1976
Rev Ted Akers

Louise Scott, daughter of   William Henry Scott  Charles Lee Scott was  brother of          William Henry Scott   Charles and William were both sons of Henry W. Scott Charles Lee Scott was  father of          Walter Lee Scott Walter Lee Scott was  father of          Walter Charles Scott


This picture was taken around 1925 to 1927 and is contemporary with the letter below.


Floral Hills Funeral Home, Blue Ridge at Gregory Blvd., Kansas City, Missouri

Envelope: post marked Feb 10, 1927 Kansas City Mo. from Louise Scott c/o The Pennbrook, Kansas City, Mo.
  to: Mrs. C. L. Scott, Guston Kentucky.

Kansas City, Mo.
February 10, 1927.

Dear Aunt Lad:
   I heard something one time about your wanting me to write you a letter and tell you all about my trip out West, but that has been so long ago that I have about forgotten all about it.  Anyway, I had a good time and wish I could do it all over again.  Only next time I would want a lot of money to spend and longer to stay in the different places.  All I did was just "pass" through the places that I wanted to see the most.  It was really a wonderful trip, and the roads are good all the way, which made it nice.  I think I was through 13 states in all.  I started out from Tulsa and went by the way of Texas, going through Amarillo and some more towns of not so much importance, and from there down in New Mexico, through Albuquerque and Gallup, on into Arizona and through the "desert" and oh gosh it was hot going through there.  I thought I would smother before we got out.  It was also hot in the southern part of California, but after we reached Nicholsville or some such a place it was pavement all the way to Seattle.  I went through San Bernardino, which is a pretty little town, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, and on up through Oregon.  Portland of course was on the route, and from there through Spokane and on up to Seattle, where I stopped.  I saw lots of beautiful country, all kinds of fruits growing in Southern California, flowers all through Oregon and all the way for that matter.  Saw mountains and valleys, and all those things that I never saw before.  I could stand on my cousin's front porch in Seattle and see Mount Ranier all covered with snow.  I never did get out there tho while I was there.  They wanted me to stay longer and go out, but I thought I had better come back closer to home while I had enough money to make the trip.  I knew if I got broke out there I never would get back, and I don't think I would like to live so far from all the folks.  Seattle is a beautiful city, such green trees and shrubbery I never saw before.  Beautiful homes and each one different from the other.  Three lakes within the city limits and also the sound.  One could drive forever there and the scenery would always be beautiful.  The streams are clear and lots of fish, but I never cared for fishing.
    I was carried away with it all, but all the time I had an uneasy feeling that I might not get back home.  I don't think I would like to live out there, especially in Seattle, for there are so many foreigners out there and they just don't look like our kind of people.  They don't have the "class" that the people back here have.  I liked San Francisco fine and it really is a city.  I didn't get to see much of Los Angeles, as we were through there on a Sunday and they didn't stay long.  I passed through Hollywood, but of course I didn't know who was who.  I also had a trip up to Van Couver, and that is a wonderful drive and such beautiful scenery up along the sound.  It is paved all the way and the road winds around the mountains in places and it certainly is beautiful.  Vancouver is an old timey looking place and they couldn't tie me there, but it is beautiful up there.  If I ever get rich I will make the trip again and take more time and see more things.  These people that I was with was in a hurry to make a certain boat up in Alaska.  They took their car up to Alaska with them.  My work was finished when I got to Seattle so I just visited all the time I was there.  Carlton lives there, you know.  I enjoyed my visit with them very much.  They have a car and that made it fine for me.  The climate there was delightful while I was there, only rained once the whole time I  was there.  It is awfully hilly tho'.  I thought Kansas City was hilly until I went out there.  This town seems level now.
    I have been here ever since I came from Seattle, with the exception of a week Christmas,  I went home.  I had an awful time trying to decide whether I wanted to stay here or go back to Tulsa.  If course this is more of a city than Tulsa,  but I like Tulsa fine.  Lots better than Muskogee.  Of course, I have been broke ever since I got here from Seattle, but I have managed not to go hungry yet.  My trip home from Seattle was grand too.  I didn't have to change cars at all the whole trip.  I was three nights and three days on the trip.  I wasn't tired at all when I got here.  My chum from Shawnee met me here and we spent the Fourth here and then I just stayed on and got a job and went to work.  I worked down at the Live Stock Exchange most all summer but when I came back here after Christmas I decided to look for something else, and now I am working for a lawyer right up town, just a block from "Emery Bird's", of course you know where that is if you have ever been in Kansas City.  I like it fine so far, but it is different from any kind of work I have ever done before.  My boss has been gone all week and I haven't had anything to do, but I can imagine how I'll have to hump to it when he gets back.  I look for him this afternoon or in the morning.  He is up in Kansas trying a million dollar oil case.  Gosh, if he doesn't win he will be hard to get along with for awhile, I imagine.
    Tom Carlton lives here, but you knew that too.  I remember of hearing you say you saw him while you were here, or something to that effect.  They are getting along just fine.  I lived with them awhile this summer when they were in an apartment, but they moved to a hotel and I had to move.
     What have you been doing lately and how are everybody back there?  I don't hear from anyone back there now.  I seem to have gotten lost from all of you.  I haven't any new spring clothes and doubt if I do have, as I haven't caught up yet.  I had a few clothes left over and that will keep me from going naked I guess.  I have a nice fat beau that takes me to all the movies and to dinner two or three times a week.  I met him last summer, and he has been on the job ever since.  I'm glad to have someone to chase around with as it would be too expensive for me to take in the shows.  He also gave me my trip home for a Christmas gift.  I had about decided I couldn't afford to go and he said I wasn't going to stay here and be all lonesome, and he said Old Santa would give me a ticket if that would please me more than anything else, and I said it sure would, so I thought that was lovely of him.  The folks at home were fine.  Dad looks about the same, only I thought he looked more feeble than I had ever seen him look.  I would like to be where I could see him oftener but don't know where that would be.  Shawnee has a second hand oil boom, as they opened up a field at Seminole, which is right close to Shawnee, and most of the people that work out there live in Shawnee and drive out there.  Henry and Eloise had just bought them a nice little home when I was there.  They raised the rents around town, so Henry said he wouldn't pay it.  Clarence is grown and didn't look at all natural to me.  Owen and Claudia was fine too.  I had some good old quail while I was home.  You know that is Owen's long suit, hunting quail.
     He still has his green house and has enlarged it quite a bit and sells quite a bit of lettuce out of it.  Dad don't work much any more, and I'm glad he doesn't have to, as he is too old.  He was 78 in January.  Claudia had a birthday dinner and invited Henry and Eloise out as a surprise for him.
   You can sit down and write me a letter and tell me all about all the folks as I haven't heard from anyone lately.  I had a card from Harold and his wife Christmas.  I didn't send them any, I guess they thought I was good.  How's old Mag?  Still working hard I guess.  I would surely love to see you all once more, but Lord knows when I'll get to come back to Kentucky,  as it seems there is no such thing as save money any more.
    I guess by the time you get this read you will be good and tired, so will let you rest awhile.  I don't have time to write letters during work hours like I used to in Muskogee, only in a case like this where the boss is out of town.  They work one harder here, but that place where I used to work has gone to the bad, so the girl that works there told me.  They only have one salesman now and they had about ten when I left there a year ago.  I'm glad I got away when I did, for no doubt they would have cut my salary or canned me before this.  I think I got out in good time.  My girl friend in Tulsa got married while I was away so that was one reason I didn't care so much for going back there.  I might go back there some time when I learn this business good, and get a job with some of those oil companies.  I imagine I could get a good salary in the legal department.  However, I may never learn it, so I won't count my chickens before they are hatched.
    Give everybody my love and write me a letter one of these days and tell me all the latest scandals and everything.
    As ever your old gal,

c/o The Pennbrook,
604 West 10th,
Kansas City, Mo.

Letter dated June 8, 1942

Dear Aunt Lad:
    Was just sitting here thinking about you so thought I would just write you a few lines. You see you didn't think I ever thought of you did you, but you are wrong. I am feeling pretty good these days, much better than I have for the past three years, so maybe I am going to live after all.
    I went down to Tulsa, Oklahoma over Decoration day to see Bill and Fern, spent two nights there, left Friday night and back here Sunday night. They are getting along just fine and are as happy as can be. Henry and Eloise came over from Shawnee Saturday night, they are both well. Owen is working at a defense plant in Norman, Oklahoma, so he can't get away as he works Sundays and all. It is a Naval training station they are building. He hasn't been working there long, but seems to be tickled he has something to do. Bill doesn't know when he will have to go to war. I guess his job where he is now is rather vital, but he is in Class 3-A I think. He doesn't have to worry about getting a comission as the government is crying for men in his line of work. I hope nothing happens that he will have to give up his nice little home that they bought after they were married. It will be real pretty when the trees and shrubbery and flowers, and grass, all get growing good.
    How and where is your "William" and when does he graduate from West Point? Every time I hear a radio broadcast, or see a picture from there I always think maybe I will see or hear his name. I listened to Vox Pop the night they were broadcasting from there. I feel so proud of him - he may not be another "General MacArthur" but he will be good enough for us, won't he? But I always feel sad too when I think of all the boys whose lives will be sacrificed, I never see a soldier walking down the street that I don't get a lump in my throat. Have any of the boys been drafted, or enlisted, yet, I mean the Scott tribe? There are so many of them I forget their ages and whether they will have to go or not.
    How are you feeling these days? I hope you are good for a long, long time yet. Is Aunt Kate still living? She must be awfully old if she is.
    We are having some real summer now after a late cool start. I didn't like the cool weather but neither do I like the hot. Hard to please. Now that they are freezing all the charge accounts I will have to go naked when my present clothes wear out. The cost of living has sure gone up.
    Well, can't think of any more questions so better close. Hope you can write me sometime one of your newsy letters and remember me to all, especially Maggie. Lots of love to you and be careful this hot summer don't run around too much.
    As ever, Lula

Letter dated August 26, 1942

Dear Aunt Ladd:
    It is raining pitchforks this morning so thought it would be a good time to answer your sweet leter. I would have answered sooner but was waiting to get the pictures back from Henry and he is a slow-poke when it comes to writing. He was glad to see the pictures, especially Fletcher's since they were sort of buddies back in the old days. He said he looks like Uncle Charlie. I was so glad to get them myself, and think they are all grand and hate to send them back but I don't blame you for wanting to keep them, and I didn't see anything wrong with Fletcher's clothes, think he looks grand, and so does your Bill, and thank you for the compliment in saying that Dottie reminds you of ME, my goodness if I had ever been
that pretty I know I would have been "stuck up". Reminds you of me, huh, her with the curly hair and little feet, and me with hair as straight as a string and big feet, well, as I said before, thank you for the compliment, and thank you for letting me keep the picture.
    I'm glad to know that your "gang" are all doing so well and hope they can keep up the good work. Ft. Knox is close to where Lizzie Stiles lives, Cecilia, I was over at Ft. Knox the last time I was in Ky, went over there with Lela Mae, she was attending some sort of a party there, but I didn't stay for the party. No doubt it has changed immensely since I was there I think in 1935 or 6. I wish I didn't live so far away so I could run out to see you once in a while, wouldn't we have a good time?
    Owen is working at the Naval Training station at Norman, Oklahoma, he has been working nights for some time now, guess he is getting along all right, of course Henry is still with the factory at Shawnee, they have a contract to make 50,000 war pants by December, so he is kept busy. Bill hasn't been called to the army yet, it may be that his work is vital to war industry, but I haven't heard from him for some time, not since I was down there in fact, he is the world's worst writer, and Henry is next. I may go down to see them when I get my vacation but am not certain yet. They say the trains are so crowded now, with so many soldiers going "hither and yon", and I sure couldn't stand up although I hear people do have to stand sometimes. The soldiers comfort comes first in everything to my notion, every time I see one it makes me sick to think what they are in for. Thousands of lives will be sacrificed and I wonder if the world will be better when it is over.
    I laid in some clothes for next summer while they were having sales, got three dresses and a blouse, one is a black crepe with red pansies which I think I can wear under my fur coat this winter, another is a crepe dress with jacket, striped, blue and rose, and the other is a brown linen two piece, and the blouse is white permanent finish organdy with tucks down the front, all hand made, was $8.95 and I paid $2.95 for it. I got the whole mess for the price of one good dress. All I have to buy this winter is a hat and purse. If the war industry could use old hats I could sure donate a pile of them, why I save them is beyond me. Nothing looks funnier than an out-of-date hat.
    Well, I guess I had better cut this out and try to find something to do before the boss comes in, although I doubt if he comes down unless it stops raining. He isn't feeling very ewll and looks bad I think and I just sort of hold my breath for fear he will drop off like so many of them are doing these days. He is 80 years old.
    How is dear Maggie, give her my love, and also all the others and to you the best love of all. Thanks again for the pictures and hope they get back home safely.
    As ever, Lula