Mary Eleanor Scott (Martin)
Mary Eleanor Scott (Martin)

m. Schuyler Martin

daughter of Alex Scott and Lily May Morris

grew up in Big Spring, Meade County, Kentucky                                                                     

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cover pg.html
Title page and large color picture of Mary Eleanor

Really just a short dedication.

june's writing.html
Background on Mary Eleanor by  June Martin Smith. No photos.

Decendents of.html
Mary Eleanor's decendents.

Picture of Mary Eleanor in 1918.

20th century.html
Mary Eleanor’s sister Maude Scott Floyd beside her Model T Ford.

memory of gr house.html
Three pictures from 1920. 
One taken at Big Springs Methodist Church.

School in Big Spring Kentucky.

This file contains a picture taken by
the Big Springs United Methodist Church in 1940.

The Magic of Kentucky Lured Our Ancestors.
With picture of Mary Eleanor in 1945.

BS united.html
Picture of monument and old Meador house in 1978.

salute to summer.html
Mary Eleanor in front of the new Big Spring Methodist Church.

sorghum mill.html
making sorghum molasses
OCTOBER 26, 1988  Sorghum Mill on the Backroads 
Memories of Big Spring with two current pictures.

toast to summer.html
July 12, 1989  A Toast to Summer and Places Like Doe Run
Photo from 1989 with memories of earlier times.

uncle john.html
Big Spring blacksmith shop.  Two recent family photos.

memories of hospital.html
Mary Eleanor's stay in hospital.  No pictures but has signature.

ballot boxes.html
Memories of election day in Big Spring, Kentucky.
One snapshot of Mary Eleanor in recent times.

bees in but.bush.html
Recent setting with recent picture of Mary Eleanor by bush.

bernheim forest.html
Recent setting with recent picture of Mary Eleanor.

buffy and the crows.html
Recent setting with picture of Mary Eleanor and dog.

The graphics was corrupt and all I could salvage was the text.

dogwoods smokies.html
Recent setting with recent family picture.

fall relief.html
Recent setting with several family pictures.

family tradition.html
Recent setting with recent family picture.

Recent setting with recent family picture.

journey through autum.html
Setting Nov 11, 1987 with memories of earlier times.
One recent photo and one photo ~ 1950.

Setting Dec 30, 1987 with family photo from that time.

ky horse park.html
Setting July 27, 1988 with brief mention of
  "Down Home Days" in Big Spring, Ky.

Setting March 9, 1988 with family picture from that time.

rose symbal.html
September 30, 1987  The Rose, a Celebrated Symbol of Love
No photos.

seed catalogues.html
FEBRUARY 10, 1988 Seed catalogues warm the chill of winter
Two photos from that time.

soft breezes.html
APRIL 5,1989  Soft Breezes of Spring Blow Across Kentucky
One photo from that period.

special days.html
November 23, 1988  Family Draws Closer for Special Days of the Season
Three family pictures from that time.

Life Slowly Emerges Into Spring  By ELEANOR MARTIN  No photos.

These birds of ebony.html
August 5, 1987  These Birds of Ebony Inspired a Writer
One photo from that time.

Wallpapering Doesn.html
One recent family photo.

May 4, 1988  Wild Beauty Everywhere in the Spring
One recent family photo.

The Wonder of Winter in Kentucky  By ELEANOR MARTIN
One recent family photo.

wishes for happiness.html
DECEMBER 16,1987  Wishes for Happiness as the Year Winds Down
One family photo from 1978.