Charles Lee Scott 1891

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Home of Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Scott.  Mr. Scott, Mrs. Scott, Walter Lee Scott, Henry Winfield Scott.
Walker McGee Hired hand.  Dog, "Watch".  Horse, Life.  Year 1891.    Caption from back of the photograph.

Photo courtesy of Margaret Alma Witt, grand daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Scott, contributed February 1999.  The farm was later purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Dooley and is now the residence of the Dooley's son in law Russell Ross in 1999. 

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Louisa Adelissa** Hardaway Scott
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Walter Lee Scott
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Henry Winfield Scott
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Walker MaGee
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**Spelling of name of Louisa Adelissa Hardaway from her Aunt Lucinda Cain Stith   December 2, 1882 in an autograph.