Henry Winfield Scott

Henry Winfield Scott (Uncle Winfield)
born: October 19, 1888

m. Carra Drury Frakes (Mother's sister was Lena Drury Stith wife of W. A. Stith
     Carra D. Frakes obituary    

Pictured at right about 1910.
died: December 25, 1965 (funeral brochure)


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1. Charles Winfield (Bud) Scott    pictured at right Februrary 22, 1962 in Advance, Indiana

     Caption on picture: "Russell Bean presented pin and watch from Bud and Bob.
          a. Deloris (Dee) Scott m. Johnson
          b. Gregory C. Scott

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2. Carra Nelle Scott   m. Robert (Bob) A. Poynter

        a. Teresa Poynter m. Watson
        b. Gary Scott Poynter


As a young man he and his family moved to Advance Indiana where he farmed for a living.   This photo is the homestead near Advance.  Caption on back of photo reads: "This is taken east of the house looking west.  Line of trees back of barn is the creek.  You can see some of the houses in Advance by looking over the barn.  Two horses in the middle are the ones we sent picture of .   Winfield on disc or drag I don't know which."   (Handwriting that of Carra Drury Scott per Margaret Alma Witt, December 1998.)

Winfield Scott in 1962 -- Pictured at right February 22, 1962 at Mason ceremony.   hws62.gif (43713 bytes)