Adalisa Louise Hardaway (Scott)


Adalisa Louisa Hardaway (Scott) 
or Louisa Adelissa per her Aunt Lucinda Cain Stith
   in 1882
born: September 21, 1865 
died: August 18, 1957 
number of children: 5 
grave: Big Springs United Methodist Church  

hair: red (Per Margaret Alma Witt 1998)

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Pictured here about 1885
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Pictured here about 1888.
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Pictured here about 1912.
More of photo.

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Pictured Oct. 26, 1912 at age 47
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Photo from the late 1920s?
Frame embossed: "The R.V.Adams photo studio Eldora, IA.


Adelisa Louise Hardaway
           Daughter of James Hardaway and Margaret Cain
                   James Hardaway is son of Thomas Hardaway and Nancy Stith
                             Nancy Stith is daughter of Joseph Stith
Notes in (Ruth Fontaine Scott's?) handwriting from about (1934?):
     "Tuesday 26th November 1833 - Certified to the Auditor of ordered that it be allowed public accounts that Joseph Stith be allowed the sum of 25.00 dollars for service rendered as commissioner in taxing in list of odavle property the present year in Eastern or upper half of this county -
    January 1st 1934 - 100 years and 1 month - Walter Lee Scott - descendant of Joseph Stith as follows -
Joseph's daughter Nancy Stith married Thomas Hardaway
   Their son James Hardaway married Margaret Cain
       Their daughter Adelisa Louise Married Charles Lee Scott
           Their son Walter Lee Scott - sworn in as Deputy Sheriff Meade County  January 1934"

Louise Adalisa Hardaway is name cited in research by Harriet Fast (Scott) in about 1991 ;  Adelisa Louise Hardaway is name in notes probably from Ruth Fontaine (Scott) in about 1934.