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Big Spring, Kentucky
at the junction of Meade, Hardin and Breckinridge Counties

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o Big Spring - Corners United Methodist Church
o First Sunday School in 1810?

o Big Spring Baptist Church

o Businesses and Commercial (Fort Knox offbase rental housing)

o Shelby Best's blacksmith shop  1920
This looks like the same building as at the right.
o Writings of Eleanor Scott Martin
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p020.jpg (31847 bytes)
Downtown Big Spring about 1910     Photo Credits
The sign on the building says "Doran and Hicks"
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1849 tornado

1880 essay on history of Big Spring

Look for Down Home Days each year the first weekend in June. 
Official website for Big Spring Township fund.
Township Forum

From the diary of Capt John Kasey, Jr., December 20, 1839: "The big spring has improved considerably since the year 1830.  There is at this time 3 stores; 1 grocery, 2 tavern houses & 1 church (a brick one) and several dwelling houses;   work shops: one tailor & 2 sadlers;  2 blacksmiths shops.    Thence went to brother James S. Kaseys and found all well & stayed all night.  The 20th looked over James's Land.  He has a very good tract of 400 Acres.  We walked over it and found an other Spring on the land and he is well satisfied."   Click here for the complete diary courtesy of Pam Kasey, pkaseys.jpg (6602 bytes).

List of businesses from 1859 from Ancestral News, also the 1895 list.

o Crutcher House   
o Headlines 1879-1884 from Herald News, Hardensburg, Kentucky
o Herald News article Aug. 31, 1978
o Elizabethtown Examiner article Dec. 31, 1975
o Rev. Daniel L. Collie m. Sallie C. Morris of Big Spring, Sept. 18, 1877
o Big Spring Homemakers organized March 1932
o Moorman blanket from 1800 plantation
o Clarkson - Hardaway home
o Herald News article  July  6,  1988   "Dodge City"
o Herald News article  July 13, 1988  (general history)
o Dock Minter family 1913 from Fay Minter, Feb. 2008
o Lucases 50th wedding anniversary
o Olla Mae Hardaway
o Juanita Board
o Charles W. Cundiff
o Thelma Lucas

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McHenry Meador

more photos

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McHenry Meador

"Neighborhood Sketches" by Walter H. Kiser, (The Courier - Journal ??) about January 1941 *

crutcher.gif (170192 bytes)
detail                     The Crutcher Place, Big Spring, Ky.

About 1839 or 1840 Burr H. Crutcher built this red brick house in Hardin County, near the Meade County line, twenty miles from Elizabethtown and about seven miles from what is now State Highway 60.  The main part of the building consists of four spacious rooms, two upstairs and two down, with a large central hall in which is a graceful stairway.   This part has both attic and basement.  The fireplace in the kitchen has a crane.  The window frames are put together with wooden pegs.  The window panes are eight by ten inches,  twenty-four panes to a window.  The floors are of various widths of ash.  A one-story addition, made years after the house was built, has three rooms.  The house was damaged by a tornado in 1849.

Burr Crutcher was so named because just four months prior to his birth Aaron Burr was a guest in the home of his father, William Crutcher, in Brandenburg, Ky.  Dr. John D. Strother bought the place about 1868, and his daughter, Mrs. James W. Moorman, is the present owner.  It is now the home of Mr. and Mrs. Moorman.


best.jpg (133164 bytes)
Shelby Best's blacksmith shop in downtown Big Spring      1920
Photo from Joanna Best Lucas in 2002.  This photo also submitted by Herb
Hodges to "Memories of Meade County", the Kentucky Bicentennial
Commission, Mrs. Marjorie Wilson Watts, Chairperson, Meade County Fiscal
Court, Henry M. Ross, Judge/Executive, 1992. 


* An ad on the back of the clipping includes a "December 31, 1940 Annual Statement"  copied by Jesse Brown Scott, February 1999, from files of Jack Jeffers Scott.

Photo Credits:

This photo is #7 from Walter Jeffers Collection.