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200th Year Celebration 12 Sept 2004
o Our 200th year celebration will be on 12 September. Activities are still being finalized. I have sent an informal invitation to past ministers. We do know that Sunday School will begin at 9 AM EST/EDT, Church services at 9:45 EST/EDT, lunch will be served on the grounds, and music during the afternoon.     .... from Martha Foote Crisp....

o A brief history supplied by Thomas J. Stith
o A revision to this history from 200th Year Celebration Service
o Gen Web stuff  shows where these history write-ups came from

o Membership list from 1888 with note from Olla Mae Clarkson from 1965 explaining the circumstances of the list.

o Obituary of Bro. Jolly d. Dec. 16, 1910.
o Obituary of Benjamin Akers Hardaway d. December 18, 1909.

The Sunday School in the 1950s
   Several pictures in the stack collected at the 200th celebration.

   Carlie Ross