High Ground Cemetery at the old Hill Grove

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photos 26 September 2003     Compilation of grave stones by Frances Shacklett Fast, November 1940.

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This view is from the top of the ridge to the north of the present Hill Grove Church. The view is across a hollow.   The ridge
continues around the hollow to the right and on to the cemetery which is marked by a red arrow. 

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This is a view of the cemetery from the old road the goes by.  The grave stone of Rachel Ashcraft Shacklett is
marked by a black arrow.

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This is a close-up of Rachel Ashcraft Shacklett's
grave stone. 

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This is a close-up of the grave stone of General Blancet Shacklett.  It is lying on the
ground in several pieces near that of his wife, Rachel's, stone.

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This stone reads "Elijah Ashcraft, Born Oct 17_4, Dead Jan 10, 1829"

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This is Thomas J. Stith inspecting an old barn near the cemetery.  These two old barns are the only buildings left of a fairly
extensive settlement that used to stand in the area near the cemetery.