Shacklette  (from Rachel Hardin 5 June, 1999)

John Shacklette b 1678
Ben b 1710
John b 1747
   (2) Ben b 1774 m Elizabeth Ashcraft
           Elijah b 1813 m Mary (Polly) Saunders
                Richard b 1858
                     Irby b 1889 m Guy Hardin
                        Rachel b 1922
   (7) John b 1785 m Rachel Wimp
           Hannah b 1802 m John Hayden Taylor
                Rachel b 1827 m Samuel Williams
                   Hannah b 1849 m Thomas J. Stith
                   Viola b 1863 m Richard Shacklette (above)

                         Irby Shacklette m. Hardin (obituary)
   (10) Jesse b 1791 m Sallie Dodson (niece of Elizabeth Ashcraft above)
            Blanchert b 1818 m Elizabeth Wimp niece of Rachel Wimp above
                 Jesse b 1838 m Louisa Tobin
                     Wade b 1868 m Alice Morgan
                         #5 Edith b 1907 Major in Army Nurse Corps
                 Richard b 1849 m Cornelia Haynes
                     Mattie b 1878 m William Atwill

Jesse B. died July 4, 1936 at Grand Gulf, miss or La where he went with a boatload of provisions and got yellow fever. Son Blanchert was with him.

I knew Edith Shacklette's family was related to Wimps. It was not the John Shacklette/Rachel Wimp but his nephew Blanchert Shacklette and Elizabeth Wimp.

Another son of Blanchert was Richard, father of Mattie who is in your female group picture at Uncle Jakey's birthday party. Cousin Dick and Cousin Neelv sat in second pew at church. Their daughter Mattie would join them when she arrived from her farm down the road but her husband never did - sat in hack. Why, I asked. Mom said in the Haynes (Cousin Neely) and Atwill families a girl got pregnant by a boy in the other family and her father shot him. From that point on the Haynes and Atwills did not speak. Even though that happened years before Mattie and her very pleasant husband Will's births, her mother refused to speak to him. Aren't people crazy?

29 May 1999 Rachell Hardin note:
        One of those Shackletts Carol just posted had a descendent named Edith Shacklett, older than I, who was an army nurse prior to WWII stationed in Phillipines when it fell to the Japanese. All during the war people in Brandenburg wondered where she was. Last Sunday I read a book review in the NYTimes of We Band of Angels and darned if I did not get the book from the
library that soon and couldn't put it down. All about the nurses who fled from Manilla to Bataan to Corregidor where they were captured and held at St. Thomas prison from 1942 to 1945. She was mentioned fairly frequently. My cousin Nancy saw her picture in an army museum in Texas, just where I'll have to ask her. I thought she was in that Bataan march but not so according to this book. She stayed in army and retired around San Antonio, died of old age some years back.