Taylor Ancestry

From material originally compiled from notes of Frances Shacklette Fast by Rachel Hardin for a Shacklette family reunion and passed to Harriet Fast Scott and then to Jessie Virginia Scott Williams in July 1991.  Transcribed by Carol Anne Scott May 1999.


John Hayden Taylor
        b 5-16-1798 d 6-23-1846
               m Hannah Shacklett (3-9-1819) b 10-31-1802 Pa d 6-13-1877 Meade Co.

John Hayden Taylor was buried in a family cemetery on their farm and his servant was buried nearby with a small grindstone as a marker. Lois Groves found his gravestone leaning against a tree and had it moved to Buck Grove just before she died, since the family plot was not kept up by later owners of the farm.

Their children were:

      1.  Jess
              m Sophia Harlan   Lived in Owensboro
                    Atlanta m Poole
                    Bell m Herman
                                 Sophia m John Lashly - lived in Russelville
                    Kitty m Daniels
                    Harlan - unmarried
      2.  Jacob b 1825        1st class of U. Louisville Medical School  * (see note below on # of class)
             m Fanny Mosby of Alabama
                   Martha Bliss (Mattie) m Dr. Enlow

Jacob was a surgeon (see records) in Vicksburg during Civil War. Both died of yellow fever and are buried in Natchez. After his wife's death he sent his little girl home to be raised by his sister Rachel.

      3. Albert (?) - died young

      4.  Rachel b 1-13-1827 d 8-29-1895
           m Sam Williams (See Separate chart)

      5. Ben b 1829
            m Ann Wimp
            m 2nd    Stith
            m 3rd Ann McGill

     6.  Eunice b 1838 (in 1880, she, a widow, was living with sister-in-law Betsy)
           m Dr. Henry Frank of Cloverport
           m John Harl of Colusa, Cal.

     7.  Dan b 1839 d during Civil War of yellow fever.
          ** See note below (death of yellow fever may not be accurate)

     8.  Mahlon b 1842 - Lived in Louisville
          m Elizabeth Hardaway
                Eva m Crooks
                Blanch m Gilbert Smith

     9.  John b 1846 d 1880
           m Betsy Shacklett (See Elijah Shacklett chart)

     10.  Sarah
          m Dudley Jones
             James Dudley m Rachel Saunders (see pictures)

     11.  Barbara ? - died young

*   {Maybe Jacob did graduate in lst class of Louisville Medical School. I read
in my KY history book a medical school was opened in 1834 but there were 2
medical colleges in Louisville! That one was opened under auspices of
Center College. U. of L. opened in 1846 but whether they had a medical
school right away I don't find. Anyway he would have been old enough to be
in the lst class. I always thought  his daughter was
asked to take part in the ceremony because he was in first class. -- Rachel Hardin 1999}

** {I have Dan died 10-14-1868 and that he was Capt. (I can't believe this )Co.
F, lst Cavalry of KY, enlisted Big Spring 8-14-1862. Brother Ben was
private in same company and brother Mahlon 2nd Sgt same company. Report of
Adj. Gen. of KY Vol. l. -- Rachel Hardin 1999}

      m Sarah Hayden

     Their children were:
                 John Hayden Taylor b 5-16-1798, Fayette Co., Pa d 6-23-1846 Ky

I have no other information about this family.

The 1790 Pa Census listed Fenwick Taylor, Edward's father, in George's Township with 1 Male over 16, 3 Males under 16 and 6 Females.

At this point, we will vary the format and pick up John Hayden Taylor's wife, Hannah Shacklett's family - Shackletts again and on the maternal side, Wimp.

Then we will continue with the Haydens back to the 12th century.

         b 2-25-1785 d 9-10-1823
                  m. in Pa. Rachel Wimp b 1-13-1784 d 11-17-1871

Their children were:

1.  Hannah b 10-31-1802 d 6-3-1877
           m. 5-9-1819 John Hayden Taylor
                    SEE SEPARATE CHART

2.  Ben Gager b 6-30-1804 d 6-30-1851 of cholera in Brandenburg
             m. 9-8-1828 Susan Wimp

                        John G d 7-4-1851 unmarried
                       James A. m. Eleanor Warfield
                       Elizabeth m. Rev. John Dave Richardson

3.  Barbara b 11-26-1806 d 9-2-1864
            m. Judson Willett d 9-9-1844, age 32

                       Ben m Mary Marton
                       Bachelor Richard - unmarried
                       John S. m  1 Martha Parr 2 Mary Parr
                       Dan B. died in Confederate Army in Griffen, Ga.
                       Judson m Hannah Setser
                       Rachel m William Jordan
                       Susan m Dan Brooks

4.  John b 11-20-1808 d 4-5-1834
             m. Susan Frymire
                       James m Isabella Chaurnard

5.  Margaret 10-3-1810 d 10-22-1871
           m Thompson Kendall
                       Mary Ann m Ben G Carrico
                       Ben G m Emma Logan 2. Grace Morrison
                       Horace T. m 1874 Elizabeth English
                                (Graduate Ann Arbor 1871, Co. Atty 1875 Senator 1885)
                       Steve unmarried, accidentally killed by member of his Home Guards

6.  Daniel H. 2-6-1813 d 9-29-1858
           m. 8-22-1838 Mary Shacklett d Jesse & Sara Dotson
                    Eliza m Brooks Enloe
                    Rachel m Wm. McCarty
                    Jesse Murray m Sallie Worden
                    Ben Rosen m ---  Towns
                    John m   --- Bennett
                    Bernice m Eliza Wright

7.  Mary b 1-23-1815 d 8-3-1864
            m. Richard Willett (m 2nd Cindy Horne Sipes)
                      Hannah m James Albright
                      Barbara m Dan Flora
                      Rachel unmarried
                      Ann unmarried
                     Judson m Elizabeth Lawson
                     Jesse S. m Fannie Woodring
                     William m Katie Partlow
                     Dan m Bettie McGruder
                    Richard m      Overall
                    Thompson m Harriet Gailbraith
                    James m Allie Brown

8.  Sophia b 9-20-1817 d 12-17-1886
            m. Dan (White Eye) Shacklett s Jesse & Sara Dodson
                     Ben m Lulu Redd
                     Blancett m Mary Priscilla Sipes

9.  Sarah b 3-23-1820 d 7-10-1896
          m. John Gilbert Shacklett s Jesse & Sara Dodson
                  Jesse B. m Ann Smith (Children died of typhoid)
                                Annie m Proc Shumate
                  Dan R. m Ann Warfield
                  Blant m Sallie Richardson d John Dave
                  Ben G. m Glovie Wright
                  Sara Rachel - unmarried

10.  Jesse Doc b 6-8-1822 d 7-16-1905
          m. Mahala Shacklett d Blant and Rachel Ashcraft
                    Blant Marion
                    Malinda Richard m Florence Linton
                    Mary Wimp m David Hanspire
                    Elizabeth - unmarried
                    Sara Blant m James Horn
                    Rachel m Napoleon Tobin 2 Sam Suell
                    John Taylor m Mary Ebaline Coleman
                    James H

From Arthur Shacklette's notebook

In Dr. Ridenour's Early Times in Meade County he mentions as early as 1815 there were no church organizations and itinerant preachers went long distances to visit the new settlements. John Shacklett was one of these. Mention is also made of Elizabeth Ashfcraft Shacklett and Rachel Wimp Shacklett (sisters-in-law) held church meetings in their cabins and promoted the eventual building of Hill Grove Baptist Church.

             b. c. 1741 Penns. d 1819
                    m. Rosina Kirkpatrick or Margaret Fickle

John Wimp was a sergeant in the American Revolution, serving in Capt. Floy'd company of Cumberland County Militia, Penna, commanded by Col. William Chambers, 1779. He moved to Meade County in 1809. There was some dispute among his descendents just who his wife was. Frances Fast, our family historian, decided upon Rosina Kirkpatrick and thought perhaps Margaret Fickle was the wife of an older John Wimp who, tradition says, was at Braddock's defeat, 1755.

Their children were:
            m. Jane
            m. Rachel Welch
            m. Polly Shacklett d. Blant and Rachel Ashcraft
            m. Mariah Simmons
            m. Elizabeth Simmons
            m. Rachel
       Rachel b 1-13-1784 d 11-17-1871
            m. John Shacklett 12-31-1801. He was b 2-25-1785 d 9-10-1823
            m. 2nd James Ross 3-8-1830. He was b 3-17-1784 d 7-18-1861
            m. 12-12-1813 Absolem Ashcraft
            m. George Dowell

According to "Early Times in Meade County", John Wimp was well educated. He was a Mason and had a Masonic Medal which he greatly prized, having brought it from the old country, which was tied about his neck and buried with him as requested. This book says he married Rosina in Ireland and that he came to Meade County about 1810 with Shackletts.