The following notes are from Jeanette, December 2004, regarding William Hayden

(Note: William Haden's son John married Charity Gard. John and Charity Hayden had a daughter Sarah who married Edward Taylor.  This is my line from Taylor back to Hayden. JBS)

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I noticed in your website that you had a William Haden(Hadon). My seventh great-grandfather was Henry Taylor(1757-1823). Henry also lived on the Great Cacapehon River. There are several entrys in the book "Hampshire Co. Minute Book-1788-1791" on my Henry Taylor and William Hayden.

On Aug. 15, 1788-Henry Taylor vs. Wm. Haydon in a suit and was contin'd.
On Aug. 16, 1788-William Haydon vs. Henry Taylor in a suit and was contin'd.
On Oct. 16, 1788-Henry Taylor vs. William Haydon
On Oct. 16, 1788-William Haydon vs. Henry Taylor in a petition that was cont'd.
On Mar. 14, 1789-Henry Taylor vs. William Haydon in a suit that was cont'd.
On Mar. 14, 1789-William Haydon vs. Henry Taylor in a petition that was cont'd.
On May 15, 1789-Henry Taylor vs. William Haydon Trespass settl'd
On May 15, 1789-William Haydon vs. Henry Taylor Trespass Dismissed
On May 15, 1789-William Haydon vs. Henry Taylor Petition discont'd.      

William Haydon is on the 1781-1782 Hampshire Co., Va. Personal Property tax list: with tiths of l , (slaves above 12 is blank), Horses 3, and cattle 2. Our Henry (unless he was called John) is not on this list nor on the census. We found him in other ways, the census just missed him. Henry is in Hampshire Co., for about Eleven years and then he went to Washington Co., Ohio.
Do you know what Henry and William were fussing about?


The following is what I know of Haydon:
William Haydon, 2 Dec., 1785, (Fayette Co., Ky)(Ky. was part of Va., until 1792) 425 acres on Kentucky River adj. his preemption. William Haydon, 5 Mar., 1789, Hampshire Co., Va., 950 acres on the waters of Great Cacapehon adj. lands of John Capper, and James Coddy & c. His neighbors were Francis Graves, Christopher Whitzle (June, 1796) Also in Dec. 1804, A Jesse Pugh is on the drains of Great Cacapehon adj. William Hayden and Phillip Groves &c. Also a Humphrey Marshal, 14 Aug., 1786- Fayette Co., Ky, has 260 acres on Kentucky River in and near the Lees Town Bottom, adj. William Hayden's preemption.

The other names in your site that I noticed was Oliplant and Lot Gard. One of our family researchers named Carmen, in 1980, felt that Lot Gard had something to do with our Henry. But she died before she found a connection. I only know of Lot
being a clerk in Center twp., Morgan County, Ohio, the same time period of our Henry being there too, in the early elections, there in 1819. I know there was a Samuel Gard on Capon Bridge that had a tannery there, early. There is a Wm. Oliplant who was elected one of two justices of the peace in Center Twp., Morgan Co., Ohio in 1822. The first two elections were contested by our Henry Taylor. I noticed you mentioned an "Oliphant Furnace", Penns. I wonder if there is any connection there.? 

Also, evidently there was a Taylor that married a Haydon. Maybe you can fill me in on something here. My Henry
Taylor has been a brick wall for quite a while. We can't seem to find a paper trail to his father. Our descendant cousins in Darke Co., Ohio say his father is a John, but our line is out of John W.(Henry's son).  Something is not right. John W's daughter Elizabeth, married a Scott from Morgan Co., and they all went to Whiteside, Illinois.  There have been several people in our Henry Taylor line that have just been stumped. Right now I am searching in Old Pr. William Co., Va., and Fauquier Co., Va. I am finding names there who are also in Hampshire later, and later up in Ohio.

I get my land grant information from the LIBRARY OF VIRGINIA. They have a website that is http// The information on Samuel Gard who had the tannery on Capon Bridge came from Maud Pugh's, books-"Capon Valley"-"Its Pioneers and their Descendants", 1698-1940, Vol. II, p. 52. You asked about the Oliphant Furnace, Penns.   This was under the John Hayden section, evidently this is where John Hayden died in July of 1836; this was in your website. I also found that a CORNELIUS GARD was a witness to a deed of our Henry Taylor's and wife Mary when they sold their land in Hampshire Co., W. Va. They sold this land to a Valentine Switzer in 1797. I don't know enough about these Gard people. They seem to be wherever our Henry is.