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Essay on John Hayden, immigrant 1630, by William Dowell.
Notes on William Hayden from Jeanette, December 2004.

Line of Nehemiah Hayden 1798-1820.  Submitted by Ernie Jones, October 2005.  This line comes from Stephen Hayden son of William Hayden (b. 1727).  See below on this page. See also note from Ernie Jones, January 2007.

The Haydon Family Parish documents on the Cadhay Manor Devon Line, from Tom Keys, tomkeystx@gmail.com   (email June 2011) .  These are 2 pages from the documents pages 458 and 459.  From Tom:  "All of the Haydon/Haydens have been trying for YEARS to prove if John and William Hayden of the Mary and John Ship of 1630 did or did not belong to the Cadhay Manor Family of Gideon Hayden. I
surely wanted them too also, but NO THEY DID NOT. William is NOT even listed on the family records and the John who is listed , married, stayed in England and raised a family there."  Tom Keys has a lot of English info on Heydon/Haydon/Hayden families.   Let me know if you need a higher resolution scan of the two pages.  I cut the resolution to save web space.

The following material is from material originally compiled from notes of Frances Shacklette Fast by Rachel Hardin for a Shacklette family reunion and passed to Harriet Fast Scott and then to Jessie Virginia Scott Williams in July 1991.  Transcribed by Carol Anne Scott June 1999. 
Mayflower connection.

          b. 8-26-1749 Morris County, New Jersey d 7-24-1836 Oliphant Furnace, Penns.
          m. CHARITY GARD b 1751 d 12-25-1797 Uniontown, Pa. (White Rock Cemetary)
          m. 2d 3-1-1798 Mary Snider b 9-26-1773, Virginia d 1862 Hopwood, Penns.

John Hayden was born in Morris County, New Jersey, baptized 1756 at the Episcopal Church at Shrewsburg, New Jersey.  He served during the Revolution in Capt. Josiah Hall's Company, Col. Jacob Ford's Regiment of New Jersey Militia guarding the shore at Elizabethtown opposite Staten Island.  In 1778 he and his wife and two or three children moved to Fayette County, Pa., George's Township and later Haydentown, Pa. was named after him.  He is said to have been the first man to discover iron west of the Allegheny Mountains and was defrauded by his partner.

   John Hayden and Charity Gard's children were:

         Jonathan b 11-16-1774 Morristown New Jersey d 1847 Montgomery Co, Ind.
                m. Rebecca Taylor b 1-1780 (daughter of Fenwick and Experience Taylor.)

        Hannah b 1775 d 12-6-1811

        Stephen b 3-20-1776 Morristown, New Jersey d 1-18-1857 Burlingtown, Iowa
                m. Margaret Detron

       Jacob b 5-18-1783 Penns. d 1874 Meade Co. Ky.
               m. Sophia Shacklett (daughter of John Blanchette Shacklett and Barbara Quick)

              m. Hannah Shacklett (probably an error here?)

      Charity b 4-7-1789
              m. Joseph Williams 2d James Rinear

      Daniel b 6-1790
             m. Hannah Shacklett (sister of Sophia)

             m. Samuel Burley

             m. Edward Taylor


John Hayden and Mary Snider's children were:

        Henry b 12-16-1790
              m. Mary Peters

        Benjamin  b 9-6-1800

        Susan b 12-11-1804
              m. Abraham Childs

        Catharine b 10-2-1805 d 1883 Hopwood Penns.
              m. John Holsman

        Lydia b 1-24-1807

        Samuel b 11-30-1809 d Wisconsin
                Nancy Hall

        Joseph b 7-9-1812

        Mary b 2-19-1814 d 1874 Smithfield, Penns.
             m. Solomon Smith

      Abraham b 2-14-1818

       Squire Ayres b 12-4-1819
            m. Nancy Johnson



          b 10-5-1727 Braintree, Mass d 1823 Hampshire Co., W. VA
                 m c 1749 LYDIA KIERSTEDE
                        Bap. 2-14-1725, Richmond County, Staten Island N.Y. d 1794 W. VA

William Hayden married Lydia Casted (Kierstede) and lived in Morristown, N.Jer.  His children were baptized at Shrewsburg Church same day as Christopher Hayden's children.  He moved to Louden County, VA about 1760 and to Hampshire Co, VA about 1781.  He and 5 of his sons served in Rev. War.  He was granted 950 acres on Timber Ridge on the Great Cacapon River in Hampshire Co, Va, now W. Va in 1785.

Their children were:

         John b 10-26-1749 d 7-24-1836
               m Charity Gard

         Stephen bap. 10-31-1756

         Enoch b 3-27-1755 d 7-16-1843

         Noah b 3-27-1755

         Hosea bap 10-16-1757

         Charlotte bap 10-9-1774

         William Belemus b 3-15-1776
                 This son was deeded land by his parents in W. Va. and it is thought his father lived with him until his death.





          The family records vary as to the list of children and some omit the last four.

The lineage of Lydia Kierstede who married William Hayden

         m. TRYNTIE JONAS - First generation in this country.

         Their daughter was:

         Anneke Jans

A morganatic union between William, the Silent, Prince of Orange and an unknown maiden produced two children, Sara and Jan (Wolfert) Webber.  Wolfert apparently never came to this country but his wife (or widow?) Tryntie Jonas came to New Amsterdam as a professional midwife in the employ of the West India Company.  She stood sponsor for her grandsons at their baptisms and finally for Hans Kierstede, her great-grandson, grandchild of her daughter Anneke Jans Roclofse Bogardus.

John Rocloffson
         m. Anneke Jans Webber who m. 2nd in 1638 Everardus Bogardus.

         Their children were:

         Sara b 1621 d c 1693

                m. Cornelius Brower


After the death of her first husband, Roclofse, Anneke married the Rev. Everardus Bogardus in 1638.  They lived in New Rochelle, New York which suggests that was the reason Anneke did not act on the edict made by the English when they took over New Amsterdam and renamed it New York.  Much has been written about Anneke Jans and her farm which was confiscated by the English when she failed to file her claim to land with the new government.  It was incorporated into the King's farm and in 1703 was presented by Queen Anne to Trinity Church which now stands at the head of Wall Street.   In her will dated Jan. 29, 1663 Anneke instructs her son-in-law, Cornelius Brower, to recover their lawful right to the land now in the possession of Trinity Church of England in New York within 12 months.  In 1663 her home in Beverwyck was sold in settlement of her estate.

Dr. Hans Kierstede         d c. 1668
       m. 6-27-1642 Sara Rocloffse

       Their 7th child was:


Dr. Kierstede was a "chirugen" for Dutch East India Co. in New Amsterdam designated in his marriage license as a "young man from Van Maegdenburg."   After his death Sara married Cornelius Van Borsum and 3rd Elbert Stouthoff.

Sara Rocloffse Kierstede Van Borsum Southoff left a lengthy will dated July 29, 1693 in which first are named her children by Kierstede.  Her house was on the north corner of Pearl and Whitehall, now site of Trinity churchyard.  Sara was well acquainted with the Indian language and acted as interpreter for Peter Stuyvesant.

Jacobus Kierstede bp. 11-18-1663
         m. 5-22-1691 Anne Holmes b 12-20-1670

         Their children were:

         Samuel bp 5-16-1697

         Hans b 1692

         Jacobus b 1699

Letters of Administration were granted Jan. 9, 1702/3 to William Teller upon the estate of his brother-in-law Jacobus Kierstede, chirugeon, and his wife, Ann, lately deceased who left three sons, Hans aged 10, Samuel aged 7, and Jacobus aged 3.  The inventory of his estate showed 1 dwelling house, 15 old chirugeon books, lot of small amount.

Samuel Kierstede b. 1695 d 1733
          m. c 1718-19 Lydia Dey (or Deuy)

          Their children were

          Samuel bp. 3-27-1720 Dutch Reformed Church, Staten Island

          John bp. 1723 d 1751

          Lydia bp 2-14-1724-25

Letters of Administration were granted June 5, 1733 to principal creditor (James Hayward) of Samuel Kierstede, shoemaker, Richmond, Staten Island, N.Y. who died intestate.  Letters of Administration on the estate of John Kierstede of Richmond, deceased, were granted to his brother Samuel Aug 13, 1751.  This indicates the family of Samuel Kierstede, Senior, remained on Staten Island and that William Hayden and Lydia were married there.  No record has been located of their marriage but the birthdate of John Hayden, the oldest son, indicates it was 1748.

              b 2-22-1683 Braintree, Mass
                      m. Priscilla Webb b 9-1-1697 Braintree, Mass.

In 1727 Samuel and his wife Priscilla conveyed her inheritance consisting of housing, farm land and a mill to her brother John Webb.  On one property transaction Samuel was listed as a miller.  About 1746 his name and the names of several sons disappear from the Braintree records.  It has not been discovered where Samuel and his wife died but their children's children were baptized at about this time in New Jersey, a common immigrant path at that time from Mass., and it is presumed Samuel and his wife moved to Long Island or Staten Island.

Their children were:

       Samuel Hayden b 10-1-1714 d 10-6-1714

       Samuel b 1-20-1716
                m. Esther Allen 11-12-1737

       Amy b 8-26-1717 d?baptized? 9- -1717

       Christopher b 2-18-1719 d 1804 in Morris Co., New Jersey
               m. Elizabeth Sutton

       Richard b 1-22-1720
                 m. Mary Hobart

        Jeremiah b 12-29-1722

        Nehemiah b 1-3-1724

        Nathaniel b 2-21-1725 d 9-5-1812 Westmoreland Co., Pa.
                  m. Zerviah Sutton

         William b 10-5-1727 d 1823 Rio, West Virginia
                 m. Lydia Kierstede

           b. 12-1-1657 Braintree, Mass. d 6-6-1727 Salem, Mass.
                   m. Ruth Bass b 1-28-1662 d 6-5-1699
                   m. 2d Amy Hayden b 9-16-1672 d 11-18-1732 (they also had many children)

Their children were:

        Ruth b 5-7-1684

        Peter b 12-25-1685

        David b 9-27-1687

        Christopher b 12-30-1689

        Hannah b 3-14-1692 d 5-17-1693

        Hannah b 9-8-1695

        John b 3-10-1693
                m. Mary

        Joseph b 6-17-1696

        Priscilla b 9-1-1697
               m. Samuel Hayden

        Mary b 10-5-1698

         b 1630 - England d 5-30-1694 Braintree, Mass.
                   m. Hannah Scott 11-18-1654 Braintree     b 1635 d 12-30-1718

He was Representative from Braintree in 1689-1690

Their children were:

        John b 10-23-1655
                m. Behtia Adams 5- -1680

        Peter b 12-1-1657 d 6-6-1727
                m. Ruth Bass

        Samuel b 8-6-1660 d 1739 Windam, Conn.
                m. Mary Adams 12-16-1686

       Christopher b 3-25-1663 d 3- -1689
                m. Mary Bass

        Hannah b 9-5-1665
                m. Capt. John Adams

        Benjamin b 2-2-1667

        Mary b 9-6-1669
                 m. Capt. Peter Adams 2-12-1694

        Joseph b 3-15-1672

        Abigail b 8-13-1675

        M. Hannah
                 m. 2d John Harbor 7-21-1647

Their children were:

         Hannah b 1635 d 12-30-1718
                   m. Christopher Webb 11-18-1654

         John b 10-25-1640

         Peter b 3-6-1643 d 8-11-1693

         Benjamin d 1683

           m. Humility b 1588 d 11- -1687

He came to America in 1645 and settled in Braintree, Mass.  He was a Freeman in 1645 and moved to Ballerica about 1655.

Their children were:

Christopher b 1630 England
         m. Hannah Scott

        m. Zachariah Buckwater



            b 1632 d 9-12-1674 Braintree, Mass.
                 m. Ruth Alden 2-3-1657, married by her father, John Alden, Magistrate
                         b. 1635 d 10-12-1674 Braintree, Mass.

                 m. 2nd Hannah Sturtevant 7-21-1675

John Bass was a wheel-wright.

Their children were:

        John b 11-26-1658 d 9-31-1724
                m. Abigail Adams and 2nd Rebecca Savil

        Samuel b 3-25-1660 d 2-20-1751 East Bridgewater, Mass.
                m. Mary Adams

         Ruth b 1-28-1662 d 6-5-1699
                m. Peter Webb 1683

         Joseph b 12-5-1665 d 11-22-1733 Boston
                m. Mary Belcher and 2nd Lois Rogers

         Hannah b 6-22-1667 d 11-24-1705
                 m. Joseph Adams 1687
                      (Grandparents of John Adams)

         Mary b 2-11-1669 d after 12-31-1716
                  m. Christopher Webb and 2nd William Copeland

         Sarah b 5-29-1672
                   m. 1-7-1692 Ephriam Thayer

              b. 1600 in England d 12-30-1694 Braintree, Mass.
                       m. Anna Sutton
                               b. 1600 d 9-5-1693 Braintree, Mass.

Samuel Bass and his wife came from England to America about 1630.  He was admitted a Freeman 5-14-1634.  They settled in Roxburg, then moved to Braintree about 1640.   He was the first deacon of the church and remained in that position about 50 years.   He was one of the leading citizens of Braintree for many years.  When he died he left 162 direct descendants.

Their children were:

       Samuel b. 1648 in England
                m. Mary Howard

       Hannah b in England
                 m. Stephen Paine 11-15-1651

       Mary b 2-26-1643 in England
                 m. Capt. John Capen of Dorchester 1647

       John b 1632
                 m. Ruth Alden

                  m. Sarah Wood 10-4-1660 2nd Susanna (Bates) Balnchard 1680

       Joseph d 1-16-1714
                  m. Mary 2d. Deborah

                m. John Stone of Watertown - a deacon
                m. Joseph Penniman of Braintree - a deacon

       William d 8-21-1753

           b. 1599 d 9-12-1687 Doxburg, Mass.
               m. Priscilla Mullins 1621 Plymouth

John Alden left no will as he had already given his land to his children.  The youngest signer of the Compact and the last survivor of that immortal band, he joined the Mayflower Pilgrims at Southampton, sailing as a cooper.  Under the law at that time every vessel sailing from an English port must carry a cooper.  He had not been identified with the Separatists prior to that time and his contract provided that he might return when the Mayflower went back but he did not.  Tradition states he was the son of a clergyman of the established church and a college man.  He held many offices, acted as a surveyor and as an attorney and altogether gave forty-three years' service to the colony.

Their children were:

        John b 1622 Plymouth d 3-11-1701 Boston
              m. Elizabeth Everell 4-1-1660

        Joseph b 1624 d 2-8-1697 Bridgewater, Mass.
              m. Mary Simmons

        Elizabeth b 1625 Plymouth d 5-31-1717 Little Compton, R.I.
              m. William Paybody 12-26 -1644 at Duxbury

        Jonathon b 1632 d 2-17-1697 buried "under arms" Duxbury, Mass
              m. Abigail Hallett 12-10-1672

        Sarah b 1629
               m. Alexander Standish, son of Capt. Miles Standish

        Ruth b 1635 d 10-12-1674 Braintree, Mass.
               m. John Bass 12-3-1657

        Mary b 1643 d before 1699

        David b c 1646 d 5-20-1719 Duxbury, Mass
               m. Mary Southworth

                m. Thomas Delano


        Priscilla b 1637
               m. Samuel Cheesebourough 1699

John and Priscilla Alden had 70 grandchildren and 418 great grandchildren.

          B. England.  Left Dorking in the county of Surrey in 1620 d 21 Feb 1620.
                m. Alice

William Mullins was a man of some property in Dorking, Surrey owning a house with an acre and a half of land and outbuildings between West Street and Church Street which still stands - Nos 58-62 West Street, Dorking.  He was a Dissenter and was called before the Privy Council but the case was dismissed.  Three years later he sold his property and with his wife Alice, two younger children, Joseph and Priscilla and a man-servant sailed on board the Mayflower.  Sickness sped through the settlement and he died February 21, 1621 and his wife and son died also.  His will was returned on the Mayflower April 2, 1621 and his married daughter in England was appointed administratrix.

Their children were:

                   m.       Blunder

           William who remained in England


                    m. John Alden

            b 12-14-1647 Braintree, Mass; d 1-12-1718 Braintree
                     m. 3-16-1678 Hannah Neale b c 1657 Providence, R.I. d 2-7-1720

Nehemiah Hayden was a life-long resident of Braintree, Mass. and was extremely active in governmental affairs of the town, serving continuously as a Selectman.  He was a surveyor of highways and on many town committees.  He served in the Company of Capt. Prentice during King Philip's War, participating in the Mt. Hope Campaign.

Their children were:

         Nehemiah b 5-16-1680 d 2-24-1749
                  m. 10-31-1795 Mary Curtis

         Hannah b 7-16-1681 d 6-4-1762
                  m. Nathaniel Stevens

         Mary b 1682 d 11-10-1717
                  m. 1702 Samuel Hayden

         Samuel b 2-22-1683
                  m. Priscilla Webb

         Benjamin b 2-22-1686 d 5-4-1738
                  m. 5-12-1722 Elizabeth Faxon

         Rachel b 4-22-1694 d 10-3-1739
                  m. Samuel Paine

         John b 10-4-1691
                  m. Mary Curtis

         Ebenezer b 1692
                  m. 11-30-1719 Mary Hollis
                  m. Rebecca Staples

         Jonathan b 6-4-1699
                  m. 12-22-1719 Sarah Copeland

           B 1611 Somerset, Devonshire, England d 7-26-1682 Braintree, Mass.
                    m. 1634 Susanna Dullen b 1614 d 2-9-1684 Braintree, Mass.

John Hayden and a younger brother, William Hayden, came to New England aboard the John and Mary which landed at Dorchester, Mass. in 1630.  John probably moved to Braintree in 1640 as the birth of his son Jonathon is recorded on the second page of the Braintree records.  He settled near the Iron Works and was connected with the First Iron Works in Mass.

Their children were:

         John b 1635 Dorchester, Mass d 5-29-1718 Braintree
                 m. Hannah Ames    4-6-1660

         Joseph b 1636 d 1695

         Many records show John Hayden's requests for county assistance for this "distracted or possessed child."

          Samuel b 1838 d 1675
                   m. Hannah Thayer 10-28-1664

          Jonathan b 5-19-1640 d 6-5-1718
                   m. 4-20-1669 Elizabeth Ladd

          Hannah b 2-7-1642 d 7-13-1669

          Ebenezer b 12-7-1645 d 2-13-1717
                   m. prior 1679 Ann Thompson

         Nehemiah b 2-14-1647 d 1-12-1717
                    m. 3-16-1678 Hannah Neale

Two brothers, William and John, came to America in 1630 on the "Mary and John" in the company of 300, landing in Dorchester, Mass.  John, from whom we are descended later moved to Braintree, Mass. and William to Windsor, Conn.  As early as 1883 the Hayden family had a reunion in Windsor, Conn with 300 people present.   Prior to that reunion several had been to England and visited their relatives, the ancestral estates, looked up their "lines" and their coat of arms.

In the 1930's a Hayden quarterly was published for about 4 years called the Hayden Families and it has lately been published again.  The Rev. William B. Hayden of Portland, Maine, a descendant of John, published a genealogy in 1887.  At that time he could not quite pinpoint the parents of William and John but now it is in all the printed material Gideon was the father and presumably they have made the connection in the last 100 years.  (See top of page for details on why John was not son of Gideon.)

According to the Rev. William B. Hayden's material the Norfolk Line included:

1. Thomas de Heydon of Heydon, in South Erpingham b. c. 1185 d. 1250. He was justice itinerant in Norfolk County in 1221.  He was the first judge of Norfolk appointed under Magna Charta.

2. William Heydon, eldest son, succeeded him on the estate of Heydon.  He was b about 1220 d 1272.  He was no doubt the father of

3. John de Heydon, the judge and ancestor of the Devon line as the records state the judge was a younger son of one of the Norfolk family.  This judge flourished in 1273.  He was "younger brother of William who is the third of the Norfolk line, judge in this County Devon in the first year of the reign of Edward I (1273).

4. Robert Heydon appears to have been the first to change the spelling of the first syllable by inserting an a instead of e.  He settled at Boughwood, an estate in the parish of Harpford.  His wife's name was Joan.

5. Henry Haydon appears to have married his own cousin or near relation as this Juliann is stated to be "daughter and heir of Haydon of Ebford." Their son

6. William Haydon inherited Boughwood, followed by his son

7. Robert Haydon of Boughwood, who was succeeded by his son,

8. John Haydon of Boughwood, whose son,

9. Henry Haydon of Boughwood and Ebford, seems to have been the first to come into full possession of both estates. This was in the reign of Richard II, 1397.  He was succeeded by his son, John, who did not have heirs so he was succeeded by his brother,

10. William Haydon of Lymston who married and had issue.  The fourth son,

11. Richard Haydon was living on the estates during the reign of Edward IV, 1476.  He was succeeded by his son,

12. Richard Haydon of Boughwood and Ebford, who was living there during Henry VIII's reign, 1522.  He married daughter of Maurice Trent, Joan, and had three sons - Thomas of Boughwood and Ebford, John of Cadhay and George.

John incorporated the parish of Ottery St. Mary - 1st transfer from Romanists to Protestants.  He married Joan, Heir of Cadhay, daughter of Hugh Granville, and John made this into a lovely estate.  Being childless he left this to his grandnephew, Robert Haydon.

13. Thomas Haydon of Ebford, oldest son of Richard, married Joan, daughter of Richard Weeks and their son,

14. Thomas Haydon of Hills in Kilmiston, Boughwood and Ebford married Christine, daughter of Robert Tidersleigh of Tidersleigh in Dorsetshire.  Their son,

15. Robert became heir to Cadhay and resided there.  He married Joan, daughter of Sir Amias Paulet of George Hinton, Somerset and was living in 1620.  He was succeeded by his eldest son,

16. Gideon Haydon, Esq. of Ebford and Cadhay, who married Margaret, daughter of John Davy of Creedy and they had seven sons and five daughters.  He was succeeded by his eldest son Gideon but other sons, William and John came to America 1632-1633.

The author goes on to explain how this estate of Cadhay is still in the hands (when he visited in 1877) of heirs who had received it through the female lines.  He surmised it had not changed hands for 700 years except by inheritance.