Letter from Ruth Fontaine Scott to her brother Jesse (d. 1956)

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Dear Jesse
      Since you are so interested in the letters of Peter Fontaine and you  have an accurate account of Aaron moving to Louisville -- I see no reason why you should not take up with James Terrill and keep some account of our family -- JamesTerrill had 4 children who moved to Missouri in 1832 and settled where are now Independence and Lexington Missouri -- Mathilda married William Bailey Bonn.  Alex, 2nd sister, married to Dr. John Forshee -- and maybe William Maury went at that time -- William Maury had a number of children and started out to have their middle names for the county in which they were born - but changed middle names during civil war - for Confederate Generals as my father had been named Charles Davies (county in Ky) with his name changed to Charles Beuregard - and Annie Meade to Annie Lee --

James Terrill was "no account" - tradition says.  .............  and his brother Aaron Jr. went to Meade Co. and bought 600 acres land in the then "Barrens" for him to settle in .  He married March 4, 1799 Deborah Hobbs.   Her parents, Joseph Hobbs and Anne Maynard had settled in Nelson Co. Kentucky -- He was from Frederick Maryland - had served in the Revolution - and after moving to Ky was a Delegate from Nelson Co. to the 1st State Convention in 1792. 

James Terill evidently didn't stand in well with his father-in-law as Joseph Hobbs left Deborah nothing and mentions the slaves that he had given to her and James had sold.   But Deb. came of thrifty Dutch Stick and managed well - Her children married well.   She lived to be 96 and died, I am told, from eating the wrong kind of mushrooms that she had gathered. 
   William Maury , born 1813, married Martha Foushee - who was 15 and he was 30 - He had moved to Missouri then back to Davies Co. Ky. -- Then back to Brandenburg where he bought a river bottom farm about 5 mi. above Brandenburg - he died young - 1864 - and left a young wife and large family.  The eldest son James took charge of the farm -- He had married his first cousin Louisa Foushee in 1872 the day after there was an eclipse of the sun.
    One son Thomas got into trouble and left town.  He took an assumed name - married  - went to the Spanish .............


Some notes in a different hand writing:

.... in Maryland July 20-776, in the Flying Camp (in Vol xviii) archives of Maryland page 40)
1788 Joseph Hovvs sold land in Fredrick Co. Md. also relinquished of Anne his wife.
1792 Joseph Hobbs was a member of the convention of Ky that met at Danville which   ... the first constitution of Ky.

Daughters       and         sons                 of Joseph and Ann Maynard Hobbs are:
Sarah Dorsey          Thomas Hobbs
Rachel Hobbs          Zachariah Hobbs
Susanna Stone         Nathen Hobbs
Mary  Tevis
Deborah Fontaine
Elizabeth Waddy

James Terrell Fontaine and Deborah Hobbs m. December 31, 1799  sons:
  Massena  m. first Miss Buckner  one child Martha m. Jones
                 m. second Pomeroy children:  Amelia, Adeline, Julia, Massena, Thomas
  Alexander m. Miss Nevins
      shot in Mo during Civil War   children:   William James, Debora, Francis, Barbara
      Methodist minister in Louisiana