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Notes from file of Walter C. Scott (His source seems to be partly from the autobiography of James Fontaine.).  Photos from file of Irene Louise Scott Parks (again, her source?)

Peter Fontaine's sermon at family reunion, June 1, 1723.
See photo of Deborah Hobbs below.

From a newspaper article in (Courier Journal, 1914)

Another newspaper article "Century of Old Fontaine Estate". (Courier Journal, 1914)

More on Charles Beauregard Fontaine

Interview with Stith Phillips Fontaine by Jack J. Scott

bisket.gif (58151 bytes)
Anne Boursiquot about 1685
description of Anne by
James Fontaine

John de la Fontaine, born about 1500, in the province of Maine, near the borders of Normandy, was murdered at his home in the city of Le Maus, 1563. Held a commission in the household of Francis I, in what was called "Les Ordonnances du Roi." Name of wife and date of marriage unknown.  His wife was also murdered in 1563 on account of their religion.  Four children.

    1. name unknown; born about 1545.
    2. James; born about 1548.
    3. Abraham; born about 1551.
    4. name unknown; born about 1554.

James de la Fontaine, born about 1548, probably at Le Maus, died 1633 leaving his family 9000 livres, engaged in commerce. Name of wife and date of marriage unknown. Had several children but only three lived to be grown, two daughters and one son. Probably spent most of his life at Rochelle.

    1. daughter, unknown.
    2. daughter, unknown.
    3. James; born at Rochelle in 1603.
James Fontaine, born 1603, at Rochelle, Scholar, teacher and minister, married 1st to Miss Thompson at London, England, 1628, was pastor of the United Churches of Vaux and Royan. 6 children by his first wife.

Caption: "Jacques de la Fontaine, Huguenot of Rochelle, France, married Mlle. Chaillon of Pons in Santoigne.  Born 1603 - Died 1666.

jdelaf.gif (60061 bytes)
    1. Jane; married Mr. L’Hommeau.
    2. Judith; married Mr. Guiennot.
    3. James; minister, pastor Archiac, in Saintonge.
    4. Elizabeth; married Mr. Sautreau.
    5. Peter; minister, assisted and later succeeded his father.
    6. Francis; died young.

Married secondly to Marie Chaillon, in 1641, she was from the neighborhood of Pons, in Saintonge, where here father possessed considerable property and resided at a country place named Rue au Roy. They purchased and resided at the estate of Jenouille and adjacent manor of Jaffe, by this wife he had five children.

    1. Susan; married Stephen Gachot.
    2. Peter; minister at Saintonge and Salles.
    3. Mary; married Peter Forestier.
    4. Ann; married Leon Testard Sieru des Meslars.
    5. James; born Apr 7. 1658
James Fontaine, born at Jenouille, April 7, 1658, educated for the ministry, inherited estate of his father, served in prison for the cause of Protestantism. Escaped from France on Nov. 30, 1685, just after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, landed Barnstaple, England on Dec. 1, 1685. He took his fiance, Anne Boursiquot, her sister Elizabeth and Janette Forestier, his niece.

"James Fontaine, the 'Fighting Huguenot.'   [Born in Santiogne, France, April 7, 1658.  Escaped during the persecution to England.  Father of James and Peter Fontaine, of Virginia.]" (From file of Irene Louise Scott Parks; her source?)


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James Fontaine
bisket.gif (58151 bytes)
Anne Boursiquot

     His bold escape on Nov. 30 1685 included several near brushes with disaster. Married Feb. 8, 1686 at the Perish Church Barnstaple, England. Resided at various places in England and engaged himself in various occupations, including preaching, teaching, shop-keeping, and manufacturing. Moved to Cork in 1694, preached and taught. In 1699 moved to Bear Haven Ireland where he engaged in fishing and farming and later maintained a Fort. Was captured and held for ransom by French Privateers. Later moved to Dublin where he resided until his death. In every undertaking he seemed to do well and gain the highest esteem, having been appointed to several important offices in Ireland. Eight children.

    1. James; born 1686, arrived in Virginia in Oct. 1717, settled at Christianne, on Meherrin River on at tract of land John had obtained. Several children, names not given.
    2. Aaron; born 1688, died before reaching manhood.
    3. Mary Anne; born 1690, died 1755 in Virginia, married in 1716 in Dublin, Ireland, Matthew Maury of Castel Mauron, Gascony, came to Virginia in 1718.
    4. Moses; born 1694?, studied for ministry but on account of his timidity did not feel like he could be successful at it. Later took up engraving and was very successful; died in London.
    5. Elizabeth; born 1701.
    6. Peter (1694 - 1757) ; came to Virginia in 1716.  Rector Westover Parish on James River for 40 years.
    7. John; born 1693?, died in London. He was a solider. May 28, 1715, John landed in Virginia. His trip was for the purpose of seeing if it was a suitable place for his brothers. He was a member of Col. Spotswood’s party over the Appalachians from Aug. 20, 1716 – Sep. 17, 1716. Knight of Golden Horseshoe.
    8. Francis; born 1697, came to Virginia, and was a professor at W&M College and Rector of York-Hampton Parish.
Rev. Peter Fontaine (1694 - 1757) was born at Taunton, in England, was a brother of Mary Anne Maury, emigrated to Virginia in 1716, and was minister of Westover Parish for many years until his death in 1757. 

Caption: "The Rev. Peter Fontaine, son of James Fontaine, graduated from Dublin University in 1716 and migrated to Virginia."  Another Caption: "The Rev. Peter Fontaine, [Of Westover, Parish, Virginia - Colonial Period - 1750 - Chaplain to Col. William Evelyn Byrd.]"

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  Married first Elizabeth Fourreau and had two children:

    1. Mary Ann, b 1718; married Isaac Winston.
    2. Peter; b 1720 m. E. Winston.  Was a surveyor in Halifax, Virginia. Had three sons, John, William and James. William was a Colonel in the Continental Army; James was a major in the Kentucky volunteers and was killed while endeavoring to make a brave escape after being ambushed by Indians after the Revolutionary war.

Married secondly to Elizabeth  Wade, of Virginia, by her he had six children. Died July 1757.

    1. Moses; born about 1742; m Ballard;  lawyer; went to England to study and remained there.
    2. Sarah; born about 1744.
    3. Elizabeth; born about 1747; m William Mills
    4. Joseph; born about 1748.
    5. Aaron; b 1753; d 1823; to Louisville 1798.
    6. Abraham; born about 1756.


Col. Aaron Fontaine, born November 30, 1753, Charles City County, Virginia, died Louisville, KY in April 1823. Was reared by his sister Mrs. Isaac Winston. Married first in 1773  to Barbara Terrell, born 1756 died 1796. She was granddaughter of Col. William Overton of Glencaim, Hanover, Co., Virginia, and traces her lineage to the Royal house of Stuart. Came to Kentucky and settled at Harrods Creek, Jefferson County, 1798. Twelve children.

Note on photograph: "Came to Louisville 1798."

Descendents of Aaron Fontaine -- comprehensive list, abbreviated list

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   Col. Aaron Fontaine  "He became a planter in Louisa county and married Barbara Terrill, the daughter of Anne and Richmond Terrill and granddaughter of William Overton, of Glencairn.  Mrs. Aaron Fontaine's great-grandmother .... was the sister of the young Duke of Monmouth (in England).  In the Stuart gallery in London, near the portraits of ... Charles II and .... Nell Gwynne, are paintings of ... Mary Waters and her brother.
   "Aaron Fontaine sold his plantation in Virginia and came to Kentucky with his family at the beginning of the century.  His wife, who was in frail health, did not survive the journey, but a family of twelve children and a son-in-law, Fortunatus Cosby,  who had married the writer's ancestress, Mary Anne Fontaine, made the long and perilous trip in safety and settled in the village of Louisville.  Capt. Fontaine - as he was called - purchased a farm on the banks of the Ohio and established "Fountaine's Ferry."  The site of the old homestead is now - a hundred years later - a pleasure resort and park  Capt Fontaine took for his second wife Mrs. Elizabeth Whiting Thruston. ....   "    Charles D. Jacob, a prominent resident of Louisville, is a descendent.  A Louisville park is named after him.  Another park, Baxter Square, was donated to Louisville by Judge Fortunatus Cosby, another descendant.   ....   from a newspaper clipping "Century of Old Fontaine Estate" from 1914 by Mary Lytle Byers. ... source: Courier Journal?...

    1. Peter; born 1774; m Catherine Taylor
    2. James Terrell; born 11/19/1776; m Deborah Hobbs
    3. Mary Anne; born 1778, m Fortunatus Cosby in Virginia.
    4. Elizabeth; born 1780; d 1807; m Edmund Bullock of Fayette County, Ky., on May 19, 1799.
    5. Matilda; born 1782; m on Feb. 12, 1800 to Thomas Prather.
    6. Martha (Patsy Minor?); born 1785; m Alexander Pope.
    7. Sarah; born 1787; m April 16, 1810, to G.R.C. Floyd.
    8. Maria; born 1789; m June 24, 1810 to Sterling Grimes of Georgia.
    9. America; born 1791; m on Jan. 16, 1809 to W.S. Vernon.
    10. William Maury; born 1793.
    11. Barbara Carr; born 1794, Cosby.
    12. Ann Overton; born 1796; m June 16, 1811 to J.T. Jacobs.

Married secondly in 1803 to Mrs. Elizabeth T. Thurston in Louisville, KY. (Widow of Col. John Thurston.)

    1. Alexander Madison Fontaine b 1803
    2. Henry Whiting Fontaine b 1807
    3. Emeline Dillon Fontaine b 1809
    4. Aaron Benjamin Fontaine b 1811

James Terrell Fontaine, born 11/19/1776 in Virginia. Married March 4, 1799 to Deborah Hobbs (b. 1776, d. 1867) in Shelby County Kentucky on March 31. The Hobbs family came from Maryland. Died 1840, 11 children.  James T. Fontaine is buried in Fontaine cemetery in Brandenburg Ky.
Deborah Hobbs pictured at right.  Deborah Hobbs is also buried in Fontaine cemetery.

More on Deborah Hobbs
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detailed list of descendents of James Terrell Fontaine
children of James and Deborah Fontaine and some descendents:

               Some of the following dates from   Bob Juch, January 2003.  Text.
               most data from Harriet Fast Scott

    1. Massena (Messena) Fontaine (b 19 Jan 1800, d. 22 Mar 1849); married Emily Pendleton Buckner (b abt 1804 d abt 1834)
         m. 24 Jul 1823 in Louisville  
         m. 2nd Melita (Malitta) Pomeroy son:
             Massena Fontaine, Jr. b. 17 Aug 1839 d. 25 May 1889
    2. Ann Maynard (Nancy) Fontaine  m. Charles Herman Wilmans
    3. William Fontaine died inf
    4. Matilda Jane Prather Fontaine married William Bailey Clark Brown
    5. Mary (Ann or Elizabeth) Pope Fontaine m.  Lewis Kincheloe
    6. Alexander Ralston Fontaine  m. Mary Ann (Marian Swan) Nevins
    7. William Maury Fontaine m. Martha Elizabeth Foushee
    8. Peter Fontaine m. Martha Jane Foushee  son:
          Massena Fontaine b. 1849  Was living in Peter Fontaine House in Brandenburg around 1890 to 1900.
                                         (Photo available, jbs.)
    9. Barbara T. (Cosby?) Fontaine m. James Joseph William Henry Lewis
    10. James Terrill Fontaine, Jr  m. Elizabeth Rawls
    11. Mariah Grymes Fontaine married Philip C. Bell
    12. Martha Elizabeth Fontaine b. 1824; married John Woolfolk Foushee


William Maury Fontaine, born May 6, 1813, died September 3, 1864. Married June 5th 1844 to Martha Elizabeth Foushee (b. Feb. 20, 1830, d. June 30, 1887) in Meade County KY. 8 children.  Wm. M. Fontaine is buried in the Fontaine cemetery in Brandenburg Ky. 

Back of photograph at right: "Martha Fontaine.  Mrs. M.E. Fontaine March 25th 1886.  She out lived Wm Maury by 24 years.  Married Wm Maury when she was 15.  Wm Maury was 33."

Caption on photograph at right: "William Maury Fontaine son of James Terrill and Deborah Hobbs Fontaine Born 1816 in Louisville, Ky.

wmf.gif (52159 bytes)
William Maury Fontaine
mfoushee.gif (55996 bytes)
Martha Foushee Fontaine

             1.  James William Fontaine b. 26 Aug 1845; married Louisa Foushee children:
                  Ernest Henderson Fontaine m. Nelson "Nell" Dunlap
                  Edward Butler Fontaine b. 17 Nov 1883 m.  Alberta Moremen Drury
                  Beulah Fontaine m. Hook
             2.  Mildred Ann "Toka" Fontaine b. 10 May 1849; married William Christopher McGehee in 1868
                         1. Eugene Charles "Boss"  McGhee m. Virginia May Roberts   children:
                                1.   John McGhee m. Marie Hager
                                      Eugene Lee "Boss Lee" McGhee
                                  2. Davis McGhee
                                      Chris McGhee
                                      Eugene McGhee
                                      Tom McGhee
                                       Phillip McGhee
                                  3. Mildred McGhee
                                  4. Martha Nell McGhee
                                  5. Anne Phillips McGhee m. Lamkin
                           2.   Elizabeth "Nell" McGehee  m. Tom E. Jenkins
                           3.   Eva Davis McGehee  m. John P. Sandage had one child:
                                    John Sandage m. Louise ... lived in Louisville)
                           4.   Kate Fontaine McGehee   m. G. M. Kearns  (lived near Cincinnatti)
              3.   Thomas Hobbs Fontaine b. 1852, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, died 4 Feb 1927,
                   Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee,    m. Mary E. Moore "Molly" 
                   Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) MOORE born: Between 1868-1872, Kentucky, died 1962,
                  Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee, m: 8 Jun 1886, Oakdale, Morgan County, Tennessee,
                                par: William Young MOORE and Mary C. PENIX\PENNIX\PHOENIX
                               1. Annie Lee MOORE born: May 1887, Tennessee.. One daughter.
                               2.  Adelina Moore (adopted by Dietz) born: Feb 1892, Oakdale, Morgan County, Tennessee,
                                      died 19 Mar 1916, Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee. One son, one daughter.
                               3.  Charles Joseph Moore (adopted by Dietz but changed name to FONTAINE in 1926)
                                     born: 27 Oct 1893, Hamilton County, Tennessee, died About 1932, Hamilton County, Tennessee.
                                     One son, one daughter.
                   Mary Moore married 2nd a Mr. Dietz

              4.   Kate Fontaine b. 22 July 1853     
              5.   Anna M. Fontaine; died young
              6.   Charles Beauregard Fontaine b. 1859; married Irene Buckner Stith               
              7.   Jefferson Davis Fontaine; died young
               8.   Anna Lee (Annie, Anne) Fontaine b. about 1863; married J.M. Phillips.
                     Lived her later years on Cecil Avenue in Louisville with brother Morgan Fontaine.
               9.   Morgan H. Fontaine b. about 1865; married Minnie Hardin.  two children:  
                             1.   Virgil Hardin Fontaine  3 children:
                                    Robert Fontaine (b. 1915)
                                    Virgil Hardin Fontaine (b. 1920)
                                    John Fontaine (b. 1925).
                             2. Mildred Lee Fontaine b. 1890  d. 3/30/1910  m. Wilbur McGuffin  one child:
                                     Maury Fontaine McGuffin (3/7/1910 - 9/15/1988)
                                            Raised by Morgan and Minnie Fontaine
                                            Maury F. McGuffin m. 1st Lillian Hays Fanelli (3/31/1909 - 2/13/1979) one child
Maury F. McGuffin m. 2nd  ??  children??

This person fits somewhere:
                               daughter m. Richardson
                                  her son:   John Morgan Richardson  owned Peter Fontaine house in Brandenburg in 1930s

More on this family from news article in 1939.

Charles Beauregard Fontaine, born April 19, 1859, Meade County Kentucky, died March 12, 1924, Fort Smith Arkansas. Married Jan. 7 1886 to Irene Buckner Stith (b. 09/21/1867 d. 05/22/1915), daughter of T.J. Stith of Meade County Kentucky. Married at Willard Hotel (Louisville, Kentucky). Charles, at this time, was Commonwealth Attorney of Meade County, KY. Left Kentucky early fall of 1887 and went to Fort Smith Arkansas. cbfontne.gif (48418 bytes) ibs1897p.gif (50937 bytes)
    1. Ruth.
    2. Diva.
    3. David Lewis.
    4. Charles; died as infant.
    5. Jesse Turner; born Aug. 4, ???? in Van Buren, Arkansas. Married to Zada Choate of Knoxville Arkansas at Gore, OK on Oct 5, 1915.
    6. Stith Phillips



Further reading:


1.  Memoirs of a Huguenot Family: Translated and compiled from the original autobiography of the  Rev. James Fontaine, and other family manuscripts; comprising an original journal of travels in Virginia, New-York, etc., in 1715 and 1716. by Ann Maury Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Company 1967.  Reprint of the Expanded Edition, New York, 1853.  Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 67-22179.  Excerpt from the time in Cork Ireland HERE.

2.  The Huguenots, Samuel Smiles, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1972
      Excerpt regarding James Fontaine and descendents is HERE.

3.  A TALE OF THE HUGUENOTS, (by James Fontaine) OR MEMOIRS OF A FRENCH REFUGEE FAMILY, TRANSLATED AND COMPILED FROM THE ORINGINAL MANUSCRIPTS OF JAMES FONTAINE, BY ONE OF HIS DESCENDANTS. WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY F.L. HAWKES, D. D., Showing to the generations to come the praises of the Lord, and his strength, that they should make them known to their children.  That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments.--Psalm 78., NEW YORK: JOHN S. TAYLOR,
THEOLOGICAL AND SUNDAY SCHOOL BOOKSELLER, Corner of Park Row and Spruce Street. ....... 1838.