Spring Comes to Woodspoint

    As March comes to the woods with occasional warm days, tiny blue flowers start to peep out.  Service trees show glimpses of white through the trees.   Gradually a green misty veil creeps through the woods.  The buds of Redbud and Dogwood look ready to burst.  Walking through the woods, one sees trees rubbed bare of bark on one side by deer rubbing their antlers.  Occasionally a pair of discarded antlers may be found.  Mayapple buds break through and fiddle head ferns are abundant in old fern beds.  As April approaches you begin to think of the favorite places to search for Morels. 
    Down in Froman Hollow, Dog Tooth Violets bloom along side Blood root and Wild Ginger.  White Trillium, Blue Bells, Dutchman Britches and Solomon Seal are found.  In shady glades Jack in the Pulpit of all varieties lurk.
    Now the Hickory and Buckeye leaves came out, the Red Bud blooms followed by Dogwood.  Sounds of Spring are to be heard with birds everywhere calling and singing.  The peepers start their clamor mingling with falling water along Scott Creek.  Walking through the leaves you see critters of all sorts scurrying and the land terrapin with his leisurely pace.  A Bald Eagle or Red Tail Hawk swoops from the trees along the cliffs toward the river while buzzards circle lazily over head. 
    Spring progresses rapidly as leaves come out and the woods become dark, damp, and cool.  Life comes alive as Spring Rains and Sun hold forth.

Jack Scott