Jack Jeffers Scott


Compiled by Jess B. Scott

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Captions from each page:

June 1920, Walter L. and Ruth Scott, Walter C., Rena Lou, Jessie, Mary, and Bill
Summer 1926, Walter L. Scott, Mary, Bill, Jack, Jimmie
Walter L. Scott

House at Scott Hill Farm, John Scott Witt on porch
Rena Lou at Granny Scott's house
House at Scott Hill Farm, Jack, Margarete, Burnette

October 1924, Walter Lee Scott family, Walter C., Rena Lou, Jesse, Mary, Jack, Bill, Jimmie
with, Uncle Jess Hardaway, Mary Ladd Witt,
Walter Lee Scott family with Uncle Jess Hardaway.
Ruth Fontaine Scott with (Jack and Jim)

House at Scott Hill Farm
Walter L. and Ruth Scott
Walter L. and Ruth Scott Walter C., Rena Lou, Jessie, Mary, Bill, June 1920
The Scott children, Late summer 1924

Walter C. Scott with six unidentified girls
House at Scott Hill Farm, Late summer 1924, Walter C., Rena Lou, Jessie, Mary, Bill, Jack, Jimmie, Ruth

House at Scott Hill Farm, Walter L. Scott and Ruth
Ma and Mary at Garrett, Meade County, Ky
House at Scott Hill Farm, Rena Lou with Bill Scott, Rachel Hardin, Margarete Burnette, Betty Ray, Jack Scott
Rena Lou

4H Club activity, Garrett, Meade County Ky. Ruth Scott, Mary Scott, Leroy Burnette
Mr. Hopper was county agent, previous county agent was Mr. Hafer
Walter Lee Scott
Ruth Fontaine Scott

The Scott Boys at the Home Place about 1927
Walter L., Walter C., Bill, Jack, Jimmy

Scott Family, 1934 at the Dr. Stith House
Walter L., Ruth F., Walter C., Rena Lou, Jessie V., Mary F.,
William H., Jack J., James F., L.S. Ruby, Rachel Hardin
Walter L. and Ruth Scott

Walter Lee Scott and sons: Walter C., William H., Jack J., James F.
Gerard Foote, Amanda, Rena Lou, Russell Parks

Fontaine House, Brandenburg, Meade Co. Ky.
Walter L., Walter C., William H., Jack J., James F.

Scott family, Bill, Walter Lee, Walter C.
Fontaine House in Brandenburg, Walter C., Jimmie, Jack, Rena Lou, Bill, Nuisance (Walter's dog)
Nuisance and Jack

January 1934, Jessie, Jack and Oscar (dog), Jimmie, Rachel Hardin (Beluk)
7 Scott kids in Brandenburg, summer 1934, Walter C., Rena Lou, Jessie, Mary, Bill, Jack, Jim

Easter Sunday 1935 in Brandenburg
Granny Scott, Margaret Scott Witt, Rena Lou Scott, Mary F. Scott Foote, Sue Foote, Jack Scott, Mary Ladd Witt, John Scott Witt, Margaret Alma Witt

Ferry at Cairo (Ohio R)
Fontaine House, Ruth, Jack, Jimmie, a friend from Arkansas

Jack, Jimmie, Gene Walton

Jack and Daisy (pig)
Jack, Jimmy, Walter C. Scott's dog Nuisance, visitors Reeves or Sandage

Kentucky Westlian College, Winchester Ky., Church youth group summer assembly. Jack attended before college. Jack and others.

Anther photo of Kentucky Westlian College, Winchester Ky., Church youth group summer assembly with Jack Scott.

January 1937, Main Street Brandenburg

Main Street Brandenburg, January 1937

Main Street Brandenburg, January 1937, more views

Fontaine House, Brandenburg Ky, about 1935

Getting papers off the train at Brandenburg Station ~1939, Ruth Scott and (Jack?)
Jack about 1939
Main street Brandenburg Jan 1937

August 1920 at Walter Lee Scott Home in Stith Valley Kentucky
C.B. Fontaine, Lenora, Walter C., Rena Lou, Jessie V., Mary, Bill

Unknown man with one eye, tin type from Jack Scott's carriage house winter 1998
Jesse Turner Fontaine about 1938
Unknown man and woman by car (Jesse Fontaine?)

Jesse Turner Fontaine and Francis Williams 1938
C.B. Fontaine
Walter Lee Scott

p025.max Jack Scott collection
Charles Beauregard Fontaine
Unknown man and woman, from tin type courtesy Jack Scott
Walter Lee Scott
Unknown woman from tin type in cloth frame, bad condition

p026.max Jack Scott collection
Charles B. Fontaine, Mitchell's Studio, Ft Smith Ark
Bessie Ferguson, Van Buren Ark, November 1902, Ma's High School Friend
Stith Phillips Fontaine b Aug 29, 1902, baby picture
Diva, baby picture

p027.max Jack Scott collection
Summer 1913 at Charles Lee Scott home in Stith Valley, Meade County, Kentucky
Charles Lee Scott, Laddy Scott, Thomas J. Stith, Hannah Stith, Ruth Scott, Walter Charles Scott, Rena Lou Scott, Sally Williams (Wife of Jake Wms), Fannie Williams Brammer (Daughter of Sally & Jake), Sarah Margaret (Daughter of Fannie)

Family portrait,Piggot Arkansas, Diva Fontaine Reves b June 26, 1889 (Mrs. Will Reves), Fontaine Reves b Sept 1911, Helen Reves b Apr 10, 1914, son Norman Reves, not shown, b 1918
Man about 30, old photo in tin & glass frame "R. Stevenson &Co., 48 Delaware Street, Leavenworth, Kansas
Woman about 20, photo in tin & glass frame, frame matched frame of above photo, this photo covered tin type photo of bearded man
Bearded man, tin type under photo
Ruth Fontaine Scott and (Walter Charles Scott?)

p029.max Jack Scott collection
Bearded man, tin type from behind photo
Minnie Cain Todd sister of Olive Jeffers
Piggot Arkansas December 15, 1912 (courtesy Ruth Parks), Diva Fontaine Reves, 23 years, Irene Stith Fontaine, 45 years
Paris Arkansas 1889 or 90 Ruth & Diva Fontaine ages 3 months & 2 years courtesy Jack Scott

p030.max Jack Scott collection
Fontaine house in Brandenburg with unidentified (Fontaine?) family, late 1800s?
Unidentified house and barn, Arkansas?, late 1800s?

Miss Ladd in garden in Stith Valley
Miss Ladd 1957
Adelissa Hardaway Scott (1930?) Frame embossed: "The R.V.Adams photo studio Eldora, IA.

p032.max Jack Scott collection
Hardaway House in Stith Valley, Laddy Scott, John Williams, Mary Ladd, Dottie?, Jake Williams?, John Witt, Fletcher, Jessie Scott, Aunt Mag Hardaway, Mary Richard Hardaway

Christmas 1941 - House of Alice & Jack Scott converted from barn fall of 41. Ruth, Walter C., Bill, Jack, Jimmy
Fontaine House in Brandenburg
Aug 1976 Mary, Jimmie, Rena Lou, Jessie, Bill, Jack, Walter; Doe Run 4 family reunion

p034.max Jack Scott collection
Williams family at 1923 reunion at Doe Run, Thomas Williams, Enfield Williams Shacklett, Hannah William's Stith, Jake Williams
Bondurant Family, Brandenburg, 1914, Minnie Alice Bland Bondurant, James Henry Bondurant, James William, Richard Bland, Martha Scott, Mildred Alice

p035.max from Jack Scott
below: Ruth in front of house about 1946
Scott family residence in Brandenburg 1934 - 1944 sold in 1949
Birthday party for Jesse Scott Williams, Jessie, Maytie, Fletcher,
Jack Scott, Navy photo
Ruth Fontaine Scott, portrait

p036.max from Jack Scott
Aerial photo of Scott hill farm (1960?)

p037.max Jack Scott collection
These pictures taken at the Walter L. Scott farm in Stith Valley, Meade County, Ky, October 1924
Aunt Alma, Jack
Uncle Jess Hardaway with Walter, Rena Lou, Jessie, Mary, Bill, Jack, Mary Ladd Witt

p039.max Jack Scott collection
House on Scott Hill Farm about 1939
House on Scott Hill Farm about 1929

House on Scott Hill Farm about 1939

"Dennis - Walter & some others - May 1927"
Dennis Allen, Ekron Ky, May 1927
Walter Charles Scott, Stith Valley, May 1927
Curtis Brown, (ran RECC), (wife ran Doe Run Inn), May 1927
Jack Scott
Jack 1937
Minnie Alice Bondurant, 1937
Gas Station in Hardinsburg Ky, Sue Foote, Ed Foote, Phillip Foote

p042.max Jack Scott collection
8th grade class of 1937, Brandenburg Ky
Back l to r: Maud Miller ( teacher); Wilbur Brown; Carl Secuskie (b Eugene); Harry Coleman (killed in WW II); C. K. Miller (father of Kim Miller)
Middle: Ronald Hoskinson; Barnett Medley; William David Dooley; Ray Coleman, Jr.; John Allie English; William Gordon Trent
Front: Ethel Louise Thompson; Mary Louise Cox (s James); Velma Pollock (s Edna May); Minnie Alice Bondurant; Dorothy Miller
Mildred Shelton (s Nannie May); Geraldine Doner (s C. W. Doner); Lillian Allen; Reva Lois StClair; Nina Fern Dowell (s Hellen)
Note: s = sister to; b = brother to; Ronald Hoskinson was cousin of Willard Hoskinson and was valedictorian as senior.
Mrs. Miller was substituting as home room teacher when this photo was made.

p043.max Jack Scott collection
Sophomore class of 1937, Brandenburg Ky
Back, left to right: Roy Fowler; Lewis Bondurant; Nevitt Powell; Harold Wise; Glynn Heavren (killed in WW II); Paul Waddell
Middle row: Maud Miller (teacher); James Cox; ...... Haynes; Jack Scott; Hugh Drury; C. W. Doner; Buster Wilson; Edna May Pollock
Front row: Jennie Rose Smith; Nannie May Shelton; Mildred Board; Hazel Givens; not identified; Virginia Allen; Hellen Dowell
Margureite Burnett; Dorothy Lusk; Mary Virginia Moreman; Mildred Dooley
Note: Lewis Bondurant is uncle to Minnie Alice Bondurant

p044.max Jack Scott collection
Scott's Store, Brandenburg, Ky. 1940. L to R front: Ruth Fontaine Scott, Mrs. Ida Dugan (from Ekron),
Jack Scott 18, Jim Scott 16, Willard Hoskinson
To back on left Roy Jr. - Coleman; face to Rt. Larry Meyer. Store at top of Hill in Brandenburg.

Scott's Store Brandenburg Ky 1940, Store at top of hill in Brandenburg
Mrs. Ruth F. Scott, Mrs. Ida Dugan from Ekron, Jack Scott - 18, Jim Scott - 16, Willard Hoskinson, Larry Mayer, Roy Jr. - Coleman, Hershey's bar

p046.max Jack Scott collection
"The Kirtley Home Big Springs, Kentucky by J. Lebind Jones" This was previously the home of Henry Winfield Scott and Eleanor (Ellen) Purcelle Scott (Purcelles were from Elizabethtown). Photo of painting given to Jack Scott by Col. E. C. Kirtley in August 1973. James L. Kirtley bought the land from the Scotts in about 1908.

p047.max Jack Scott collection
"Mr. & Mrs. Ruth - Aunt Lucinda raised Mrs. Ruth - They lived most of their lives in San Jose Calif " From back of photo, referring to Lucinda Cain Stith. Photo: Rifenburg Co. 241 South 1st St. San Jose Cal.
Sam Henry Stith

Andrew Coleman brother of Elizabeth Coleman Cain brother of Olive Jeffers' mother
J. Andrew Cain, father of Luther Mack and Ben Cain
"Cousin Lizzie Cain, William Cain, Lillian Todd, Luther Mack and Ben Cain, twins"
Elizabeth Coleman Cain m. John D. Cain
William Cain son ???
Lillian Todd Cain, daughter of Minnie Todd Cain

Coz Olive Adkisson, Aunt Mary's Daughter
3 portraits of unidentified men

The children of bethel orphan home, Kingswood, Kentucky, (early 1900s?)

Unidentified school photo, of the same type as Shumate School, (early 1900s?)

Unidentified children
4 unidentified young adults sitting on remains of roof. Probably after storm.

3 unidentified men and one unidentified boy

4 portraits of unidentified men

Timber cutting crew, late (1800s?). Caption: "A Carter, Custer, KY, Extra Fine Finish.

Family photo in front of house. Four adults, one baby, one dog. (Arkansas? early 1900s?)

Unidentified school photo, similar construction as Shumate School but larger, (Early 1900s?)

2 portraits of unidentified men

Group of men, women and children in front of store. Men have hammers like for railroad crew. Caption: A Carter, Custer, KY. Extra Fine Finish.

Group of men in uniform in front of (jail?) (early 1900s?)

Another group of men in uniform (early 1900s?)

Unidentified group portrait. Four women and three men by park bench.

Photograph from late summer 1920.  Walter Charles is in the left foreground at 11 years.
Ma (Ruth F. Scott) holds Bill (William F. Scott), 10 months, to the right of Walter C. Scott.
Walter Lee Scott stands behind Ruth to the right.  Granny Scott (Louise Adalisa Hardaway Scott) stands to the right with Mary Fontaine Scott at 3 years.  To the right of Walter Lee Scott stands Aunt Wivie Ship.  Uncle Winfield stands on the left next to Aunt Carra Dee. Then Aunt Mag Hardaway. In the back behind Aunt Wivie stands John Williams and then Aunt Mago (Margaret Scott Witt). Aunt Mago holds Mary Ladd behind John Scott Witt. Picture was taken at Granny Scott's house.

Uncle Jesse Hardaway and some of the Walter L. Scott kids. Rena Lou on right. 1920
Walter Lee Scott and kids, Mary, Jack, Bill, Jimmie 1927

Williams family at 1923 reunion at Doe Run
Thomas Williams, Enfield Shacklett, Hannah Stith, Jake Williams

Advance Indiana, Winfield's farm

Advance Indiana, Winfield's farm, another view

Portrait October 24, 1912. Charles Lee Scott and Louisa Adelissa Hardaway Scott with grandchildren, Walter Charles Scott and Irene Louise Scott (Rena Lou).

Photo on porch about 1912. Thomas Walter Scott, Sue Hill Scott, Charles Lee Scott, Adelisa Louise Hardaway Scott. Jack Scott photo.
Granny Scott's porch facing the road about 1919. Granny Scott, Jessie, Mary. M A Witt photo.

Mary Lucinda Fenwick

Mary Lucinda Fenwick (more scans)

"Mr. and Mrs. Coleman, Grandma Hardaway, Aunt Lizzie Cain"

Mrs. Wash Coleman probably Lucinda Catherine Alverson (Lulu) m. George Washington Coleman 20 Nov. 1878 Grandma Hardaway's Niece
Caption reads: "Mr. and Mrs. Coleman, Grandma Hardaway, Aunt Lizzie Cain"
Wash Coleman (George Washington Coleman), Margaret Cain Hardaway, Elizabeth Coleman Cain m. John D. Cain, October 15, 1851 mother of J. Andrew Cain

Fontaine House in Brandenburg, Meade County, Kentucky

Peter Fontaine House in Brandenburg, Meade County, Kentucky Alice Scott remembers her father identifying  these individuals in this photo Jan 2003.  Massena Fontaine, Blanch Fontaine

Charles Beauregard Fontaine  On Back "Mom's Dad, Co. Attorney" C. B. Fontaine was Commonwealth Attorney of Meade Co., Ky., in 1886, age 27.   Thomas J. Stith "Picture taken in Paris Ark about 1890" (written on back of photo)

On Back: "Mom's Dad, Co. Attorney" Charles Beauregard Fontaine C. B. Fontaine was Commonwealth Attorney of Meade Co., Ky., in 1886, age 27.

Same as p077.  A slightly different scan of the same picture.

Thomas J. Stith "Picture taken in Paris Ark about 1890"

Rachel Stith Keith (b~1881) and Ray Keith, Bewleyville, Kentucky From Jim Foote, July 4, 2002

Same as p080.  A magnified scan of the same photograph.

Group photo: Aunt Annie Phillips, Ernest and Nell Fontaine.  "Ed Fontaine, Van Buren, 1904" From Jim Foote, July 4, 2002

Miss Ladd Scott (1865 - 1957) From Jim Foote, July 4, 2002