Thomas Enfield Stith Home about 1936

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Jack Jeffers Scott

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Jessie Virginia Scott

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Elizabeth E. Stith

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Sue Foote
daughter of
Mary Fontaine Scott Foote

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Helen Thomas Stith

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Mrs. Thomas Enfield Stith
(Donna Belle Miller)
(Aunt Donie)

Picture at Thomas Enfield Stith family home.
This was the old Thomas Jefferson Stith place in Stith Valley.  Original house was added onto when Thomas E. was 11.  Elizabeth lived here until age 18.     - Notes from Elizabeth Stith October 1998

Notes from Jack Scott November 1, 1998:

The picture was made about summer of 1936 when I was 13 going on
14.  Tommie's full name was Helen Thomas Stith. We called her mother Aunt
Donie.  If my memory serves me right my curly hair at that time was the result of a
beauty shop operator not being able to pay her weekly Newspaper bill that
week (about 25 cents) She offered to give me a permanent for the bill.
Looks kind of silly on me. Jack