Letters from Mary E. Moorman
to Miss Addie Frances Stith

Miss Mary Moorman
b. Oct. 6, 1866, Breckenridge Co., Ky.
Educated in Cloverport, Ky.
Appointed June 2, 1904 to the
Bible School for Women and Evangelistic
Work in Yangehow.
d. July 20, 1945
Mary E. Moorman's relation to the Stiths

transcribed by Carol Anne Scott Jan-May 1999

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Mary E. Moorman
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Mary E. Moorman


To: Miss Addie Francis Stith,
South First St.,    

          (4556 So 1st penciled in)
Louisville, Ky. U.S.A.

Hors d’oeuvres
Consomme Brunoise au Rice
Supreme Red Snapper, Souchet
Goulash of Beef Hongroise, Paprika, Boiled Potatoes
Salpicon of Croquette a la Russe
Sumatora Curry and Rice
Roast Milk-fed of Veal and Bacon
Potatoes, Boiled and Browned       Cream Squash
Sugar Beets and Plain Chicory
Home Made Brawn
Vanilla Ice Cream, Lady Fingers
Lily Cakes
Assorted Nuts    Pres. Gingers     Hawaiian Pine-apples      Apples
Cheese     Coffee

Wednesday, May 2nd, 1928
2nd Saloon
Movies To-Night at 8.30
1.-International News...... 1 Reel.
2.-In the Mountain by The Sea.... 1 Reel.
3.-Under Western Skies From (Part 1 to 4) 7 Reels.

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II Cor. 4:6  May 13 1928

Dear Addie:-I am so glad I had the opportunity of seeing you all this time at home. My memories of you all are very sweet indeed. I hope you are getting along all right in your work. Please all you dear folks remember me in prayer, that I may be used of Him. I pray, God’s richest blessings upon each on of you. With love, Mary E. Moorman.

To: Miss Frances Stith
4556 South First St.,
Louisville, Kentucky

From: M. E. Moorman
Yangchow, China

Yangchow China
Aug. 15 1930

Dear Cousin Frances:- To say I was surprised to get your welcome letter doesn't half express it. I was delighted. This letter would be ancient history but for the many hindrances which this land is so capable of producing! Any how when I read it, I just praised the Lord for letting me hear from some of you dear folk. The Chinese divide the summer into two divisions: Little heat and Great heat. Well when little heat swooped down upon with such warm embraces, we wilted! Two weeks of little and two of great are quite enough to make one have but one subject floating through their "grey matter," "How to keep cool when the weather is so warm!" We have had such extremely warm weather in the last week. After these two divisions of heat are over, then comes their Autumn. Which began last Friday. We have had very few cool nights as yet. We did have a good shower Tues. evening, but not enough to amount to much. You can understand why your letter has been delayed in answering. I wrote Ella and Ione long letters last summer but so far not a line from them, and intended to write Eula and Annie but terrific headaches in the Autumn hindered so much being done. I had all my teeth out and entire new plates made. Those diseased teeth caused me much trouble, and then my throat refused to be comforted so in March I had my tonsils out. They were just pus bags. I didn't begin to feel much like my self until July. We had such a cool spring which lasted until the last of June. You asked me about the conditions existing in this Country, well, Gen. 6:5 is a perfect picture of the condition. Every phase of the human heart is faithfully depicted in God's precious word. "And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of Man." Daniel was astonished and grieved (Dan, 7:15) when, he saw the end of the Times of the Gentiles as a "jungle of wild beasts" biting and devouring each other.  So we are grieved beyond measure to see Rom. 3:13-18 fulfilled in this age of boasted progress, when every heart should sing aloud the praises of redemption wherein "We have been made accepted in the Beloved to the praise and glory of His Grace". Tomes upon tomes are not sufficient to depict the suffering, woe and other calamities too ghastly in detail that has fallen upon peaceful districts and cities whose only desire and wish is to "pass the day well" their expression to make a good living. The communist-bandit-menace in the Yangtse Valley is unspeakable in its ghastly details. James 5:1 has certainly been fulfilled in horrible details in the Changsha affair in Hunan. The Reds sent their spies in several days before hand and located all the rich merchants and others. When the City was surprised by the attack, these were all arrested as imperialists and against the gov't. They were tortured until the amount demanded by the 'Reds' was given and then they were given a free certificate. Some were burnt with hot irons, electricity and nails driven through their hands. The Bible says the mercies of the wicked are cruel. No amount of pleading sufficed to ease one pang of suffering until they got all the money they wanted. They collected 3 millions in taxes from the people. In some places these bandits have nailed little children on walls and left them writhing in agony. Can you conceive of anything so cruel. All this is due to soviet teaching. And they want to see our own fair country in just the same condition they are bringing China to. One place in Hunan in April they burnt 500 villages, which took 4 days and carried off and murdered more than 15 thousand of the inhabitants. Then in KiangSi in the last year they have murdered 87,000 inhabitants, destroyed 37,000 homes with millions property loss and only before the great White Throne will the rest of their evil deeds be disclosed. Moscow is filled with rejoicing when these brutal outrages occur. You must remember these are Chinese Communists treating their own people in such ruthless atrocity. You can see when a human soul is away from God and never has known God what atrocities they are guilty of. You will hear people spouting about British imperialism and American for that matter too, but I am here to tell you frankly the Chinese have never suffered from any nation like they have their own. What Ghandi is attempting in India is only another line of Moscow's teaching. But what do we as Christians see in such conduct? Just a way prepares for Anti-Christ! People that talk about India & China as trying to be like U.S.A. had better go to the back woods and study their Bibles a while. They are siding with the devil as fast as ever they can. What is the root of this Anti Christian propaganda in China? They are afraid if the Bible is taught in the schools, there will be no opportunity to deify Sun Yat Sun and make him their god. So that is why they oppose religious teaching in the schools. Where in scripture do find an attempt at the same thing? Where King Nebuchadnezzar set up the image of the plains of Dura. Who went into the fiery furnace on account of it? Just the same thing is ahead of the Christians who will resist this thing. Where in Scripture in the future do you find the same thing and accomplished fact? Rev. 13:11-18. A letter has been received in Canada which says:- "An order has just been given by the Gov't at Moscow saying that all who do not receive a mark in their right hands before the fall of 1930 will be put to death; and that no one can buy or sell with this mark." "None of these things move me" (Acts 20:24) I know they are only harbingers of that "Morn without clouds" where I Thess 4:13 to 18 will be fulfilled. Oh how we should purify our hearts with that blessed Hope the soon coming of our blessed Lord. (I John 3:3)(I John 2:28) The famine situation in Kansuh, with bandits and the Mohammedan rebellions, the inhabitants are dying off like flies. Last Sat. evening just as we were about to finish our evening devotions, I was led especially to pray for the peace of the City and for protection against the wounded soldiers about 1500 strong in a temple out side the City. Many are suffering from self inflicted wounds, worst of all is their covetuous hearts. When I retired I heard a noise that sounded like firing but thought it probably was just fire crackers celebrating some happy event or some one who has just departed this life. I went to sleep and slept soundly through the night. Both Miss Teal and my self, I awaked several times in the night, with the consciousness of something happening but soon was asleep again. The next morning just before I went downstairs came a note from Mrs. Pierce asking about the disturbance of the night before. We soon learned that the city gates were closed and shops too. The story runs that some soldiers went to a building outside the City in Course of Construction and told the masons they were doing a bad job. Altercations ensued and two masons and two soldiers were killed. This was done to rush into the City to burn and loot, but they were defeated in their nefarious plans. God answered our prayer that evening. Wed. Miss Dewaust and I went to Chinkiang and everything was as usual never had a pleasanter trip down. We live in hourly danger but our God is able to deliver us. Every thing is normal in the City now. We all stayed at home Sunday and spent a large part of the day in prayer. Do hope this will find you all well and that you had a pleasant trip to your sisters. Write to me again soon please, I just love you all dearly. My love to mother, father sisters and your dear self. Love to Ione and Temple, Eula and family. Also Ella and family.
        Cousin Mary.

P.S. The heat of the morning is being tempered by cooling winds. We have been so fortunate to get ice during this awful heat. We have had plenty of vegetables so far. I do love a garden.
Love, Mary
Psalm 40:5. The rain has come at last.

Mrs. Loris N. Whitfield
320 Olympic Apartments
Third and Breckenridge Streets,
Louisville, Kentucky,

M. E. Moorman,
Yangchow, China
Shanghai, China
Oct. 4 1931

Dearest Addie Frances:- It was a real delight to get your letter and your mother’s. It would have been answered long ago but for circumstances over which I had no control. "Better late than never" as the little boy says. I am sending you a little wedding present. A pair of towels. The one with the Pagoda on it is the Hangchow one. Wish I could send something nicer, but I just can’t. I heard such a good sermon this morning about Andrew. He was always leading people to our Lord Jesus. He has left a splendid record behind of his walk and service for our blessed Lord. Oct. 5 1931.
I will try finish your letter now. I am going back to Yangchow in the morning. When I get back to Yangchow will send you the letter. Mr. Dgou wrote about escape from the bandits. It was a marvelous answer to prayer. He is now all right, and is still at work in the Salt Gabelle. Mrs. Dgou is in very poor health now. Pray very much for her and her children. The Lindbergs will be here in Shanghai tomorrow. They got a ducking in Hankow, and their plane was damaged some. They were very fortunate not to get just a ducking! I suppose it is the first accident they have ever had. In one of the cities they went to, they had to make haste in getting away as the people thought Heaven had sent them bread! The Chinese doctor had to leave his medical supplies with them, and make off with the Lindbergs to save their lives. This flood has saved China from one of the bloodiest wars probably ever known in Chinese history; now what Japan has done has hindered Soviet activity in China for awhile at least. The North and South are talking peace now, which is only until another chance comes for another outbreak against each other. There can be no peace until the Prince of Peace comes to rule and reign, who only is worthy. How our hearts cry out for his coming. Let me hear from you again and the next time I write I hope it will be in the quiet of my own room. God is calling out ones from this land of sorrow and shame for His name’s honor and glory. Many more people attend Church than they did, when I first came back 3 1/2 years ago. Christians, whose minds are fixed upon earthly things don’t see that dis-integration of this land has already begun. The blood of those wonderful martyrs is crying unto Him. Will He not hear? Well I must close with lots of love, and may God’s richest blessings rest and abide upon you both making your life, "One grand sweet song" of praises to His Holy name, God bless you both.

Much love,
Mary E. Moorman

I. Pet. 1:8
Heb 13:8

Mrs. L. N. Whitfield
100 E. Collins Ct.
Louisville, Ky.

Country Hospital
Great Western Road
Shanghai, China

June 26, 1933.
My dear Mrs. Whitfield:-
Miss Moorman was so glad to get your letter. She asked me to write you about her illness. She took cold in February, but got a little better, about middle of March she got worse and began a very bad cough, we tried to get her to stay in bed and take something to relieve her of her cold, she said it will be better in a few days. The cold and cough became worse every day. On the 20th of April she coughed so hard until she caused a very bad hernia. We almost despaired of her life as we have no surgeon in YangChow and no hospital equipment since the war in 1927. Dr. Pierce phoned to Chinkiang and called the surgeon from there. Mrs. Ancell, one of Miss Moorman’s best friends, rushed to the China Inland Mission and sent a nurse who helped me to take her to Chinkiang to the Pres. Hospital where she was operated upon that night. We felt sure she was going on Sunday the 23rd of April, she had a good night Sunday night and was a little better Monday. On Thursday night she was worse again and we just about gave up hope. Friday was better. Saturday she continued better, but the cough tore the wound open and nothing could be done but use binders. The surgeon had to leave Chinkiang and I left her and made arrangements to take her to Shanghai. She was brought down to Shanghai on a stretcher put on the sleeper through the car window... A trip of six hours. We had to fetch her at night as the day trains do not have a sleeper. From the station we brought her to the Country Hospital where she now is. She was sewed up as soon as the cough was better and the wound is almost healed. She can sit up and walk a little. She was rolled out in the hospital garden Saturday afternoon for an hour. We hope to take her from the hospital to one of the women workers’ home about the 15th of July. When you write to her again, address the letter to 466 Rue Lafayette Shanghai, China. I have been with her most of the time and will remain with her until Sept. Manor sends lots of love. I am,

Alice Parker

Miss Moorman says tell you that she has prayed for the Jews for twenty years that something may be done for them. She is so glad to get the news that something is being done. She is praying for the revival.

Mrs. L. N. Whitfield,
100 E. Collins Court
Louisville, Jefferson Co.,
Kentucky, U.S.A.

M. E. Moorman,
Yangchow, China.

"It is so blest to trust Thy Word alone;
I do not ask to see the unveiling of Thy purpose,
Or the Shining Of future light on mysteries untwining,
Thy promise-roll all is all my own,
Thy Word is enough for me."

Shanghai, China,
Sept. 25, 1933
Dear Frances:- I certainly do thank you for your lovely letter, and above all your prayers. My heart is full of joy that I am able to go anywhere now; And as soon as I get some sewing done will go back to Yangchow, which will be before you get this letter the Lord willing. Dr. Barrie, the Doctor who attended me, went to Kuling the last of June. Came back Sept. 1 and came to see me Sept. 8. And set me on my feet, and the joy bells have been ringing in my heart ever since, I suppose by this time Ione has her letter I wrote her, and she can tell you what a serious time I had. I have a surgical bandage; so I am fixed up all Ok. We have had two big typhoons this month flooding streets and basements; tearing down trees, sign boards and chimney tops. Automobiles swam in the streets. Rickshas men had a good time. The Yellow River floods are appalling in the loss of lives, crops, and property. Poor people, when will they be willing to turn to the true and living God. In one flooded district a missionary found them worshipping snakes and frogs! We have had now several days of cloudy, rainy weather. Thurs. 21 was the Jewish New Year and the Shopher or ram’s horn was sounded in the synagogues here. I have been praying for years for definite Jewish Work to be done in Louisville by the Churches. If the Church, as the Body of Christ, realized her duty to the Jews, what blessings would be hers! How I praised the Lord when I heard what was undertaken there. I do praise Him for your interest in the Lord’s work. Sir Leon Levison has bought a large tract of land in Palistine for a Hebrew Christian Colony. Churches will be built and they will have their own place of worship. This is certainly significant. They are returning to their home land in unbelief, to get ready for the time of Jacob’s trouble. (Jer. 30:7) We are commanded to pray for them. (Ps. 122:6) (Isa. 62:6&7). "Wherefore lift up thy prayer for the remnant that is left." (Isa. 37:4) "Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace." We should make it our duty to give and pray for the Jews. I am so sorry your mother has had such a time with boils. They are so painful. This summer has been very hot and everybody seemed so nervous over it. I didn’t suffer much as I was in bed all of Aug. The Lord has taught me many lessons during this illness, and I am going to obey. His name and for His Glory is the main spring of my existence. I know you had a lovely time with Lorena and the children. How is Mabel? How are Eula’s boys? My love to Mother & Father, Ione & Ella. And lots for your dear sweet self. Remember me to your husband.

Cousin Mary.

Remember to Ben & Ula when you see them. (Eph. 3:20)

From: M. E. Moorman, Yangchow, China.

To: Mrs. L. N. Whitfield,
100 East Collins Ct.
Louisville, Kentucky
U. S. America

Yangchow, China,
May 29, 1934

Dearest Frances: Your dear letter of March 8th came April 4. I am always so glad to hear from you. You certainly are faithful to write me, and I appreciate it more than I can tell you. There is a paen of joy ringing through my soul. I am feeling well again. "Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is with in me bless His Holy Name." I am so glad you received the "Era". Do read it and pass it along to others; and don’t forget to pray for the peace of Jerusalem daily. (Ps. 122:6)(Isa. 62:6&7). I am so sorry about Mabel. She certainly has suffered with that distressing disease. She must learn to go slower and not work so hard. I know what it means to be in the grip of pain in the last year. March 1st I had the most awful attack of pain in my right eye I ever experienced. It began fiercely at 11:30 a.m. until and despite opiates there was no ceasing until 5:30 p.m. I didn’t get over the effects of it for days. In Jan. I had a pretty bad heart attack. One day when I was praying about the Lord gave me (Psalm 27:14; Psalm 31:24) since then I have not been troubled at all. When I decided to give myself to the ministry of intercession the attacks from the enemy of our souls have been very fierce at times.

"Be triumphant, be triumphant,
Let the spiritual watchers see,
That thy God doth strengthen thee,
That in Him is victory."

Thanks be unto God, the blessed nail pierced feet will bruise Satan under, His feet shortly. (Rom 16:20) He was going to hinder me if possible, because he knew I was going to pray "according to His Word" (I Cor. 10:32) & (Rom 1: 16) (May 30 - 1934)

I didn’t get this finished yesterday. Always one interuption after another. We have had the most wonderful bloom of the ‘glare’ of God in Creation"; as I call the roses I have ever seen. They have been simply wonderful. Our vegetable garden is fine too. Strawberries are abundant, and we have put quite a number of bottles. Cherries here are not as good as the home ones. They are what we call the May Cherries at home; which the cat birds love so much.

How I do praise the Lord for your "blessed event" which is coming so soon. I am praying for you daily dear little Cousin, that all will be well. I know your heart is filled with a joy never felt before. A holy joy! Oh, if the world hadn’t gone away from God, what joy and blessing would be our lot! Whether Hitler is of Jewish descent or not, but one thing is evident: he belongs to the Apastate, part of the nation, who will be so cruel in the end time. Just as they were, when they stood around the cross wagging their heads at the Blessed Savior! Well I hope by this time Mabel is over the worst of her troubles and on the highway to complete recovery. No wonder she was left with such a throat. My throat has troubled me ever since Edna died. Her throat was awful, and some times I don’t see how I stood it. I couldn’t if the Lord hadn’t stood by and helped me. She has been 24 yrs. in the glory land Mon. 28) Well much love to you, Mother, Father and Mabel. Remember me to your husband. Do send me a picture some time soon please. Love to Ione & Temple.

Lovingly Yours,
Cousin Mary.

(Numbers 6:24-26)

A Chinese woman in Kuanghang Prove. gave birth to seven boys and one girl. She is reported as doing well. And the father is very happy over his "seven blesseds".

"My heart is fixed, eternal God,
fixed on thee;
And my immortal Choice is made,
Christ for me." (I Peter 2:6-7 R.V.)
(Isaiah 62:6&7)
(Deut. 28:13)

Yangchow, China,
Oct. 5 1934

Dear Cousin Frances:-your two letters at hand. You don’t know how relieved I was when I heard the good news that little John Alan had made his appearance on the stage of life. So happy too, you are so well. Wouldn’t I love to hug and kiss him this morning! So sorry to hear about Mabel’s illness, how she has suffered. I know something of what operations means! I do hope she will soon be all right again. Tell her I pray for her and love her too. Sorry to hear about your mother, Hope she is well too, now, that the weather is cooler. Tell her not to "bail" over so much!! Well we have had one hot summer, the hottest in sixty years. It was a sad sight to see gardens and lawns blasting under the scorching winds, which blew for days in the same direction; and were a puzzle to the Siccawei Observatory in Shanghai. Now since the copious rains have fallen, the lawns are a carpet of emerald green and the gardens taking on new life, so that we are having vegetables again! And the roses, the "glories of God in Creation" as I call them, are wonderful. Other flowers are gorgeous too! It has rained every day this week since early Mon. morning, but today. A few weeks ago in Manchuria, 2500 were drowned because of floods. Then the terrible typhoon wind in Japan demolished 151 school house and nearly a thousand children killed. 2000 lost their lives, and 13,500 were hurt, and immense damage done to property. Trains turned over, and bridges washed away. Today’s paper states:- "Several hundreds of persons are reported to have died in the recent hail storm in Western Hunan. Many have also died of exposure to the sudden cold spell of weather in that region." That was last week and some of the hailstones were as large as apricots. In September in Kansah 13 miles of land was covered with hail destroying the barley crop utterly. I must tell you about China’s calamities. The official figures of China’s losses as the result of this year’s flood and drought totals one billion and the area affected constitutes 2/3 of the nation. The drought hit 14 Provinces and 343 hsiens, or districts. The flood affected 13 Prov. and 12 hsiens and the locust plague descended on 8 Prov, 68 hsiens. Never have I seen such electrical display as I have seen this summer! One evening it did really look ominous as great balls of lightning, forked, sheet, and streaked illumined the heavens with awful grandeur. Made one think of the soon coming time when Divine wrath will be poured out upon the guilty scene. Never have I such a wonderful sight as the rainbow which spanned the whole eastern sky one afternoon. It was wondrous in colors and at times double! But the most wonderful and marvelous beyond description was the picture of the "Living Bird let fly "after being dip’t in the blood of the slain Bird" in (Lev. 14:49-53) The most wonderful sight I ever saw as it is a type of resurrection. No words can describe it! One evening I was sitting on the verandah looking at the sky and thinking. Suddenly, I was aware of a lone white bird winging its way homeward from out the southland. The nearer it came I was attracted by its peculiar appearance as it seemed suffused with a crimson glow. The sun at that time was setting in a sea of crimson glory. I never saw such a crimson sunset! When all at once as it flew over my head the whole scene burst upon my startled vision like a flash of glory from a distant world. How I praise Him for that wondrous sight! The day that Dollfuss was assassinated I have never seen such Crimson Clouds as were at sunrise that morning. The sky looked like a sea of great billowy Crimson Clouds. Two of the C.I.M. workers said, "We have been going out here for years before sunrise, but we have never before seen such skies as we have seen today. They were going out to the Goddess of Mercy Temple to preach and distribute tracts and gospels to the Pilgrims who come in great crowds to worship that hideous idol! They are such faithful Chinese women workers. They said something dreadful is going to happen here or somewhere in the world. Something did happen! We had some very hot weather last week, but we have had to put on sweaters & coats this week. The weather is very cool and pleasant today. Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 68 years old, and Sunday I will be in Chinese 30 years. I never dreamed I would have such a long term of service in China. The Lord has been exceedingly gracious, hasn’t He? No wonder "Granny" is so fond of that sweet babe. I know your parents are crazy about him. Tell him that dress wasn’t half good enough for him. Being as I couldn’t buy it my self. I had to do the best I could. I am going to send him some little Chinese shoes soon. Tell Ione if she still sees Miss Kahn, who use to come to her home to remember me to her. She was so interesting to me. Give my love to Ione & Temple, and much to your own dear self, babe, Mabel and your parents. The Lord bless you all. Much Love, Mary. (Psalm 60:4) You may send the enclosed clipping to Ella. Love Mary


"Unto me, Who am less than
the least of all saints, is this grace
given that I should preach ---
The unsearchable riches of
Eph. 3:8

Yangchow, China,

Dec. 14, 1934

Dear Frances:- I did so appreciate those pictures of that darling babe. I expect he had a bad case of grandma-itis when he got home! Perhaps she took an "itis" while he was with her. Isn’t that so? They, (the pictures) are awfully cute and sweet! So glad Mabel is able to be up and at her work, but she must be careful and not overdo. Your telling me about Dorothy explains my uneasiness last summer I had about her and Ella. I think is must have been about the time of her operation; and too about the time the little one came. I prayed for them so much all thru the summer months. The Lord gave me peace about them. I think so much of her and her family. Little Anne was just like a little fairy! When you write give them my love. Give Hal my love and tell him he ought not to be having such a common disease! I did so enjoy my visit to Eula’s that winter. Been seven yrs. How time does fly! I appreciate the "volunteer witness" so much, and "The Jew --- God’s Challenge to the World," was just fine! I am sending you a picture of a Russian Jew. Do hope you can get him to come to Louisville. They say he is just fine. I heard the lady sing who led him to Christ in Los Angeles the last Sunday I spent in U.S.A. before sailing. She was in the Czar’s household too. How she could sing. It was wonderful. She was with Pastor Fetter. I never heard such fine English from any one as he spoke it that evening. Then there is another Jew, wish you could hear him as he demonstrates the Passover service. It must be wonderful to see him do it. His name is Philip Sidersky. His address is:- Box 1207 Los Angeles Calif. He has a little Book about the Passover which I am going to send you soon. We are having it wonderfully warm after the Cold which began just before Thanksgiving Day. We gathered a bouquet of roses today. We have had some hard frozen weather and quite a bit of ice too. Roses here don’t lose their leaves until time for the new ones in the spring. Give my love to all my kin anywhere near you and hugs and kisses for darling little "Jon Alan". I certainly praise the Lord that Dorothy got through with her trial so well and that Hal is doing so well too. Love to Ione and Temple. Much love to Mother and father and Love to Mabel too. Lots for your dear sweet self. (Upside down on the top of the back page:) Excuse this scribble please.

Sample of newsletter from Dec. 15, 1934.

Numbers 6:24-26

Yangchow, China,

June 22 1935

Dearest Francis:-

Do you and precious little John Alan think I have wiped you off the slate of memory? You are still as dear and precious as ever. I suppose little babe can talk as much you eh? I got your Xmas Card and did you get my letter of Dec. 14? Well I have had a hectic time since I wrote you last. A very virile kind of sore throat went the rounds almost like diphtheria. I had it first but didn’t say anything about it. Could hardly keep up. Miss Parker had it and she thought for awhile she had the real thing, but she didn’t! Miss Teal came down, and part of the time our cook was away on some family affairs! But the Lord stood by me and strengthened me. Praise His Holy name. I taught a class in the Women’s Conference from April 17 to May 17. My subject was: "Israel in the Wilderness". What a wonderful subject it is. (I Cor. 10:1-11) My class did creditably their part in the closing exercises. We had the most wonderful and gorgeous bloom of roses & flowers of all descriptions I have ever seen here. But alas came hot, dry winds, which soon spoiled them, making them droop their pretty heads so woefully! The abundant showers of the last few days have so refreshed everything, that the danger of a drought for this section has passed, and they have been able to plant their rice. Our lawn looked so sere and brown but is showing emerald green once more, (Isaiah 40:7-8). The garden is beginning to flourish once more. We have had and always have plenty of vegetables the year round from our garden. Well we had a wonderful day June 11 at the eleventh hour; when twelve from Rounds’ Chapel outside the South Gate put on Christ in baptism. It was a solemn & beautiful scene. You should have heard their wonderful testimonies after the sermon by Mr. Hall, at the Chapel in the afternoon, when an opportunity was given them to witness! Mrs. Tatum, Miss Teal and I couldn’t restrain the tears! The climax came when the little Chin boy gave such a bright testimony in such a clear sweet voice. Mr. & Mrs. Chin were all baptized that day. Such a happy family they are now! They were on the point of starvation for awhile. They were so brave through it all. When you write tell me all the news of Ella’s family, Ione’s boys & your family too, I have just written Temple. Do hope you all are well and happy. I think of you all so much and remember all of you in prayer. Am sending you some pictures of the baptized ones. Well much love to each and every one and lots for your dear self and babe. Lovingly Coz Mary. How is Mabel’s health now? I hope all right.

To: Mrs. L. N. Whitfield
100 E. Collins Ct.,
Louisville, Kentucky.
U. S. America

From: M. E. Moorman
Yangchow, China

Yangchow, China
Jan. 14 1936

Dearest Francis: It is always such a joy to get your letters. They are always so breezy and full of life. I do hope as you say, there will be no more operations in the family! They are dreadful experiences even at the best. I know John Alan must be cute and sweet. Rosa is grandmother now. Janet Marie came Oct. 1 to be the "new boss" in the family! We use to have a school teacher in Cloverport by the name of Hagan; His name was Eugene; and I wonder if the family you spoke about are any of his kin. Well, we have had some very cold weather this winter. The coldest in many years. It began snowing Xmas eve, and the next day was a regular fairy land of beauty. Then about 3 p. m. New Year's eve began again to snow, and snowed all New Year's day. Giving us a quiet day from callers. We had told we were not keeping our New Year but theirs this year. That snow settled it for us, for which we were glad. Their New Year is next week on Thurs. Sept. 20 '35 Miss Teal and I went to Shanghai for some repairs, on eyes and teeth. That morning I had a fall in the bath tub, and bruised my left arm. Neuritus set up again in it and lasted for nearly three months. It didn't keep me from going that day. While I was in Shanghai I had the opportunity of going to the synagogue on their New Year's Day. It was so interesting to see them wearing their Talliths or Prayer Shawls, reciting their prayers. The men sit down below and the women occupy the galleries. The men wear their hats during service. How sad it was to see them clinging to the dead things of the Law and rejecting the One to whom all the things point. It is marvellous how Palestine is being restored now. Deut. 33:24 has been fulfilled now since that pipe line has been built to Haifa Harbour. "Asher shall dip his foot in oil." Jerusalem has an abundant water supply now. It was an engineering feat to pipe that water up to the City. Jerusalem is 2000 feet above sea level. The stage is set for end time events. The time of Jacob's trouble is very near at hand. Jer. 30:7. The Mediterranean Sea will soon be the Roman Lake again. The Roman Empire will soon be an established fact, and also will the Great Northern Confidence, too. We have a great deal to encourage us in the work at Rounds' Chapel out side the South gate. I haven't missed a time this winter, meeting my Class every Lord's Day morning. It is so interesting to teach them. I have had eight Bible Classes a week up till X-mas. I must tell you about the "idol burning" we attended one day some while ago. A young man, Mr. Tsao, a new convert prayed one day that their house might be cleansed of idolatry. (He hasn't been baptized yet). His mother and father were baptized in June. He went home and talked to his grandmother. After a while, she became willing to have a clean up. She burned her wooden idol; and then sat down and wept bitterly over her loss! Then she became willing to destroy the ancestral Tablets. So we were invited to the burning and went, Mr. Hall led the service. Reading Ex. 20. A hymn of victory was sung, and prayers offered, and portions of scripture pertaining to idolatry were read. (Deut. 7:25-26) (Isaiah 2:18-21) The son-in-law took the scrolls down from the wall, where they hung rolled up from ancestral worship time to another. These were handsome paintings of their ancestors dressed in the old official dress of mandarins. One would naturally ask, "Why burn them," because they are worshipped and sacrificed to by the family. The son-in-law and grand son set fire to them, and they were soon ashes. One of their neighbors walked away weeping bitterly at such desecration, as she thought. The old lady sat very calm and quiet through it all. How her face has changed since. She says now, "I have peace in my heart." I am going to send you a picture of the family. What is Temple doing now? Do you ever see Mrs. David Cully and family? Remember me to them please. How I would love to see you all. Give much love to Ella and family. Ione & Temple, Eula's boys, and lots for your dear mother and all the others. Do hope she will soon be herself once again. Tell Mable she mustn't try to beat my having operations. The Lord bless you and give you a very blessed year in His service. Hugs and kisses for John Alan, and you too. Many many thanks for your Xmas card. (Numbers 6:24-26). Lovingly, Cousin Mary.

Yangchow, China
Dec. 15 1936

Dear Cousin Frances:- I do thank you, and appreciate your long newsy letter so much. It would have been answered long ago but some how in Aug. & Sept. I began to get weary, and felt I had no pep for anything. Things went on that way until the last of September. I took a dreadful cold. Mind you I didn't stop my teaching though. My birthday was Oct. 6 and I planned to get away for that day. I do hate these big birthdays in China. So much fuss and expense for nothing! Monday afternoon I lay down and didn't get up any more for many days. I was taken with some kind of internal affliction, which nearly sent me home to glory. I was delirious for days knowing nothing or anybody, tossing about from one side to the other. One day I was in a stupor all day long. The doctor said there was no hope for me. There is always a funny side to every thing isn't there. I looked so much like I was going to die Miss Teal cast about for something to bury me in. Ten years ago the station gave me a blue satin crepe dress for my birthday present. Well Miss Teal got it out and had the gardener press it, so as to be ready in case anything happened. Also had my shoes whitened and ready. One evening while we had nearly finished supper the cook told me I had great happiness as my life was spared a while longer. He said, "When I saw your shoes drying by the stones, tears dropped from my eyes." Then Miss Teal told me all the story about their getting my things ready for my funeral! The gardener told me, "When I was pressing your dress, the tears flowed at the thought of not seeing me again," Another tale I have told my friends, "I didn't want any flowers at my funeral if I went before our Lord came." Some in Shanghai heard of my precarious condition so they sent a big basket of flowers up by a lady, who was coming up. They certainly were lovely ones, for that matter! The Lord has spared me for some purpose. Twice I have been brought down to the "valley of the shadows since April 20-1933." some thought I had typhoid fever again. But the doctor told me it was kidney trouble. And the verdict was I probably wouldn't be out of bed all winter. That was news that didn't suit me at all, fancy me staying in bed as long as I had two feet to walk on. When Miss Teal & I had our first evening worship together after I was well enough to engage in it Nov. 4 -36 I selected the 71st Psalm and what an uplift I got from it. Only those who have experienced the joy of God speaking to you through His Word can understand the wonder of it all. I felt as I read I was being lifted up from a deep, deep pit and my feet placed on a solid foundation. I never was so happy in my life! Such a blessed experience I can't express in words! In ten days I was up and down stairs, and go daily all over the lawn and garden. You don't know how wonderful it is that I am so well and don't look like I have ever been sick at all. I have "high blood pressure" and I don't seem to be bothered with it at all now. My heart was very bad too. I don't know I have one now. I am seventy years old now. Enough about my self. I was glad to hear about Hal's marriage. Does he live at the home place? I certainly did have fun with them when I was there that winter. Hal and the youngest was washing dishes the youngest kicked at him and the slipper sailed up in the air and fell, splash in the dish pan. That settled the differences and the dishes were soon done up. I never saw anything so funny in my life before. It must have been cute to see Joe Alan hug & kiss the little girl! How is your Aunt Ella and family getting on? I would so love to hear something from them all. We had a very pleasant summer plenty of rain and so many nice vegetables. We have just had our last mess of Lima beans & still a few tomatoes left. (Dec 23-26) I never thought when I left off writing it would be so long before I finished this letter. A very sad thing has happened in our station. Last evening, when we had just finished prayer a note came from Dr. Stamps announcing the death of his youngest son a lad about 13 or fourteen years of age. He was taken suddenly ill yesterday afternoon, fainted, and everything that was done failed to recusitate him. She had only two Children, boys. Their little girl died ten years ago. George is in the Shanghai school and now how lonely she will be when he goes back to school. They are having the funeral at 10:30 this morning. They will bury him in Chinkiang this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Every body loved Winston. This is the second tragic death of boys since March 15 1936. Mr and Mrs. Green's son Jimmie was killed by a fall from the bicycle. He only lived a few hrs. His mother was away in Shanghai in the Hospital. His thoughts seemed to be always in the Heavenlies. He was nearly ten yrs. of age. A very, very faithful old Chirstian of the China Inland Mission will also be buried to day. She was 82, and what a woman of prayer she was. (A Chinese woman). Well I want to get this in the mail going out Xmas Day. May Our Father abundantly bless and keep you and yours in His love with much blesssings, for the Coming Year. Do you ever see Mr. and Mrs. David Cully? When you do remember me to them. I often think of them. Give much love to your mother and father from me, also Mabel. Much love in Him.
Lovingly, Cousin Mary.

Dearest Frances I want to ask a favor of you, will you please send me a Western Farmer's Almanac. It used to be published by John P. Mortou Lousville. Much Love, Cousin Mary. Am sending you some pictures soon.

Psalm 50:23.

Yangchow, China,

Feb. 3 1937

Dearest Frances:- Your most welcome letter came New Year’s Eve. I certainly do appreciate the lovely, dainty handkerchief you sent me. Thank you so much and if I could see you would give you a great big hug. But Jon Allan can do that! Well yesterday was a lovely sunshiny day, and the ground hog could see its shadow on every turn. Today is just such another day, only warmer than yesterday. Tomorrow according to the Chinese Calendar they raise up Spring. We have had such a wonderfully mild winter for which we are so thankful not only for ourselves, but for the multitudes of poor folks around us. They, their officials give them free rice every day. Breakfast and supper. They generally give it to them during the coldest parts of the winter. It is a precautionary measure, or they might give trouble. This City at present is very peaceful and quiet. Well are you afflicted by that awful flood that is doing so much harm? I often think and pray for you all that none of you may suffer when you answer my letter please tell me how much of the City was flooded. Was Cherokee Park under water? Or anywhere near the seminary? Louisville and Paducah certainly have been hard hit, haven’t they? I know the subject of conversation is what the flood is done. Don’t I remember those awful floods of 83 & 84 though. What awful destruction they caused. Tell Hal I would love to see him and his boy and his wife too. Give my love to them all. How is Ione getting along. I would appreciate very much hearing from her once in a while. What is Temple doing? Any how remember them with much love from me. Well dear Cousin give me all the news when you write. You know I love you all very very much. Lovingly, Cousin Mary. How are your mother and Mabel getting on? Remember me to all the family in love. Numbers 6: 24-26.

To: Mrs. L. N. Whitfield
605 Park Ave.
Louisville, Kentucky
U. S. America

From: M. E. Moorman
Yangchow, China.

Yangchow, China
July 19 1937

'Hast thou not known? Hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? There is no searching of His understanding.' Is 40-28

Dear Francis: I did enjoy your dear letter so much. I am going to tell you right away that I am leaving the "Land of His Adoption" for me, to go home some time in October. The sailing date isn't set yet! The Board desires all those on pensions to leave their stations and go home for good if possible. So you see this is man's way for me. If the Lord wants me back here, He can bring me back! His will is what I want, not my will be done. You may see me soon and we can talk some can't we? Miss Teal has been in bed for two months now, on account of extracting two badly infected teeth in April. She will probably go away soon to Hong Kong to the Matilda Hospital to recuperate, when she will go home too, on her belated furlough. We may go home together. We are having it hot again after several days of very cool weather. The cicadas are singing filling the air with their dying song. The air is also full of dragon flies out on parade etc, etc. The garden is supplying us with lovely vegetables. This season of the year is called by the Chinese "Little heat" or "Little Happiness". The big heat is to come later. The people are busy now going out to the Goddess of Mercy temple worshipping! Christian workers are out there, giving out Bibles, tracts etc, witnessing to the falseness of idolatry. The priests are complaining bitterly that we have broken their rice bowl by leading the people away from such stuff. Would love to write more but it is just too hot. Lots of love to all the other members of the family won't it be nice to see you all tho!

    Much love to all,
    Lovingly Mary

(Number 6:24-26.)


To: Mrs. L. N. Whitfield
605 Park Ave.
Louisville, Kentucky

From: M. E. Moorman
4945 Baltimore St.
Los Angeles, Calif.
Nov. 30 1937

Eph. 8:20-21
Phil. 3:10
Phil. 4:19.

Dearest Francis: You will be surprised to hear from me at this place won't you? Well I arrived here Oct. 8 '37. When I see you can tell you better about the long trip by boat to Hankow, and from there the long rail trip to Canton and then the long Ocean voyage to Victoria then to Seattle and from there to this place. I was so sleepy for days when I had reached my stopping place! Well how are you these days? Hope Mable and Mother have escaped any more operations! Don't say you have had to have one. I am remaining here until Spring when I shall go to Ky. Then I will get to see you. And oh, how glad I will be to see you all once more if it is His will. How is little Jon Allen? That war between China and Japan is fierce I am here to tell you. One day 32 planes flew over Yangchow. The planes here are the most natural sounds I have heard since I came back. They did some bombing in Yangchow but fortunately when they bombed the big Chinese School none of them exploded nor when they threw hand grenades in the Mohammedan Orphanage. When they bombed the Airedrome, only one man was killed, and one plane destroyed. Some of the bombs went 18 ft. into the soft mud. There were 160 spies working for the Japs at $10.00 per month in Yangchow. That wasn't quite three dollars of American money. After that place was put out of commission and moved to another place, things quieted down considerable. Sirens were sounded, and every body had to put out all lights and get under shelter. They were so afraid of poison gas! It seems this country is heading for the racks too, as I see things here. Communism is getting a strangle hold here as it did in China. Some years ago, and the result is this war. I am enclosing you some stamps to buy another Western Farmer's Almanac, if you please. Give my best love to all the members of the family, to Ella Gregory, and her family, Ione and Temple, and Eula's boys. And, loads of love for you dear little self.
Cousin Mary.

To: Mrs. L. N. Whitfield,
605 Park Ave
Southern Heights
Louisville, Ky.

From: M. E. Moorman
219 East 4th St.
Owensboro, Ky
Jan. 13 1939

Dear Precious Frances: - To think I have waited all this time before thanking you for that lovely Christmas present. I was planning when it came how I could manage to get me something that would do. I just thank you heaps and love you still more. You have always been so sweet to me anyway. Well how is mother, father and Mabel? Also Ione and Temple? I am going very soon to pay Ella a short visit, I hope to go soon to Chicago for a few days visit. I wish it were so you could come and pay me a visit for a while. I have had a little sore throat of late, and that is one reason I have been so long thanking you. Kiss those lovely children for me. They are so sweet and dear. I wish you both all the happiness joy and blessings that can be crowded into this year.
Lots of love to all,
Cousin Mary.

(Eph. 3:20-21)
(Psalm 122:6)